Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 484: World Class Duel

With Evan’s motion, the fireballs hit Caresius unstoppably. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! 

The huge fireballs kept coming into contact with the ground, and the entire stadium was violently shaking under the violent impact. 

It was like an earthquake. Everyone’s bodies were shaking, and they were barely keeping themselves standing.

Just when everyone thought it was over, the next second, a heat wave hit them head-on, and they all started sweating instantly, feeling dizzy and getting suffocated. 

It was as if they were in the crater of a volcano, not far from the bubbling magmatic lake. 

The volcano was erupting and the temperature was getting higher and higher! 

All they could see was a strong white light flashing in front of them, and they couldn’t see anything clearly. 

They closed their eyes subconsciously, in a trance, feeling as if the world had become unreal. 

Evan raised his wand high and stood alone in the forefront. 

Under the effect of his own powerful magic, his thin body was shocked very violently. He felt his arms and legs getting distant, as if he was about to be shredded.

Evan quickly cast a spell, and a looming magic shield emerged out of thin air, protecting him and everyone behind him. 

The next second, the tip of the wand he held high emitted a golden flame, one that went forward unstopped, as if it was going to advance forever! 

Evan increased his magic output. He never expected to eliminate Caresius with only a quagmire and a few fireballs. He could feel that only the first one of those fireballs had hit the vampire. 

The instant the fireball touched him; Caresius broke away from his magic control and disappeared. 

Evan didn’t know where he had moved in the blink of an eye, so he could only expand his attack range. 

The flames revolved around him in the box and the whole world was dyed orange.

In this world of flames, the body of a fiery beast was gradually taking shape. It was the fire dragon, the most terrifying magical animal! 

Its tail lashed loudly on the ground, fanning its wings and blowing fiery flames around it.  It raged, rolled, and swallowed everything it could touch in the small box. 

Everything was burning, and even the walls begin to melt. 

Dark rocks and steel are turning red, making alarming clicks. They were collapsing and melting, turning into crystal crumbs and falling like liquid. 

Nothing could be spared, besides those under the protection of Evan’s shield. 

The magic of this shield was the only thing around that could fend off this Fiendfyre. 

Behind Evan, everyone looked at him in awe, and at the horrible scene of despair outside the shield. 

No one thought that Evan actually had such powerful magic, and no one thought that he had enough magical power to make normal flames so terrifying.

This was not just a matter of quantity, but a qualitative change. 

Ordinary flames had now become fierce fires from hell.

In their view, Caresius must be toast. No one could survive in these flames..

Evan made such a noise that the wizards all over the stadium were watching this amazing battle. 

All eyes were focused on this, and the chaotic situation below gradually ceased. Everyone seemed to be frightened by Evan’s magic! 

After Caresius entered the box, the vampires who had been creating chaos stopped using magic and hid themselves. 

Their mission to cover for Caresius had been completed and they were now retreating. 

This was actually very simple. They had just to take off their masks and their cloaks and mix into the crowd fleeing the stadium. 

As for the remaining wizards who using the chaos to start stealing those around them, they were quickly subdued. 

The Aurors of the Ministry of Magic regained control of the situation, and now everyone was watching Evan and his magic in the box; everyone was waiting for the outcome of this battle. 

Under the spotlight, everything that happened there was very clear. 

If today’s Quidditch final was world-class, so was the duel between Evan and Caresius. 

The level of this duel was absolutely top-notch, and it was to be surely the highest ranked recorded duel in the past few years. 

In fact, ever since Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s epic battle, the wizarding world had not seen such gladiatorial battles.

In particular, Evan’s last Fiendfyre was enough to brand the hearts of the 100, 000 audience below. 

“God, that young man is definitely a monster!” Someone exclaimed, “What kind of magic is this?!” 

“Is it a Fiendfyre?” 

“I don’t know, but it’s so powerful. I’ve never seen such powerful fire magic.”

“What’s the name of that guy?!” someone asked. 

If they had a Hogwarts student next to them, they would know that his name was Evan Mason! 

Even Evan’s age had challenged people’s tense and fragile nerves. 

No one could believe that he was only 13 years old this year, which was impossible! 

As for Evan’s previous deeds, they spread all over the stadium almost in an instant. 

Although there were as many as 100,000 people here, the news spread at an extraordinary speed, even faster than the panic spread just now! 

Everyone could recognize that another genius, another monster, had risen. 

This was the first time this had happened in recent decades since Voldemort.

Evan did not expect that this battle would bring him countless admirers, and that his name would spread throughout the world. In fact, he did not hear any of those below. 

He controlled his magic output, and a slight hunch rose in his heart. 

He can feel that his magic was rapidly disappearing, as if swallowed up by something. 


The next second, a deep voice suddenly sounded. 

This seemed to be a signal, and a black hole-like vortex appeared where Caresius had disappeared. 

The golden red flames were quickly swallowed, and even the mighty dragon did not escape. 

Evan’s magic didn’t work against Caresius, who began to fight back. 

A few seconds later, all the flames disappeared, leaving only ash and wreckage behind as proof of their existence. 

The figure of Caresius reappeared, looking unusually bothered. 

The black cloak that had been wearing was burned, and he threw it aside. 

He seemed to be really angry, and he didn’t mind showing his face. 

His initially handsome and evil face was covered in black smoke, and his deep red eyes were locked tightly on Evan. 

“Very interesting magic, you have great potential and are qualified to be my opponent!” Caresius said seriously. “Okay, we’d better not waste time. You know, that man is watching us below!”