Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 481: The Big Mess!

No one knew where Barty Crouch was, or what was going on below.

According to schedule, it should be the time for the award ceremony and celebration.

Under a dazzling white light, the Top Box was magically illuminated.

Two panting wizards even carried a vast golden cup into the box, which was the Quidditch Cup.

But at this moment, there was silence in the small box.

No one was concerned about the Quidditch Cup, and everyone was listening to the deafening shouts below.

Unlike the previous voices refueling the feud, these cries were becoming more and more tragic now, turning into howls of pain and cries for help.

The faces of several high-ranking respected wizards went pale, as they had never encountered such a situation.

Below, when attacked suddenly, the first reaction of most wizards was to pull out their wands and fight back.

But they couldn’t find where the enemy was. There were so many people below, and 100,000 spectators were crowded into such a small place. This was turning into a disaster, and spells sent out in panic were only hurting more innocent people.

Ministry of Magic officials tried to keep order in vain and no one listened to them.

In front of so many people, they were now like a boat in the sea, pushed and shoved by the crowd helplessly.

The wizards with dark red hoods were laughing loudly and wreaking havoc with powerful magic.

The battle rapidly grew and spread. The magical power from the shooting became stronger and stronger. On the field, the Leprechauns and the Veela all stopped and watched in horror.

It was just quarreling between fans moments ago, and it now completely heated up and turned into a war.

Red, blue and white magic beams were constantly flashing, and they were also mixed with dark green magic light.

Evan could be sure that he saw the Killing Curse and the Cruciatus Curse among them!

But this was not all, and there were bursts of explosions from time to time in the stands.

Most wizards with little fighting power were howling in despair. They were running around like flies.

Children were crying, and people’s shouts of nervousness and anxiety and cries of pain reverberated through the field.

Minutes after the match, it turned from a place of joy to a living hell, and horrible scenes were taking place.

The crowd tried to rush out of the stadium and tried their best to escape.

This area was protected by magic. They could not use magic such as Apparition. Only by escaping could there be hope.

Hundreds of wizards with dark red hoods and cold breath were among the crowd, using black magic.

They were creating chaos, and delaying everyone’s escape.

A number of other wizards also began to take advantage of the conflict to rob those near them, and the scene became a complete mess.

Among them, a small group of people were particularly obvious.

They also wore masks and hoods, and they quickly gathered upstream from the stands to the main corridor.

Evan could see clearly from the top, and these Dark wizards seemed ready to come together and rush up.

Their goal was here, the topmost box!

These guys were definitely vampires, and Evan even recognized their leader Caresius.

His magic power was extraordinarily strong, and there was hardly anything to stop him.

They definitely wanted to rush to rescue Barty Crouch Jr. and they should even be targeting Harry.

It was all a mess. Evan didn’t expect Voldemort to act so madly with the help of the vampires.

He managed to make such a big battle, totally ignoring the lives of everyone.

When everyone was the most relaxed and defense was the weakest, he chose to act, in the simplest and most violent way!

Everything was too sudden, and when it would be over, the messy Ministry of Magic might not find a clue at all.

Then again, would Voldemort, who would have recovered his strength and returned, fear the Ministry of Magic?!

“What should we do now?” Hermione said in panic.

“Take out your wand!” Evan gasped and pulled out his wand.

Sirius and Mr. Weasley were missing, and they had to prepare themselves for battle.

Everyone took out their wands, and only Harry was still looking for it.

He dug in the pockets of his jacket for his wand, but it had disappeared. The only thing he could find was his Omnioculars.

“I lost my wand!” Harry shouted, “How could that be? I saw it just now?!”

“You’re kidding!” Ron and Hermione hurried to help Harry find his wand. Everyone was nervous.

Evan knew where his wand was, and he looked at where the house elf Winky was.

After entering this box, Harry was just there talking to Winky.

However, there was no one there, and Winky and Barty Crouch Jr. had disappeared.

Inside the box, someone shouted and fled, and the door was opened.

Barty Crouch Jr. must have taken the opportunity to leave with Harry’s wand; or Apparating with Winky. The magic of a house elf was different from that of a wizard.

Wizards are forbidden to use Apparition in the competition venue, but house elves could.

Evan closed his eyes and sensed that Barty Crouch Jr. was still nearby. He was following the fleeing crowd downward, very fast.

Evan didn’t have the energy to pay attention to this guy anymore, and the other people in the box were also in a mess.

The target of the Dark wizards with red hoods below was the box, and everyone became like ants on a hot pot.

They had no intention of sticking to it at all, but planned to flee in a hurry before the others came up.

Fudge, Ludo, Malfoy’s family and the Bulgarian Minister of Magic quickly left under the escort of several Aurors. Before they left, they asked Evan and the others to follow them and be ready to flee with them.

Evan hesitated and did not move. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George did not even blink.

Caresius was not a fool. Their goal was Harry.

It was simply the same as to die to go down with such a large group of people.

Evan didn’t think Fudge and the Ministry of Magic’s Aurors would be of much use in the face of dangerous vampires, but it was obviously impossible to stay here. Without the help of the ministry officials and aurors, Evan and the others shouldn’t stand a chance

Although Evan had intended to rely on the advantage brought by being in high ground, that advantage was equalized with them left alone. Staying here was tantamount to waiting for death.

“Evan, what should we do?” Hermione asked again.

“We’re all listening to you!” Harry said directly. “We’ll do as you say!”

Ron, Fred, and George looked at all the Ministry of Magic who had left and nodded hesitantly. Evan’s past experience and performance made everyone choose to believe in him.

At this time, he was the backbone of the place.