Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 486: It’s Over…

“Let go!” Hermione shouted again to Krum. 

Looking at the girl’s tearful eyes, he could still see a spark of resolve lurking within it. 

Krum paused and unconsciously released his hand. 

He felt as if the softest part of his heart had been touched, and an unprecedented feeling filled his whole body.

Hermione at this moment left him extremely moved; he knew, right then and there, that this was the girl he had been looking for. 

Krum immediately came to his senses, tightened his hand gripping Hermione’s arm, and made up his mind to take her away anyway. 

He had seen the strength of the Dark wizard, and it was completely suicidal to stay here.

But no use! 

The moment at which he loosened his grip was all that took Hermione to rush to Evan’s side, crying with her hands around him. 

She hugged him so hard and cried so sadly.

At this moment, Evan was using the power of the Philosopher’s Stone to confront Caresius. 

He felt exhausted and suffered from the magic of the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Caresius was also close to his limit, but he was quickly cracking Evan’s magic, and was going to break free very soon.

Although there was still great magic in the Philosopher’s Stone, Evan’s body absorption speed had gradually failed to keep up. 

“Hermione, you have to go …” Evan said with his last strength. 

He tried to push Hermione away, but he didn’t. 

“No, Evan!” Hermione cried and said, “I want to stay with you, even if I die, I won’t leave.” 

Her tone was full of stubbornness and determination, not at all the same as Hermione in peacetime. 

Evan had no strength while looking at Hermione’s crying face, but he felt unprecedented happiness in his heart. 

He knew Hermione would never leave anyway, so he didn’t say anything. 

Evan raised his hand and gently wiped Hermione’s face, drying her tears.

“Don’t cry!” He said softly, trying to show a smile. 

Hermione sobbed and nodded vigorously. 

In mid-air, Harry and Krum flew up quickly on broomsticks. 

“Evan, Hermione, hop on!” Harry shouted. 

He and Krum reached out at the same time and wanted to pick them up. 

But almost at the same time, powerful magic shocks erupted from the magic-bound Caresius. 

Just as the essence of the pale red magic wave centered on him, it spread quickly outward. 

Countless red and black magic particles whirled rapidly around Caresius, gradually forming a tornado. 

Under the powerful impact, Harry and Krum flew out uncontrollably. 

The next second, Caresius let out a roar. 

He waved his wand vigorously, and the swirling magic storm soared up to the sky. 

His appearance had changed, his pale face was totally bloodless, and his wizard’s robes were in a bad state. 

Caresius did not have the calmness of the aristocrat he had before; he looked more beastly, showing the full strength of the strongest vampire. 

With the movement of the wand in his hand, the blue magic chain of fire that was tightly wrapped around Caresius was rapidly breaking apart. 

Caresius broke free from all shackles and defeated Evan’s magic.

With a strong oppressive momentum, his wine-red eyes fell on Evan. 

“You lost!” he said indifferently, seeing that Evan had no strength to continue fighting. 

Although Hermione beside Evan was pointing at him with her wand, Caresius did not even look at her. 

He looked up and glanced at Harry, who was flying in midair, and frowned slightly. 

He couldn’t tell if he could take him down with Evan and Hermione in his way. 

In fact, he didn’t like what he was doing, nor did he like how it felt.

But this was indeed the simplest and most effective method at present, and Caresius had no time or strength to delay it. 

The annoying Aurors of the Ministry of Magic were rushing up and they would be here soon. 

The battle just now, especially the last magic, consumed too much of his magic, and Caresius could no longer challenge the Aurors. 

Staying here was extremely unfavorable to him, and he secretly made up his mind. 

Looking at Caresius staring at him and Harry, Evan knew what he was thinking. 

Voldemort wanted to resurrect with Harry’s blood. And this could be the key to defeating him. 

However, all events must be under Evan’s control. 

He was not ready to let Caresius just take Harry.

In particular, it would be even more unforgivable to use himself and Hermione to threaten Harry to submit. 

Evan would never allow it. Hermione is under threat! This was where he drew the line; the line that could not be crossed! 

He had not lost yet. Today, he was going to defeat this powerful vampire completely! 

“Hermione, are you ready?” Evan asked softly, making up his mind. 

Looking at Evan, Hermione nodded hard. 

Although she did not know what Evan was going to do, she had no choice but to believe in him. She believed in Evan just like she believed in herself. 

Evan smiled and held Hermione’s little hand tightly, while his other hand held the Philosopher’s Stone and his wand. 

He tapped the ground gently with his wand, and the next second, the ground of the whole box began to crumble. 

The ground broke apart and even the rocks below began to crack, crumble and fall rapidly. 

The cracks spread instantaneously to the main building of the stadium, with the spot that Evan stuck being at the center

As if made out of eggshells, all the walls fell off one by one and collapsed to the ground.

“You are mad!” Caresius looked at Evan incredulously and couldn’t believe he actually did it. 

The surprise Evan gave him tonight was enough to rattle him.

At that moment, Caresius believed that Evan was the one mentioned in his clan’s prophecy. 

He knew that he had failed and lost to Evan; he could not catch Harry Potter today. 

Caresius hesitated, reaching out to grab Evan and Hermione, to get them both out of here. 

But countless stones fell making a gap between the two sides, and Caresius had no chance to do so. 

He sighed as he watched Evan and Hermione disappearing into the ruins. 

In the next second, the black figure of Caresius vanished from the place and disappeared. 

Boom, boom, boom, countless boulders tumbled, thundering!

Below the stadium, the Aurors of the Ministry of Magic were evacuating the crowd and leaving quickly. 

Everyone was so scared that they looked pale and couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them. They were all scared, and it never occurred to them that this would be the outcome, or that the battle between Evan and Caresius would be so fierce. 

Submerged by these large fallen stones and ruins, Evan and Hermione could not possibly survive. 

Today was destined to be one of the bitterest days in the history of magic; a new rising genius had fallen…