Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 485: I’m not Leaving!

“It’s amazing how quickly you started to work for him?!” Evan said rudely. 

In his impression, although the vampires were helping Voldemort, they still had their own bottom line. 

It was like the last time in the Centaurs’ relics. They did not completely obey Voldemort’s orders. 

“I don’t think I need to say that this is a mere exchange of interests among allies!” Caresius answered. 

“Exchange of interests?!” Evan shook his head. “I see you are looking for a dead end, showing up here in front of wizards from all over the world. This is not in line with your principles. You and your people are going to be wanted by tomorrow.” 

“In order to achieve more valuable goals, there is a price that must be paid. My people and I are already living on the edge of the wizarding world.” Caresius pointed his wand at Evan, with an expression of unprecedented seriousness on his face. “If so, let them be wanted. We have nothing to lose!”

“But…” Evan wanted to mention Elaine. 

But the vampire shouted rudely, “Salute, Evan, don’t waste time, you know dueling etiquette!” 

This was the first time Evan saw Caresius’s face looking like that.

At this moment, Evan was no longer a junior like Elaine in his eyes, but a worthy opponent. 

For the plight of their race, there was the one mentioned in the old prophecy. 

Caresius had been speculating that even if the road ahead was rough, there was no room for failure, and he would never allow it. 

Whether for his own sake or for his people, who had always believed in him, he had to succeed.

Caresius chose Voldemort, but did not give up on Evan either. 

He saw Evan as a backup, acquiescing Elaine and Evan to a good relationship and giving them maximum care. 

Just like what happened in the ruins of the fallen Centaurs last time, when Caresius gave the Philosopher’s Stone to Evan.

Voldemort was already strong enough, and Caresius didn’t think he needed more power. He just needed to restore his strength. 

This was in the interest of Caresius and his people, and he hoped that Evan could quickly grow stronger. 

But when Evan stood in front of him, he didn’t mind giving him a hard lesson so that this young wizard would know how wide the gap between the two sides was. 

The Aurors of the Ministry of Magic would not be able to come up for a while, and Caresius had enough time. 

He was going to take Harry Potter away and let Voldemort complete that magic and regain his strength.

As for the other team dealing with Barty Crouch Jr., they must have already been successful.

He had just to eliminate Evan and take Harry Potter trussed up, to Voldemort. 

Caresius saluted Evan; only a respectable opponent was worthy of such courtesy.

The next second, a red triangle of light flew towards Evan. 

Evan dodged to the right and continued to run fast. 

His body moved quickly, and the wand in his hand emitted several red lights. 

Caresius did not use teleportation. He chose to confront Evan head-on. 

From the tip of his wand, sparks flew, taking all Evan’s magic and fighting back. 

In just a few seconds, the two sides had several magical exchanges, and the match was extremely technical.

Caresius’s spells were endless, all of which were blood magic that Evan was unfamiliar with, which made him feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed.

In fact, besides these varied spells, the technical aspect had always been Evan’s weak point. He had great theory and strength, but did not have enough chances to try putting them into practice to hone his dueling techniques 

Theory could be quickly obtained from books, and powerful magic was also obtained from Slytherin’s Locket and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Evan’s strength had risen too fast, but his skills and experience had not kept pace with it. 

Under the unreserved attack of Caresius, he soon felt unprecedented pressure. 

After fending off yet another spell, Evan felt in his heart that it was terrible, and realized that this was not going to work! 

Going on like this, he was afraid that it would not be long before he would be defeated by Caresius. 

However, Evan now had the Philosopher’s Stone! He couldn’t just give up on his advantage to compete with his opponent where he was weaker.

In the blink of an eye, he thought of a bold plan. 

Evan aimed his wand at the huge stones falling from the roof, and they quickly twisted into five trolls. 

The trolls roared, waved their giant clubs, and rushed at Caresius with their teeth and claws open.

Caresius frowned, and in his opinion, these monsters were meaningless. He just flicked his wand and they turned into black smoke.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Evan took the Philosopher’s Stone from the Locket on his chest and held it in his hand. 

The red fluorescence of the Philosopher’s Stone flashed, the powerful magic hovered around Evan’s body, and all his magic was instantly fully replenished. 

“The Philosopher’s Stone!” Caresius said in surprise. “You’ve restored that broken Philosopher’s Stone?!” 

“Yes!” Evan nodded. 

His mouth did not stop reciting spells, and light blue fire emerged from the end of Evan’s wand. 

Unlike before, these flames had no temperature at all, and they swiftly approached and revolved around Caresius. 

A deep red light flashed, and blue flames roared around. 

Evan hurriedly waved his wand, and with a powerful Magical Power Support, they quickly shrunk in size! 

The flames deformed quickly, changing into chains that trapped Caresius.

No matter how he resisted, Evan gritted his teeth and insisted on sending magic. He did not let Caresius break this bondage. 

He could feel that the magic of his body was being consumed quickly, and that the power of the Philosopher’s stone was rapidly being added.

These forces were different from the magic that Evan was not so familiar with, causing a certain degree of damage to his body. 

It was extremely unfavorable to continue to persist. 

It was like hurting the enemy by 1,000 and hurting himself by 800. It was hard to say whether he could really beat Caresius. 

Evan had his own plans. He did not expect these chains of pure magic to trap Caresius. However, it was enough for him to gain time! 

Without pausing, he used all the binding spells that he knew so far on Caresius. 

If his power was not enough, he could get it from the Philosopher’s Stone.

That was his advantage, the only thing where he was stronger than Caresius.

Soon, the colorful light of countless spells surrounded Caresius. 

And Evan, who had also gone to great extremes, was so tired that he barely could keep his eyes opened.

Because of the circuit of magic between him and the stone, he felt as if his body was collapsing. 

But now was not the time to fall, Evan tried his best to turn around, and the wand in his hand was pushing hard. 

Click, click, click, the chains tied to Harry, Ron, Hermione and the Quidditch players broke instantly.

“Go, get on your brooms!” Evan shouted. “I can’t hold on for long.” 

Hearing his shouts, everyone climbed onto the broomsticks as fast as they could, and no one dared to stop. 

Only Hermione hesitated, looked at the motionless Evan, and slipped off Krum’s broom. 

“What are you doing?” Krum said with a frown. 

He stretched out his hand and grabbed Hermione. He couldn’t understand why the girl was going down.

Didn’t she hear the boy say that the mighty Dark wizard was about to break free? 

“Let go!” Hermione shouted, in a firm voice, “I want to stay with Evan!”

In the battle just now, her voice turned hoarse for Evan, and she sounded devastated. Her eyes were red, and her tears flowed out uncontrollably. 

Hermione clenched her wand in her hand and wiped her eyes. Her little face was full of resolve. 

She didn’t know where her courage came from, but it was the only thought in her mind at the moment. 

She was going to stay with Evan, even if she was to die by his side!