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H.P.S.T Chapter 467: Dress, Undergarments and Socks

From their style, Elaine was still very conservative, going for a cute style. 

It wasn’t that much in harmony with her image of unrestrained violence, when she was about to bite his neck at any moment. Perhaps it was this contrast that made it so intriguing. 

Evan blinked and this absurd idea came naturally to his mind. 

All things considered, Elaine wasn’t really doing a great job being an “EVIL” vampire. She didn’t even bite a single person, although she almost fainted in the street because she was too hungry. 

When she finally made up her mind to bite Evan, while it would have fed her slightly, it was really just to give him back her precious First Embrace

She had always believed that the main reason Evan refused to accept her First Embrace was that, like her, he was afraid of pain. 

Anyway, Evan could only admit that Elaine was a good girl. 

He shook his head hard and tried not to think about these strange things, focusing on solving the current situation. 

Wearing such a light fabric dress was perfectly normal in summertime, with all the heat and sweat. But if they happened to get wet, things could get somewhat embarrassing…

Well, if no one was close enough to stare rudely at the girl wearing the dress, there would be no problem. 

However, poor Evan had little space in this tiny room. With his bed, a desk and a tiny closet filling it, Evan couldn’t help but be close, too close to Elaine. 

The bed was facing the door, and another one leading to the bathroom was opposite to the wardrobe.

Evan was stuck in this space, and Elaine was less than two feet away from him. If he stepped back any further, he would fall in his bed!

The two looked at each other up close, and he started to feel more and more nervous.

Elaine was immersed in the great joy of seeing Evan again, and did not notice anything wrong. She talked excitedly about her experience during the period when they didn’t see each other, among other interesting things.

Evan, on the other hand, was stuck thinking about her reaction if she noticed what went through his mind. Perhaps… she wouldn’t mind?

However Evan felt that he could not go on like this. Although he only saw her white underwear dimly and there was nothing unusual, he started to feel more and more trapped.

He tried to point his eyes away, but he didn’t know where to put them. 

He even wanted to say something about this, but he was not sure what to say. This was too embarrassing. 

The rain outside was still rattling down. It was the first time that rain felt like so much trouble to Evan. After all, it’s not on all rainy days that you have a vampire in your room.

For some reason, he couldn’t get his mind away from Elaine’s dress. He remembered that Hermione also had a sky-blue dress, which she bought in France last summer. 

After the summer vacation that year, they met again in Diagon Alley. 

Hermione, who had just returned from a holiday in France, was wearing that long dress and a light yellow dome straw hat on her head. Her skin was tanned to a healthy wheat color, elegant and somewhat glowing, looking full of sunshine vitality.

That was a moment that would never be forgotten; one glued to Evan’s memories. However, he never saw Hermione wear that dress again.

She seemed to prefer handsome jeans or witches’ robes over such cute dresses.

Evan once again tried to take his mind off such a silly matter, only to find himself wondering; what if… rain poured on that day as well?

“Evan, we must hurry up!” Elaine seemed determined and suddenly said, “I have to go back before the Quidditch final starts, so my uncle can’t find me here. We don’t have much time, so…” 

“Hold on! What are you going to do?” Evan asked subconsciously. 

Why her words did not sound right? What did she mean by ‘hurry up ‘?

“The First Embrace of course, I went back and asked others. They didn’t feel any pain!” Elaine quickly replied, “I checked a lot of information to make sure there’s no problem. Just lie down and let me take a bite.”

Looking at her two pointy canines, Evan was drawn back from his fantasy to reality.

Only then did he realize that Elaine, whom he had not seen for more than half a year, had not changed at all. 

Even the topic was exactly the same as last time, and she was ready to bite him. 

Nonchalant, only Elaine would casually say such shocking words. 

“Hurry up, Evan! I don’t like that Voldemort guy,” Elaine urged. “I think you’re the one mentioned in the prophecy that can help us, and my uncle is beginning to recognize it, and he will definitely choose you if you get stronger.”

After getting the First Embrace to become a vampire, his magic would increase to a certain extent. 

Coupled with the use of blood-specific magic, it would really improve the strength in a short period of time.  But in the long run, the way to gain this power was not secure. 

Because it was too dependent on the blood and the magic it contained, the shortcomings were also obvious.

After the last time he had seen Elaine, Evan specifically studied books on vampires, so he knew a lot. 

In his view, vampires were special wizards with obvious advantages and disadvantages. 

Considering the wizarding world’s perception of vampires and their obvious weaknesses, Evan would never choose the Embrace. 

“I told you last time, I’m not going to be a vampire!” Evan said in a firm tone, “Believe me, my strength will grow at its own pace and one day I will be on par with Voldemort, and even exceed him!”

Elaine looked at Evan carefully and seemed to be feeling something. “Your magic has really improved a lot. I can feel it, just like…”

Her words were not finished, and she suddenly sneezed. 

Because she was still soaked in rain water, she had been shivering since she came in. Now, it started taking a toll on her.

On her pale face, Evan couldn’t see a trace of blood. 

With the rapid evaporation of rainwater and further heat being taken away, the feeling of cold would become more obvious.

That was not good. With Elaine’s soft body, it was easy to catch a cold, and her clothes must be dried. 

Fortunately, this only required a little spell, and Elaine would surely do it. 

“Stop it. You’ll catch a cold if you go on like this. I’ll get you some hot cocoa, coffee or something!” Evan said, “You dry your clothes and wait for me in the room. Don’t run out.” 

When Elaine nodded, Evan turned and left the room. 

He sighed heavily and quickly went downstairs to find Kreacher. 

At this time, the tent was quiet and everyone was sleeping in preparation for staying up late at night to watch the World Cup. 

Only Evan was awake. He walked lightly to the kitchen and returned to the room with the hot drink Kreacher had given him.

Fortunately, he was not noticed and there was no need to explain anything. 

Closing the door, Evan panted, and his heart, which he had been carrying, finally relaxed. 

But, in the blink of an eye, what did he see? Elaine was bathing in the bathroom inside his room. 

There was nothing wrong with that. After being drenched, it was really necessary to take a shower. But what about the clothes that were left outside the door?!

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