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H.P.S.T Chapter 479: A Chaotic Game

As the game continued, the Irish National Team quickly scored two more goals, and it was only ten minutes after the start of the game. 

In the stands, there was a thunderous tide of roars and applause from the green-clad supporters. 

Hermione and Ginny jumped up and down excitedly, waving their arms with everyone. 

The game was becoming more intense, and more brutal. 

The Bulgarian Team changed their tactics. Volkov and Vulchanov, the Bulgarian Beaters, were whacking the Bludgers as fiercely as possible at the Irish Chasers, and were starting to prevent them from using some of their best moves. 

They fought harder, the surprise offensive tactic worked, and soon they scored Bulgaria’s first goal. 

“Fingers in your ears!” bellowed Mr. Weasley when he saw the Veela starting to dance in celebration. 

Below in the field, the Veela began to dance a very fast dance. 

These dances seemed to have magic. Their shouts went off sharply on the field, then came a louder cry.

Before the Veela danced, Harry closed up his eyes. 

This time in the box, Ron was the only one who was charmed, and Mr. Weasley quickly stopped him. Otherwise, Ron was likely to jump off the stands. 

“Look, Krum seems to have found the Golden Snitch!” Harry suddenly shouted. 

Everyone hurriedly watched the two players, Krum and Lynch! 

They quickly plummeted through the center of the Chasers, so fast that it looked as though they had just jumped from airplanes without parachutes. 

The two men went straight down and seemed determined to either catch the Snitch or hit the ground directly. 

“Oh, my God, they’re going to crash!” screamed Hermione. 

She was half right. At the very last second, Viktor Krum pulled out of the dive and spiraled off. 

Lynch, however, hit the ground with a dull thud that could be heard throughout the stadium. 

“Oh, no!” A huge groan rose from the Irish seats.

“Fool!” moaned Mr. Weasley. “Krum was feinting!” 

“Time-out!” yelled Mr. Bagman’s voice. 

Trained mediwizards hurried onto the field to examine Aidan Lynch. 

“Don’t worry, he’ll be okay, he only got ploughed!” Charlie comforted Ginny, who was hanging over the side of the box, looking horror-struck. 

Hermione didn’t look too good either; she curled up in her seat like a kitten. 

Evan gently patted her on the shoulder and whispered a few words of comfort. 

“Of course, that’s exactly what Krum wanted to achieve…” Sirius analyzed, “Wronski Defensive Feint is a very difficult move used to elude dangerous Seekers. Only a few Seekers can do it so well.” 

Harry and Ron replayed the scene with Omnioculars, sending out bursts of wonder from time to time.

After treatment, Lynch finally got to his feet and returned to the game. 

His revival seemed to give Ireland new hope. 

The Chasers quickly organized the offensive and soon led the Bulgarian Team by a hundred and twenty. 

The Leprechauns, like a swarm of glittering hornets, rose into the air, darted together and quickly formed the words “HA! HA! HA!” to provoke the Bulgarians. 

Not to be outdone, the Veela on the other side of the field leapt to their feet, tossed their hair angrily, and started to dance again. 

Harry, Ron, and the Weasley boys all stuffed their fingers into their ears. They didn’t want to fall to Veela and miss the game. 

Only Evan did not do that; the Veela’s dance did not work on him, and they were not against the audience in the stands this time. 

On the field, referee Hassan Mustafa suddenly landed right in front of the dancing Veela, and was acting very oddly indeed. He was flexing his muscles and smoothing his mustache excitedly.

“Oh, we can’t have that! Somebody slap the referee!” Ludo Bagman said. 

But listening to his tone, he sounded highly amused as well. 

A mediwizard came tearing across the field; his fingers stuffed into his own ears, and kicked Mostafa hard in the calf. 

Mostafa seemed to come to himself. He looked particularly embarrassed and shouted at the Veela, who stopped dancing and were looking mutinous.

Driven by the extreme taunts and the widening gap between the two sides, the competition became more and more fierce and uncivilized. 

The physical conflicts between the players on both sides were gradually increasing, without any respect or rules. 

In the end, Evan found that the game was heading towards a chaotic trend with the Mascots of both sides leading the charge. 

Whether it was Veela or Leprechauns, they were magical creatures with strong magic. 

In the fierce confrontation, their magic began to spread around, affecting the audience in the stands.

The Leprechauns had risen into the air again, forming a giant hand, which was making a very rude sign at the Veela across the field. 

At this, the Veela lost control. Instead of dancing, they launched themselves across the field and began throwing what seemed to be handfuls of fire at the Leprechauns. 

The entire playing field became a sea of

flames, and the lawn below was burning. 

Now, the Veela looked no longer so beautiful. 

On the contrary, their faces were elongating into sharp, cruel-beaked bird heads, and long, scaly wings were bursting from their shoulders…

This was another look of Veela and it was also their real form. 

“And that, boys…” yelled Mr. Weasley over the tumult of the crowd below, “…is why you should never go for looks alone!”

Ministry wizards were flooding onto the field to separate the Veela and the Leprechauns, and put out the fire, but with little success. 

The Leprechauns had a golden glow. Anyone hit by these lights would enter a short period of dizziness, and even coma. 

At this moment, the ongoing competition above was as chaotic as the fierce battle below. 

The Beaters on both sides showed no mercy and swung as hard as they could, disregarding whether the bats in their hands hit the ball or the person. 

The other burly players, riding broomsticks, rampaged through the sky.

They tried to take advantage of their physical strength to knock the other players down. 

Still, the Irish team clearly dominated, and they quickly scored a few more goals. 

But the cheers of the Irish supporters were barely heard over the shrieks of the Veela, the blasts now issuing from the Ministry members’ wands, and the furious roars of the Bulgarians. 

This was the most chaotic game that Evan had ever seen, and there was no technique or spectacle at all. 

For a moment, the players on both sides were like the despicable Slytherin Quidditch Team. 

In order to win, they did not pay attention to tactics and rules at all. 

The referee Mostafa yelled angrily and wanted to stop both sides, but he was distracted by a Veela. 

She had thrown a handful of fire at him and set his broom tail alight. He had no energy to continue to maintain order. 

Under these circumstances, Krum’s nose seemed to have been suddenly broken, and there was blood everywhere. 

In the audience, fans of the Irish team and the Bulgarian team also started to fight. The two sides collided violently.