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H.P.S.T Chapter 468: Another Knock on the Door

The drizzle brought a touch of coolness to the hot summer weather. 

Tonight’s Quidditch World Cup finals shouldn’t be affected by this, but at this time, Evan’s room was witnessing something else entirely.

Time had passed very slowly and seemed to have frozen right then. 

Vapor slowly rose from the cup in Evan’s hand and filled the room with the sweet aroma of chocolate.

Perhaps because of the steam, Evan felt that the temperature inside the room was rising rapidly. 

Soon, it became very sultry, like the greenhouse at noon, making him feel smothered in his clothes. 

Evan stood with the hot drink in his place, staring at the small pile of clothes Elaine had left outside the bathroom door. 

The sound of the water inside mixed with the sound of the rain outside the tent, becoming indistinguishable. 

As mixed as the sound were Evan’s thoughts, which were all stirred together. He couldn’t understand them, nor could he stop them.

He blinked to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, for this turn of events was really unexpected. 

Who could have thought that Elaine would actually take a bath in his room?! 

Who would have thought that she would actually leave all her wet clothes outside?! 

It’s true that Elaine was really attractive, regardless of her vampire status and her wicked desire of biting him at anytime.

Of all the girls Evan met, none was more beautiful than her. 

For no reason, his mind naturally went to Elaine in the bathroom at this time. 

Petite body, smooth snow-like skin, porcelain doll-like face, wine red eyes full of charm, and…

No, he couldn’t think of it anymore! 

Evan had a headache. This girl was really troublesome. She had no common sense at all! 

He didn’t know what to say or what to do. 

Fortunately, everyone was sleeping now, and there were only them in the room. If someone else came over, it would be too embarrassing.

If he and Elaine were to be discovered in this room, it would be an inexplicable situation. 

Evan looked back. Fortunately, he had locked the door, and no one could come in. 

He just breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately thought: ‘What am I doing?!” 

Why did he look back at the lock as if something was really going to happen? 

He just went out to get her a drink. Who would have thought that would happen? Everything was not what Evan wanted to happen. He was forced to accept it helplessly. 

Still, would anyone believe that?! 

Maybe it was not a good idea to get a vampire in his room on a rainy day.

All in all, Evan now only hoped that Elaine would leave immediately after taking a bath and not be seen by anyone. 

In particular, he must not let Hermione see the current situation in his room. 

He stood there for a long time before he decided to pretend he hadn’t seen the pile of clothes at the door. 

“Elaine, are you taking a shower inside?” Evan asked in a voice that was as plain as possible, putting the cup on the table. 

“Yes, I came in when I saw the bathroom!” Elaine said. “When my clothes got wet in the rain, they became very sticky.”

“Oh, then I’ll put the drink on the table, and you will come out to drink after washing.” Evan glanced again at the pile of clothes at the door. 

The dialogue was mundane, and none of it was what Evan really wanted to say. He actually wanted to ask her why she had put her clothes there.

Her clothes were all outside the door. How could she get out after the bath?!

Thinking of this, Evan felt that he should leave quickly and give her room and time. 

Just then, Elaine’s voice came from the bathroom. “Oh, my clothes!”

The girl seemed to have just noticed that she left her clothes outside the door. 

There was an embarrassing silence, and there was no sound in the bathroom for a long time. 

Elaine must be shy, lacking common sense. She also knew this kind of situation was not quite right. 

“Elaine, I’ll go out,” Evan answered before she continued. 

He heard someone moving around inside the corridor. Harry seemed to be out of the room side going to do something. 

Maybe he was hungry and wanted to find something to eat in the kitchen downstairs. Or perhaps, he couldn’t sleep and wanted to find someone to chat with; which would truly be the worst case scenario.

If they all came out of their rooms, then how could Elaine be sent out without being seen?

Evan was considering the use of Apparition. Although he didn’t’ have permission, he knew the principle of this magic. 

After a few minutes of suffering, Harry dragged his heavy footsteps back to his room. 

Evan sighed with relief. Fortunately, it was not discovered.

“Evan, could you bring me the clothes outside?” Elaine seemed to have finally gathered the courage to suddenly say, “Trough the crack of the door!” 

“Oh, I see!” “Evan responded. 

Her proposition came at its time. Now that Harry was awake, he could hear them at any moment. In case he saw anything…

Although he had done nothing, Evan felt guilty as if he was a thief. 

Perhaps the right thing to do was to shove these clothes through the crack of the door and give them to Elaine. 

Moreover, he was taking her clothes at her own request.

Evan held his breath and walked to the small pile of clothes soaked by rain on the ground. 

There were not many clothes, a light blue dress, a pair of white socks, and underwear hidden underneath. 

He hadn’t noticed before that there were pink ornaments sewn on them and some frills and designs. 

They were all Muggle clothes, like what most young Muggle girls of her age would opt for at the time.

Evan stared at the clothes for a while, and his first feeling was that Elaine was so slim. How did she wear these exquisite clothes?!

Evan shook his head. Now was not the time to think about these things. 

He took a deep breath and reached directly for the wet clothes. 

They were very light, and even the light blue dress didn’t seem to have much weight. 

The cloth was also very soft, and he didn’t know what material it was. 

Evan’s head was blank; there was no time to think about anything else.

He felt that his face was a little red, so he rushed to shove these clothes through the crack in the door to Elaine. 

But why didn’t Elaine open the door? He couldn’t just barge in like that. 

Inside, Elaine was equally troubled.

But before their struggle was allowed to carry on, there was another knock at the door of Evan’s room. 

“Who is it?” Evan hurriedly asked, nervous to the extreme, was it Hermione?! 

“It’s me, Master Evan!” Kreacher’s voice came in. “There’s a lady looking for you. I’ve brought her up.” 

There was another girl coming… What was going on?!

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