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H.P.S.T Chapter 493: Wanted Vampires

When they were separated from the Ministry of Magic’s crowd, Evan immediately said, “That guy named Scrimgeour seems very dangerous, doesn’t he?”

He could feel that most of the wizards were shocked after he showed great magic.

Only Rufus Scrimgeour wanted to explore the source of his magic. Barty Crouch probably wanted to do the same, but now he was too busy with Winky and his son’s affair to focus on Evan. 

These two guys seemed to be exceptionally sharp, so he had to be careful when he would come into contact with them later.

“Scrimgeour has always been like that. He is a veteran Auror!” Sirius said, “After Alastor Moody retired, he was the only remaining one of the old Aurors. He has a lot of prestige in the Ministry of Magic.”

“What about other old Aurors?” Harry asked.

“They quit, died or went insane. Being an Auror is a very dangerous profession, very few people can stick to it till the end!” Sirius replied, “Only the best Aurors can protect themselves while dealing with Dark wizards. You know, there are many times when danger does not necessarily come from the enemy. Aurors like Scrimgeour are very rare.”

“The Aurors are always suspicious, as if presuming that everyone is a Dark wizard!” Mr. Weasley agreed.

“Whoever works in that position for a long time will become like that. They have seen too many intrigues.” Sirius paused for a while and continued, “It’s not a bad thing to know who can be trusted and who can’t.”

It seemed that he thought of the death of Peter Pettigrew and Harry’s parents again and blamed himself for his past naivety.

“Yes, but everyone is still afraid of anything to do with Aurors.” Mr. Weasley followed and said, “Let me say, Scrimgeour chose Crouch as his opponent this time, but it was a big mistake. Crouch is not the kind of person who would be easily frightened.”

“Look at his attitude towards that house-elf. He can give up anything that would affect his reputation at any time.” Sirius said dismissively, “Barty Crouch is much more cunning and dangerous than Scrimgeour!”

“But Winky didn’t make any mistakes!” Hermione said immediately. “What’s going to happen to her?”

“They have no evidence, and they will finally release her!” Sirius said, “But she will definitely be expelled by Barty Crouch. I hope that the thrill will not kill her.”

“That’s unfair. Mr. Crouch can’t treat her like that!” said Hermione angrily. “He knows that she didn’t do it and he’s still going to sack her! He didn’t care how frightened she had been, or how upset she was … he doesn’t treat her like a human being at all!”

“Well, she is not human.” Ron interjected.

Hearing this sentence, Hermione immediately turned to attack him.

“That doesn’t mean she hasn’t got feelings, Ron. It’s disgusting that they do that, and you should …”

“Well, Hermione, I agree with you, but now is not the time to discuss elf rights!” Mr. Weasley said quickly. “You’d better go back to the tent. Sirius and I will take care of the rest.”

A few minutes later, they encountered obstacles as they walked out of the stadium.

Although the Ministry of Magic officials were trying to evacuate the flow of people, there were still many witches and wizards gathered there who refused to disperse.

They were frightened-looking. When they saw someone coming out from the inside, they surged forward.

Evan hid behind Sirius and did not want to be recognized. But this worry was superfluous, and these wizards did not recognize Evan.

They were just protesting and asking the Ministry of Magic to give a statement.

What happened this evening was an extremely serious evil. Many witches and wizards gathered to ask the Ministry of Magic to announce the truth of the incident and arrest and punish the murderer as soon as possible.

Besides, they also wanted to know who had conjured the Dark Mark!

“What’s going on in there?”

“Who conjured the Mark?”

“Was it Him? Did he plan the attack this evening? ”

“Is he back?”

“Of course it’s not Him!” Mr. Weasley couldn’t help but say, “We don’t know who it was; the Dark wizard has run away! All right, please step aside, please; I want to go to bed!”

They crossed the crowd and returned to the campsite, which was quiet and terrible.

Every tent was dark and the pleasant atmosphere of the day was missing.

Everyone hid in their tents and did not dare to make any noise. Outside, officials from the Ministry of Magic were patrolling everywhere.

“Dad, what’s going on?” Charlie got out of the tent.

Because of the Aurors’ blockade, he and Bill and Percy had not entered the core area.

“Nothing, we will investigate!” said Mr. Weasley, “Well, children! You all go in, I have to go and have a look. With what happened, there must be a shortage of staff in the Ministry. People are needed everywhere to maintain order. I must help. ”

After asking Sirius to take care of everyone, he turned around and went back into the darkness.

Everyone sat around the small kitchen table, looking in shock and in poor condition.

Bill was holding a bed sheet to his arm, which was bleeding profusely. 

Charlie had a large rip in his shirt, and Percy was sporting a bloody nose.

These were all the marks left by their fighting with Dark wizards and vampires who took advantage of the fire.

Evan found that Sirius was also badly injured, and his body was covered with blood, but fortunately, his injuries were all superficial.

From his cloth bag, he hurriedly took out some white potion, which he had arranged himself.

This potion had a good healing effect on fall injuries and was suitable for use at this time.

“Thank you!” said Sirius, “This is exactly what I need.”

He took it and sprinkled it on the wounds on his arms, and it quickly healed.

“Who are the Dark wizards who attacked tonight?” Charlie asked. “Are they You-Know-Who’s men?”

“They are vampires. Sirius and I had contact with them in the forests of Albania!” said Evan. “They are all very evil Dark wizards, real outlaws, and to some extent, even more terrible than the Death Eaters. The existence of vampires is a taboo in itself, which makes them live on the edge of the world.”

Except for Sirius, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, the rest of the people looked at Evan with surprise.

No one thought that the Dark wizards who attacked this evening would be vampires, which was simply unbelievable.

“No wonder the magic they use is very strange. I just had a fight with a masked guy!” Bill said, “Some of their magic is somewhat similar to that of ancient Egyptian wizards. We have found similar records in several sacrificial tombs. All that ancient magic is based on blood.”

Despite the rush to cope and the heavy losses, the Ministry of Magic could still manage to catch a few vampires.

After a night of interrogation, it was rational that before tomorrow, Caresius and his people would become wanted.

In the wizarding world, some things are not as simple as if you clench your teeth and insist that you don’t say anything; a powerful wizard can get anything he wants to know from a person’s soul if he wishes…