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H.P.S.T Chapter 482: Fly Higher

“What’s the matter with those children? Why aren’t they following?” said Fudge, frowning.

In the crowd, he looked back at Evan, who had stayed where he was.

“They may be scared, or arrogant enough to think that they can handle the current situation!” Lucius replied in a cold tone. “Minister, let’s just leave now; it’s too dangerous here!”

“That child is very important. We must ensure his safety!” Fudge said ruefully. “Dumbledore talked to me specifically about this a few days ago. I can’t believe it happened at the World Cup. Think about it, tomorrow morning, the Daily Prophet could make the biggest headlines on this riot, and people all over the world will laugh at us heartily!”

“That’s what you Britons call security measures?!” A heavy voice said, “What an eye-opener! There has been no such thing for many years since that man collapsed and disappeared…” 

Fudge suddenly stopped and looked at the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic, who was beside him, and said with amazement, “Do you speak English?”

The Bulgarian disdainfully nodded and sped forward to flee for his life.

“You can speak English, and you’ve been letting me mime everything all day!” Fudge said, outraged.

“That was very funny!” said the Bulgarian minister, shrugging.

“Damn it, these guys are playing us all like idiots…”

“Come on, Minister!” Lucius whispered. “Those thugs down there may rush up at any time.”


“The safety of you and these distinguished guests is now the most important thing. Black and others will come over and take the kids away!”

By this time, they had arrived at the main staircase of the aisle.

The sound of explosions, screams and fights was very close to them, and Caresius was moving very fast.

Despite all the efforts of the Ministry of Magic’s Aurors, there was no way to top them under such circumstances.

Fudge nodded palely and joined the others into the panicked crowd.

At this point, there was nobody left in the box but Evan and his friends.  

Everyone was staring at Evan, waiting for him to make up his mind.

“Evan, are you ready for a big fight?!” Fred said excitedly.

“A duel with a real Dark Wizard, that’s what I’ve been dreaming of!” George followed.

“You are mad. More than a dozen masked men are rushing up. We have no chance at all!” Ron said in panic. “I don’t understand why we didn’t go with the minister! The ones around him are all professional Aurors …”

“It’s full of Dark wizards down there, and it’s not safe to run out like this!” said Evan quickly.

He didn’t explain too much. Anyway, Harry couldn’t just go out like that. He was Caresius’s goal, and the latter wouldn’t just let them go with Fudge.

“Is it safe to stay here?!”

“I have a better idea. If it succeeds, it can help us escape.” Evan waved his wand and the small door inside the box slammed shut tightly. As he moved, all the seats flew to the door and blocked it completely.

“What idea?” Ron asked in confusion.

Feeling the danger was getting closer and closer, everyone was very nervous.

Evan blocked the exit, which meant they had no way out.

They were now like soft-shelled turtles in an urn, and when the Dark wizards would come up, they would have to fight to death.

“We can ride on broomsticks, it’s the safest way out!” said Evan. “Those Dark wizards can’t fly to the sky.”

“But there is no broomstick here!” Harry looked around in surprise.

Under the bright lights above, everything in the small box could be seen clearly. There was nothing here, nothing besides the golden Quidditch Cup.

“We need a little help. I hope they will come!” Evan said, pointing his wand at the sky.

At the end of his wand there were several rays of light, like fireworks rushing into the sky, attracting everyone’s attention…

There was a sudden stop in the disturbance in the stadium, and everyone looked up at the box.

Sonorus!” Evan shouted, pointing his wand at his throat like Ludo did.

In the next second, what he said sounded like thunder and echoed through the stadium.

“Come here, we need help!” Evan said loudly, looking at the Quidditch players hovering overhead.

They hadn’t yet figured out what was going on below, just flying in the air in a daze.

Hearing the shouts, both the Irish and Bulgarian Quidditch players hesitated. They kept spinning in the sky and no one came.

In the box, everyone’s heart went up to their throats as they understood Evan’s plan.

It was indeed a wonderful idea to leave with the Quidditch players’ broomsticks. But, what if the guys above didn’t come down to rescue them?!

At this time, in the lower part of the stadium, Sirius was fighting with two vampires.

As soon as they met, he knew where these guys were coming from and that Voldemort was behind all of this

He couldn’t tell if Voldemort’s target was the Philosopher’s Stone on Evan, or Harry, but he wanted to go back anyway. However, his two opponents were clinging to him tightly, so that he couldn’t get away.

“Damn!” Sirius roared, and his wand released a few spells.

He watched helplessly as Caresius led the other vampires closer to the box.

Near the exit of the stadium, a group of Beauxbatons students were fleeing in a hurry.

Two of the girls stopped abruptly and looked up.

“This is Evan’s voice, I can hear it!” Gabrielle said with delight, “He’s in that small box!”

“Evan Mason?!” Fleur looked up and could vaguely see the figure of the boy.

He was not in a good place; the target of those rioting Dark wizards was obviously the small box, and they were about to reach it!

Was Evan their target?!

“Sister, Evan is asking for help, we must go and help him!” Gabrielle said anxiously, “Where is Madam Maxime?”

“There is no need for us to help. Those people have already gone down!” Fleur comforted her and said, nervously looking at the top box.

In fact, besides her, there were many people looking up as well. Everyone understood that that place was at the core of tonight’s events.

The box was full of high-ranking wizards. Maybe these crazy Dark wizards wanted to kidnap them and threaten the Ministry of Magic to do something.

In the sky, Krum hesitated when he heard Evan and the others calling for help.

But he almost immediately made up his mind, made a gesture to his team members and quickly flew to the box.

Under his leadership, the Bulgarian team and some of the Irish team players were also quickly approaching.

“God, they are coming!” Hermione shouted in surprise.

“Look, it’s Krum. He’s flying towards us!” Ron followed.

A few seconds later, the approaching group of players reached the box. Everyone hurried to thank them and looked at the Quidditch players with wonder.

Evan felt that as they were coming in, Caresius also picked up speed. Now, he was right at the entrance to the box!