Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 492: Clothes toThe Elf

“Apparition is not allowed in this place!” Scrimgeour said.

“I know, but he did suddenly disappear from my sight…”

“Rufus, so that’s it!” Fudge said, seemingly relieved. “Whoever conjured the Mark could have Disapparated or moved away by other methods right after they’ve done it, leaving Harry’s wand behind. A clever thing to do, not using their own wand, which could have betrayed them. And Winky here had the misfortune to come across the wand moments later and pick it up.”

Scrimgeour remained silent for a while, as if considering the possibility of what Fudge had said.

“Elf, did you see anyone at that time?” he asked in a cold tone.

Winky began to tremble worse than ever. Her giant eyes flickered from Scrimgeour, to Fudge again, and finally onto her own master, Mr. Crouch. Then she gulped and said, “I is seeing no one, sir… no one…”

“You are lying!” Scrimgeour did not believe, “I have a way to let you say everything you know.”

“Scrimgeour!” Crouch said curtly. “I am fully aware that, according to the general procedure, you would want to take Winky to the Auror office for questioning. I ask you, however, to allow me to deal with her first.”

Scrimgeour did not answer, and Crouch seemed to see it as a tacit acquiescence. He walked quickly to Winky’s side.

“M-m-master…” Winky stammered, looking up at Mr. Crouch, her eyes brimming with tears. ” M-m-master, please, please, don’t… ”

Mr. Crouch stared at her, his face somehow sharpened, each line upon it more deeply etched. There was no pity in his gaze.

“I was very shocked by Winky’s behavior tonight.” He said slowly, “She did not obey my orders, and appeared at the scene of the incident, picking up the wand that the house-elves should not touch. This means clothes!”

“No, no!” shrieked Winky, prostrating herself at Mr. Crouch’s feet. “No, master! Not clothes, not clothes! Please!”

The only way to turn a house-elf free was to present it with proper garments.

However, this did not only mean the house-elf’s liberation; it also meant their destruction!

It was really pitiful to see the way Winky clutched at her tea towel as she sobbed at Mr. Crouch’s feet.

“You can’t do this; she was scared!” Hermione suddenly said indignantly, glaring at Mr. Crouch. “Your elf is scared of heights. She couldn’t stay in the box all the time, waiting to die! It is understandable that she appeared here. She was just running for her life and happened to have found Harry’s wand. You can’t blame her!”

Evan could feel that, because of anger, Hermione’s little hand holding him was shaking slightly.

By this time, everyone knew that Winky could not be the one who conjured the Dark Mark, but Crouch didn’t care; he just needed a scapegoat.

Evan looked into the dark ruins and wondered where Winky hid Barty Crouch Jr.!

The wizard said just now that he saw a figure suddenly Disapparating right before his eyes. It must be Barty Crouch Jr.

He couldn’t have Disapparated, so he must be hiding under the invisibility cloak.

Evan could no longer feel the existence of Barty Crouch Jr., who seemed to be protected by a magic force. And because of the battle just now, Evan was very weak.

In his current state, it was impossible for him to detect the specific location of Barty Crouch Jr., and magic had lost its effect.

However, he had no intention of revealing the matter.

This was related to his next plan. As for the fate of Barty Crouch, Evan could only wish him luck! Voldemort, who had suffered successive failures, would definitely break into his home in person.

Although he didn’t care about Crouch, this incident also warned Evan.

With a very strong power above ordinary wizards, these lunatics could do anything.

Whether it was Voldemort or the vampire, these evil Dark wizards had no regard for human life, and tonight’s scene might happen at any time later. 

Mr. Crouch did not seem to hear Hermione’s words. He took a step backward, freeing himself from contact with the elf, whom he was surveying as though she were something filthy and rotten that was contaminating his over-shined shoes.  

“I have no use for a house-elf who disobeys me,” he said coldly, looking over at Hermione, “I have no use for a servant who forgets what is due to her master’s reputation.”

Winky was crying so hard that her sobs echoed around the ruins, and there was a very embarrassing silence.

Mr. Crouch wanted to get rid of her, but Winky clasped tightly to his leg.

“If you can, please give Harry’s wand back to him!” Sirius frowned and said, “These children have gone through too much tonight. They have to go back to rest. We have no energy or obligation to stay here and watch this farce go on.”

Scrimgeour hesitated, but then came over and handed Harry his wand, and his eyes fell on Evan. 

“You are Evan Mason?!” he asked. “I hope to talk to you!”

Evan originally wanted to agree, but Sirius stepped up directly in front of him.

“I don’t think Evan has anything to say to you. Everyone saw what happened this evening!” He said rudely. “In my opinion, Evan saved everyone. He’s a hero! ”

“That’s true, but this child has such powerful magic, which is obviously not normal!” Scrimgeour said stiffly.

“You have to know that some people are born to be geniuses!” Sirius replied softly. “Don’t use your low standards to measure other people. What’s more, no matter how powerful Evan is, this matter has nothing to do with the Aurors.”

Scrimgeour was embarrassed and stood still, staring at Sirius.

“Let’s go, kids!” Mr. Weasley whispered and quietly pulled Sirius.

Everyone knew that Scrimgeour was a resolute person. He worked as an Auror and devoted most of his life to dealing with Dark Wizards.

The professional habits he had developed over a long period of time kept him from letting go of any person or matter he had doubts about.

Although not as powerful as Crouch, it was best not to mess with him.

Evan’s performance tonight was so eye-catching that he needed to keep a low profile now.

What happened this evening, especially the appearance of the Dark Mark, was obviously out of place, or not to get involved with.

Everyone turned and left; only Hermione seemed to be reluctant to move, and her eyes were still upon the sobbing elf.

“Hermione!” Mr. Weasley said, more urgently.

A few seconds later, Hermione turned and followed Evan and everyone to leave the ruins and walk outside the stadium.