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H.P.S.T Chapter 487: Evan the Monster

Boulders and steel were falling, and the crowd below was noisy as everyone fled in horror.

With the main building box as the center, cracks spread on the main building of the stadium, along with panic.

The wizards were horrified to find that this huge and magnificent building, which took more than 500 wizards of the Ministry of Magic a whole year to build, was rapidly falling apart. As they fled, they were chased out by the sound of crumbling stones.

It was incredible, especially that every inch in this place was covered with several protection spells.

But what did everyone see? A thirteen-year-old boy tapped on the building with his wand, and it was over?!

The wizards felt that they must have lost their minds to see such a thing, but the facts were clearly in front of them.

The magic contained in Evan’s final spell was too horrible. It was a force powerful enough to destroy the world.

In the panic, officials from the Ministry of Magic and Aurors raised their wands to stabilize the rest of the stadium.

However, no one dared to approach the collapsing main building.

If they were to be lightly inadvertently caught by the huge stones that accelerated down, they would be dead or injured!

Harry, Ron, Krum, Fred, George and other Quidditch players were flying in the air around the rapidly collapsing building in the hope of rescuing Evan and Hermione, but there was no way for them to get close.

They shouted the names of Evan and Hermione, looking forward to the slightest miracle in despair.

In the stands, Sirius, who had just defeated the two vampires stalling him, also raised his head and looked in dismay at the main building that was collapsing not far away.

There was a blank space in his head, and it never occurred to him that this would happen.

Sirius stood still and looked at all this incredulously. The next second, he rushed to the main building as fast as he could.

He had no regard for being hit by falling rubble or for his own safety. He only wanted to save Evan and Hermione.

Sirius was afraid, and he remembered the dark night fourteen years ago.

That was how he had rushed to James and Lily’s cabin, and his mind was filled with images of the unthinkable.

He had thought that he would never have this feeling of despair again, and never did he imagine that it would come up again.

If he could, he would give his life as tribute, just to spare that of the children. ‘He was a man who should have died long ago. He was not qualified to live in this world;’ he thought.

A lingering shadow shrouded the sky, and thick clouds obscured the moonlight.

After a brief period of panic and shock, sorrow gradually became the main theme.

This evening’s Quidditch World Cup final was destined to go down in the history of magic as one of the greatest events ever, and Evan’s name was to be remembered forever.

No one would forget the duel just now, and no one would forget the mighty magic used by both sides.

This was beyond the capabilities of ordinary wizards, and a true duel of great wizards.

Evan earned the respect of more than 100,000 wizards in one fight, by virtue of his outstanding performance.

It was unknown who had started it, and Evan’s name was whispered.

Soon, everyone in the entire stadium began to say his name lightly.

EVAN, HERMIONE!” Sirius also shouted, and he was already below the main building..

In the thick dust, his wand kept shining red upward, knocking the falling stones away.

His body had been scratched and bruised by gravel, and he started to bleed.

Despite this, Sirius shouted loudly; he had not given up on hope.

The box was in a very high position and time was running out. Evan and Hermione had not yet fallen down.

He must find them both, even if they were just corpses…

But besides the wreckage, Sirius saw nothing.

Just as light in his heart was fading as he fell into despair, he suddenly saw a golden red light flashing high up in the air.

The golden red light cluster was like a star in the night sky; dim and silent but exceptionally clear.

Almost instantly, Sirius recognized that it was the radiance of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Because of the tension, his heart almost stopped beating, and his eyes widened unbelievably looking at the glittering golden light.

Evan and Hermione were there; they were not dead yet!

Under the protection of the Philosopher’s Stone, Evan had cast a sturdy circular magic shield to protect him and Hermione.

The scorching magic was raging in his body. He gritted his teeth and held Hermione in his arms.

The two were close to each other, and Evan could feel her breath and warmth in his arms

He had never been so close to Hermione, and under the warmth of her body, Evan even felt that they were going to melt together.

Hermione also tried her best to hug Evan. She didn’t dare open her eyes. Her tiny body was trembling constantly…

There was only one thought in her heart. If this was death, then she would die with Evan.

However, it was not over yet, and Evan’s story was not over!

With everything he’s ever done, this was not Evan’s limit.

His battle with Voldemort and the evil gods had just begun, and a more exciting world was awaiting him.

He could not betray Hermione’s trust in him; he vowed to protect her in his arms, no matter what.

In the next second, with the support of firm confidence and perseverance, the powerful magic re-converged in Evan’s body centered on the Philosopher’s Stone.

Evan raised his wand high in his hand and read his last spell.

The dim light of the Philosopher’s Stone became vivid and extremely dazzling in the blink of an eye.

The golden light turned white, like the midday sun. It was so bright; one couldn’t just look straight at it.

Everyone in the stadium noticed it, and they looked up in surprise.

Time seemed to freeze for a moment, and all the debris of the collapsed main building were quietly still in the air.

Then, they quickly gathered upwards around the light cluster.

In the stadium, everyone could feel the shocking powerful magic.

A giant made up of massive amounts of steel and stones was rapidly forming, and Evan was holding Hermione in the hands of the giant.

Looking at this miraculous giant, the wizards all gasped.

There was only one thought in their minds. How could that be possible? Was this still magic?!

Looking at this giant formed by a combination of powerful magic and debris, everyone felt that they were going crazy.

This was indeed Transfiguration, the simplest Transfiguration, but no wizard would dare to use it in this way.

No one was crazy enough to deform the main building of the stadium, which could hold 100,000 people.

This kind of move might not even be possible for Dumbledore, the world’s greatest wizard. That could only be seen in the dusty magic books in the library, describing the magic of ancient warlocks.

‘EVAN, what a genius wizard! This guy is a monster!’

Under the influence of magic, the collapsed building was re-formed and became a standing giant.

It protected Evan with its huge palm, and the fallen debris of the stones became part of its body.