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H.P.S.T Chapter 469: Pure Evan

After Kreacher finished speaking in his monotonous, stiff voice, there was a stifling silence in the room. 

Evan held Elaine’s clothes and stared at the door. 

Another person came to find him. When? How? Why?! 

He did not expect that so many people would come to visit him today. In the rain, they came in one after the other; all girls!

If it were another occasion or another time, Evan would certainly welcome them. 

But in the current situation, no matter who was outside, the situation in the room was not suitable for her to come in, especially not with all of Elaine’s clothes in his hands! 

In all fairness, Evan just wanted to return these clothes to Elaine. But if he was seen, no matter how hard he tried to explain, no one would believe that things were just that simple.

A boy and a girl, alone in a cozy chamber in a tent; the petite and lovely Elaine didn’t wear anything, and her clothes were all in Evan’s hands…  If it was just an accident, would anyone be ready to believe it?! 

No matter how Evan would try to put it, this was a crime scene!

Evan glanced at the clothes in his hand and quickly looked away as if he saw himself being hanged by them! 

He would rather face an evil god that had succeeded to come to the world or Voldemort after regaining strength over dealing with these things. 

The dress, the pair of cotton socks and underwear, which did not weigh much, were now as heavy as lead.

In particular, the thought that these were all Elaine’s clothes… 

These clothes, including Elaine’s dress, underwear, and socks, were all wet… 

Evan gulped. If only Elaine would quickly open up the door to pick up the clothes, he would have no more reason to hold on to them. 

He was now nervous, and Elaine hiding in the bathroom was even more nervous than him.

She was very uncomfortable just because her clothes were sticking after being wet, and she wanted to take a shower when she saw the bathroom. 

The confused Elaine forgot that Evan was here too. She took all her clothes off and put them at the bathroom door. 

It was too late to think of it later. She hesitated for a long time before she summoned up her courage, and decided to ask for them though the crack of the door. 

After asking Evan for that, Elaine was already in awe of her own courage, never expecting herself to be so bold.

Now that she heard that someone was about to come in, she dared not speak, let alone open the door. 

Elaine curled up tightly with her legs in her arms like a cute kitten. She hid herself in the tub, bubbling noisily. 

It was hard to believe that this shy little girl was actually a vampire.

Outside, Evan wanted to explain to Elaine, ask her to open the door and take her clothes. 

But this was not something that could be explained clearly in a few words. Kreacher and the visitor were still standing outside the door. 

The sound insulation in the tent wasn’t very good. Evan could say nothing. 

“Knock Knock Knock.” With so much time passing, Kreacher knocked at the door again. 

“Master Evan, this young lady wants to see you!” Kreacher said, puzzled. 

“I, I know!” Evan replied. 

It was impossible to go on like this. It wouldn’t work if he didn’t make any noise and pretend he was not here. Kreacher knew he was inside.

It seemed that he could only say that he had something to do, let Kreacher and the visitor leave, and deal the trouble in the room first. 

“Who is it? I am taking a shower. I can’t just…” 

“Evan, I am Gabrielle Delacour!” The voice of a girl passed over. “That’s fine. If you’re in the shower, I’ll wait for you here for a while.” 

It’s Gabriel. Why is that girl here?!” 

Evan remembered the cute girl who looked like a Veela, with her angelic face and the sweet smile on her lips. 

Gabrielle and Elaine were complete opposites in many ways, although both were equally innocent. 

Because of her vampire lineage, Elaine had an indescribable wicked temperament. Those wine-red deep pupils could easily get people imperceptibly immersed in them. That, along with her pale skin and subtle powerful magic, made her beauty feel rather risky.

Compared with her, Gabrielle was more like a girl next door. Affable, no matter what happened, she would show a bright smile that could even melt ice and snow. 

The Veela in her on the other hand had its own temptation that could pull in anyone. She would not have that temptation willingly, but it did exist and was very lethal. 

Evan couldn’t help recalling that he was at Beauxbatons Campus two months ago, Gabrielle holding him, the girl’s cold hands, lovely smiles and sweet scent. 

Evan wasn’t sure if it was Gabrielle or the smell of milk, but it was all mixed up and imprinted in his mind.

Of course, it didn’t matter whether it was milk or anything else. Now it was not the time to think about who was the more beautiful. 

With Gabrielle’s own genetics making her so attractive, Evan felt this wasn’t really his fault either… he had no idea how things had turned out like this.

Evan was a pure and good boy. Whether for Gabrielle or Elaine, he had no evil thoughts. 

If it were Hermione, he could consider…

Thinking of Hermione, Evan became sober.

Looking at the clothes in his hand, he knew it was a misunderstanding that could not be explained. 

He just wished this was just a dream that could come to an end.

It was certainly not an option to leave Gabrielle standing outside the door and wait for him. That would alarm the others and they would rush over to be with her. 

Everyone would stick at Evan’s door. How would he explain Elaine’s presence in the room? 

Evan just told Gabrielle that he was taking a bath, but there with a girl in the room, how could he bathe?! 

If that was the case, it was obviously to make this misunderstanding more difficult to explain. And in case Hermione was alarmed, that would really… 

Evan immediately made a decision and had to let Gabrielle in. Then quickly, he had to get rid of the two girls before the others woke up. 

Considering that Harry had just woken up, Evan knew he had to hurry. If Gabrielle stayed in the corridor for one more second, the risk would be even greater. 

As for Elaine, he had to leave her hiding in the bathroom. 

There were also these clothes in his hands. Evan looked around and stuffed them directly under the bedding on his bed. He panted hard and adjusted the shape of the bedding several times to make it look more natural.

Then he tried to adjust his breath and walked over to open the door. 

Outside the door, Gabrielle, wearing a Beauxbatons uniform, stood uncomfortably behind Kreacher. 

When she saw Evan coming out, she had a glimmer of joy in her eyes.

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