Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 488: Power and Shock

The sound of the scattered building wreckage and rock collisions continually echoed across the sky. More than 100,000 wizards looked up and were deeply shocked. They couldn’t imagine the sudden appearance of the giant, and Evan and Hermione sitting on it. 


Extreme shock!!!

Besides this, there were no other words that could describe the scene at hand. They simply couldn’t believe that this was actually the power of a young wizard.

Turning the falling debris of a building into a stone giant required only simple Transfiguration.

In the first lesson, all wizards had learned it, for it was the basis of many other advanced techniques.

But no one could use it like Evan. It was totally unthinkable.

The enormous magic involved had gone beyond what ordinary people could understand. No one could do this except Evan, who owned the Philosopher’s Stone.

Although the image of the giant was not realistic, and there were no exquisite and complex decorations on its body. He was just made out of simple stones piled up.

This level of deformation would never get high marks in the classroom.

But through this crude style, everyone could feel the power that moved it.

This extremely powerful force made people bow down; almost worshiping what was the most direct manifestation of Evan’s willpower.

At this moment, Evan was no longer just a 13-year-old wizard.

In many people’s minds, he was already a powerful wizard who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Under the shock brought by witnessing this purest form of power, no one dared to violate his will.

“God, what do I see?!” An old wizard muttered incredulously.

His legs were shaking, and the next second he was actually lying on the ground, muttering something in his mouth.

Wizards like him were not in the minority. In front of powerful forces, submission was the wisest choice for many.

‘Is this still a human?!’ That was the question in everyone’s mind.

“What’s the name of that young wizard?” Another man asked.

“Evan Mason, he is from Hogwarts!”

Evan did not expect that he would make the front page of all national magic newspapers tomorrow morning.

The Quidditch World Cup final, which was supposed to take all headlines, was squeezed into an inconspicuous corner.

No one cared which team won the match, and no one cared who caught the Golden Snitch.

A great deal of space was devoted to the epic battle between Evan and Caresius, as well as the powerful magic he displayed.

The existence of the Philosopher’s Stone was top secret, and the analysis of this matter by the major media was very varied.

Whatever it was, all the possible theories and legends had been rummaged out.

As for the rest of the pages, it was about Evan’s life story, his various performances in Hogwarts and so on.

All in all, Evan was in the limelight.

Because of his performance tonight, the wizarding world that had been calm for a long time was boiling.

Overnight, Evan became a celebrity known to all wizards, like Dumbledore, Sirius and Harry.

All the major media wanted to interview him, and the Owl letters were almost filling up his place.

With the news reports, Evan had many admirers, from all over the world.

More than 100,000 wizards left the site, spreading his name all over the world.

Evan was recognized by the wizarding world as the most promising wizard and the star of hope for the future of the wizarding world.

The Ministry of Magic’s award permission was delivered at the fastest speed.

The Order of Merlin, First Class also awarded Evan, and the Dark Force Defence League invited him to become a full member.

This was far from being the end of it, and the influence of the incident would continue to ferment.

Because of Evan’s performance, the most direct manifestation was the surge in enrollment at Hogwarts the following year.

Many foreign parents sent their children to Hogwarts, hoping they could study with Evan.


Of course, this was all to follow later!

At this very moment, Evan, who would usher in countless glories, was facing an unprecedented crisis.

He hugged Hermione tightly, or more accurately, he was lying on her.

Evan supported her body, so that she didn’t fall .

They both clung to each other tightly, and drops of sweat, big like beans, kept popping up from Evan’s forehead.

He was enduring severe pain, and perhaps, fainting directly would be the greatest mercy to him.

Losing consciousness meant not having to endure the pain of magic running through his body, to the point that it would almost burst.

Evan’s body, while as thin as normal, was stretched out in its capacity to take magic like a balloon blown to the extreme.

Once a balloon would exceed its expansion capability, it would explode with a bang, and then shattered to pieces!

Evan now felt this way, and massive amounts of magic poured into his body from the Philosopher’s Stone without stopping.

These magic powers were beyond his capacity, and he felt that he could explode at any moment.

Worst of all, the magic in the Philosopher’s Stone was different from the magic normally produced in the human body.

It was more violent. Its flow through the body felt… hot, like magma deep in the earth’s core.

While enduring the pain of being squeezed and exploded, he was also subject to the burning and destruction of the fiery magic.

It was true Evan couldn’t stand it anymore, but the intense pain had kept him awake all the time.

It was the most horrible feeling to watch himself perish.

He didn’t know what to do. Magic was out of control, and there was nothing he could do.

At this moment, Evan could not even focus. He couldn’t think at all.

It’s to be known that the Philosopher’s Stone was originally developed by ancient warlocks to provide alchemy props for magic when casting powerful magic.

It contained magic, powerful beyond imagination!

No one had ever used his body directly to absorb the power of the Philosopher’s Stone like Evan. No wizard could hold the magic contained in a Philosopher’s Stone purely by virtue of his power.

Even the most powerful ancient warlocks were unlikely to do that.

This pure fragmentation was self-destructive, and there was no difference between it and suicide.

After the first brief hindrance, as Evan increased his absorption, magic from the Philosopher’s Stone continued to flow into his body.

This process would not stop until he was completely blown up.

Evan was thinking about it now. He could feel the magic coming in from the Philosopher’s Stone faster and faster, and far more than the consumption of the magic he is using. 

He wanted to stop, but it didn’t work at all.

Evan’s body was shaking in pain, and Hermione hugged him at a loss.

She could feel the pain that Evan was experiencing, but did not know what to do.

She could only hug Evan tightly, in her own way, and kept praying for the boy in her arms.

Maybe it was her prayer that worked. Just when Evan thought that everything was about to end, the magic that was raging inside suddenly found an outlet to vent, from which the accumulated power poured out…