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H.P.S.T Chapter 470: Where to Hide?

“Evan, I just heard some people say that you live here, so I thought,” Gabrielle said with delight. 

“Come in and tell me what you want to say!” Evan dragged Gabrielle in. 

He leaned out and looked at both sides of the quiet corridor, then looked down at the house-elf Kreacher. 

“Kreacher…” Evan said with a bitter smile. 

“Don’t worry, Master Evan, Old Kreacher is a good house-elf and will never reveal his master’s secrets.” Kreacher said in a rigid voice, looking at Evan with his muddy eyes. 

“Very well, don’t tell anyone about this!” Evan nodded, a little embarrassed. 

If Kreacher asked, he really didn’t know how to explain it to this house elf. 

The house-elf bowed to him and disappeared from the spot with a thud, and Evan took a deep breath, locked the door and looked back at Gabrielle, who was a little embarrassed. 

She blushed slightly and she hadn’t expected Evan to drag her directly into his room. ‘Why did he lock the door? Isn’t that a bit too strange?!’

Gabrielle looked around at the decorations in the room and wondered if she should sit down. The atmosphere was a little awkward. 

In fact, Evan was even more nervous than her, for fear of being discovered. 

He, the prodigy, was alone in a room with Elaine the vampire, naked, which was enough to make the front page of The Daily Prophet.

“Gabrielle, why are you here?” Evan asked absently. His mind was still with the one in the bathroom. 

He also didn’t know how Elaine was doing in there. He hoped she wouldn’t make any noise. 

“I heard from others that you live here, and I wanted to come and say hello!” Gabrielle blushed and said, “Last time you came to Beauxbatons, you didn’t talk to me. I only heard about you from my sister.”

Gabrielle seemed to have some regrets, but in Beauxbatons, Evan actually spent most of the time with her. 

However, he was in the form of Animagus, which Gabrielle did not know. She thought that it was an ordinary black cat.

“Last time something unexpected happened, I was going to meet you.” Evan said embarrassingly, remembering the past. 

“It was all the fault of those guys, and I didn’t expect them to be so unfriendly. Later, after you left, Madame Olympe Maxime specifically talked about this, and she punished all the senior students involved.” Gabrielle explained. 

“Oh!” Evan nodded. He heard Sirius say this. 

No matter who was right or wrong, Beauxbatons was responsible for the unpleasant things that happened during Evan’s visit as a guest.

Madame Maxime had to make a gesture to give Dumbledore, Evan and Hogwarts a satisfactory reaction. 

However, Evan never took this matter to heart, and he did not suffer any loss anyway. 

After Gabrielle finished, there was a moment of silence in the room. 

What Evan was thinking about now was how to get Gabrielle out of here as soon as possible, rather than continuing the conversation. 

“By the way, Evan, have you received my letters?” Gabrielle asked nervously. 

“Yes, I have. I’ve been busy before, so I had no time to reply.” Evan nodded. 

During the time he and Sirius were in Beauxbatons and the Albanian forest, Gabrielle’s letters were all received by the house elf Dobby for him. 

It was only when he came back a few days ago that he saw the letters, over twenty of them.

“That’s good. When I did not receive answers, I thought I hadn’t received them or something happened.” Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief.

She and Evan glanced at each other, and the two hurriedly moved away. The space was full of strange atmosphere. 

Gabrielle seemed to find it strange to talk while standing like this all the time. 

The next second, she hesitated and walked to the bed, ready to sit down and make herself a bit more comfortable.

“Hold on, Gabrielle, don’t sit there!” Evan hurriedly said, his heart pounding. He rushed as fast as he could to stop her.

If she sat by the bed, she could easily feel and find out what he was hiding in the bedding. 

Elaine had all her clothes inside, all of them! Evan really didn’t know how to explain it. 

Maybe Obliviate was his best option. 

“Evan?!” Gabrielle looked at him in surprise, not knowing what was going on. 

“I, I am used to sitting on the bed, you sit on the chair!” said Evan stiffly. 

He had no regard for anything else. He sat directly on the quilt and could feel the bulging of Elaine’s clothes below. Thinking of the girl’s dress, socks and underwear under him, Evan dared say that his face was definitely red. 

It was really bad luck today. What was this all about?! 

Gabrielle seemed to have a lot to say to him, but Evan had no thoughts at all.

Thinking that Hermione might come down at any moment, he was now like an ant on a hot pot, anxiously desperate. 

In the room, the awkward silence lasted longer and the atmosphere became more and more weird. 

Gabrielle hesitated and slowly sat on the chair, looking curiously at Evan. 

She had an illusion that something was wrong with Evan, as if he were hiding something.

Or perhaps,  was he just nervous? He probably never expected her.

“Evan, did you just say you were taking a bath?” She looked around and turned her eyes to the bathroom. 

“I just put the water in and was about to wash!” Evan said stiffly, shifting the topic, “Gabrielle, why are you here by yourself? Where’s your sister Fleur?” 

“She’s in the tent. I just wanted to come and say hello to you.” 

Evan actually wanted to say that since she had seen him, she had to go, but Gabrielle did not seem to have this meaning.

“Your tent is very good; mine is not that big.” She whispered, “There is a even bathroom in your room.”

She stood up and seemed to want to look inside. 

Evan’s heart was already in his throat. If Gabrielle entered the bathroom, she…

He secretly decided that if he ever went out camping again, he had to find a humble tent rather than this kind of high-end one. 

“Gabrielle, what would you like to drink?” Evan hurriedly said, blocking Gabrielle’s way. 

“Anything will do. Don’t bother to prepare, if you have milk.” 

“I’ll get it for you, no, let’s go together!” Evan could not help but say, directly holding Gabrielle’s little hand. 

Suddenly held by Evan, Gabrielle looked at him shyly, her face red, like a ripe apple. 

With Evan’s bold move, her heart was pounding and banging, and she couldn’t help thinking…

What she thought about was the least of his concerns. First he took Gabrielle out to let Elaine come out and put on her clothes. 

As for what if someone else found out, then he would find a way to explain it.

But just as he took Gabrielle’s little hand, there was a knock outside the door, and someone else came. 

Evan felt that he was going crazy. What was going on today?! 

This time, where should he hide Gabrielle?!

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