Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 483: Evan VS Caresius

“We are saved!” Harry said with delight.

“I can’t believe it, it’s Krum. He really came down to save us!” Ron yelled excitedly.

In the box, everyone was immersed in the shock and joy brought by the arrival of Krum and other Quidditch athletes.

Looking at how happy Harry and Ron were to see Krum, one wouldn’t guess they were in such a crisis.

Krum was gloomier than what they saw on his portrait. He looked very confused and his face was covered with blood.

The two dark circles around his eyes were very striking, and the Golden Snitch was still in his hand.

He landed heavily on the ground and his movements did not seem so coordinated.

His legs were a bit splayed and his shoulders were clearly bent forward.

“What the hell is going on, why…?!” Krum asked.

Before he had finished, he was abruptly interrupted by Evan. “Get on the broomsticks and get out of here. Hurry up!”

Evan motioned everyone to hurry up. Now was not the time to chat.

He could feel that Caresius was already close to the box, and he could sense his mighty and dangerous magic.

The Quidditch players who had just landed had not figured out the situation, but under the urging of Evan, they made room for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred and George to climb onto their broomsticks.

Everyone was about to take action, but Evan’s face changed greatly.

“Damn, it’s too late!” He gasped and raised his wand.

Under the surprised eyes of everyone, Evan quickly turned around and a white shield emerged from the tip of his wand.

The next second, there was a loud bang and the whole box was shaking.

In the violent explosion, the chairs stuck at the door by Evan, together with the door, turned into shards that went everywhere, like blindly shot bullets.

Evan’s shield was ablaze with waves, like those made by stones falling into a calm lake. All shards were blocked and they landed on the ground.

The smoke dissipate gradually and the figure of Caresius appeared in front of everyone.

As before, he was wearing a black cloak, on which there was not even a trace of dust.

With a simple white mask on his face, he walked in gracefully, like an aristocrat invited to a masquerade party.

“Good evening, everyone!” Caresius whispered, bowing slightly with etiquette.

His eyes wandered through everyone’s faces, remained on Evan for a few seconds, and then quickly moved away.

Finally, they landed on Harry, and the vampire nodded with satisfaction.

Harry stepped back and covered his forehead. He felt his scar aching.

“I am sorry to disrupt your party. Please believe me; I feel the same discomfort being here tonight!” Caresius said slowly. “So, let me end our trouble quickly, I think the Stunning Spell is a good choice.”

“You guys hurry out. No matter what happens, don’t turn around!” Evan shouted.

The light at the end of his wand grew stronger and stronger, and powerful spells were ready to be released from both sides.

As soon as Caresius would move, Evan would not hesitate.

“Interesting, you seem to think that you can stop me?!” Caresius looked at Evan with interest, as if he had found a new toy.

“The only way for both of us to know that I could, is for me to try!” Evan gasped.

Under the pressure of his opponent’s powerful magic, his spirit was highly on guard.

Next second, without any warning, a dark blue light shot out of Evan’s wand. It was going down, down to the wreckage of the chairs on the ground.

The debris twisted and deformed rapidly, turning into dozens of shimmering daggers that flew toward Caresius.

Caresius did not move. He stood in the place and looked at Evan with interest.

When everyone thought that Evan’s magic was successful, his figure disappeared in a strange way.

Like a small black hole, Caresius was swallowed up with the surrounding light, leaving only a black shadow.

Evan’s blue spell passed through the place where Caresius was standing and landed on the ground.

In the creaking sound, the thick ground and the underlying tiles were quickly corroded. Soon, there was a hole through which one could see the next floor underneath.

The power of this magic made everyone gasp!

“Not bad, your magic is progressing fast!” said Caresius.

His figure appeared out of thin air behind Evan, as if he had already been there.

“But the skills still need to be improved. This is not how to use magic.”

Evan gasped and turned quickly.

Obviously, Apparition was not allowed here. He didn’t know how the vampire did it!

But the vampires obviously had a lot of strange magic, which was not the same as that of ordinary wizards.

He saw Caresius sweeping across with his wand. There was a metallic clatter. Eerie red chains suddenly emerged from the floor, entangling Harry, who was in a hurry to climb up to a broomstick.

Several of them were shouting loudly, but the red chains were getting tighter and tighter.

This was a vampire-specific bound spell, one that had once been used by Elaine on Evan.

He knew that the more he struggled, the tighter he would be tied by the chain.

With a few of them wrapping him, Harry certainly couldn’t break free. Things didn’t seem to be going well.

Evan quickly waved his wand, and all the wreckage in the box, including the trophy, floated.

They lined up in a row, like meteors, quickly rushing to Caresius.

“As I said just now, your tricks are useless against me!” said Caresius, frowning.

Once again, his shadow disappeared from his spot, avoiding Evan’s attack. What he was using was unique; something that Evan had never seen before.

But the latter seemed to have anticipated that. He gasped and he rushed over as fast as he could and came to the stands next to his friends.

In front of him, Caresius’s figure slowly appeared from the air.

Hardly had he wanted to speak when he suddenly stopped.

He looked down and was surprised to find that the floor beneath his feet had turned into a quagmire. 

Evan’s tactics worked; Caresius was sinking fast and his movements slowed down.

Whoop, whoop, whoop…

A huge circle of golden fireballs appeared in the air above the head of Caresius, bringing scorching heat to the small box.

Supported by all of Evan’s magic, these fireballs could melt even steel! If they were to even graze Caresius, they would harm him greatly!

“How about this way?” Evan asked, gasping, before he waved his wand down rapidly!