Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 494: Unlucky Evan

“What’s going to happen to the vampires caught by the Ministry?” Ginny asked.

She was particularly pale and had not yet recovered from the thrill she had received this evening.

“After the interrogation, they’ll probably be put in Azkaban.” Sirius said, “Dementors will keep a firm eye on them, but if they can’t drink fresh blood all the time, those vampires won’t last long.”

The power of vampires comes from blood; and the stronger the magic in the blood they feed on is, the more helpful it is to them.

That’s why with Caresius and Elaine, who had been feeding on the powerful magic dragon blood, their strength had been improving rapidly.

But what’s more important, vampires also need blood as food to sustain their lives.

It was hard to imagine that in that hellhole of Azkaban, the Dementors would specially prepare fresh blood for them as food.

There was a moment of silence and no one wanted to continue talking about this topic. The thought of a vampire biting a person’s neck and sucking his blood made goosebumps prickle across everyone’s body, but the thought of starving them to death was equally as repulsive.

“Evan, what magic did you use?” Ron asked suddenly. “I saw you and Hermione fall, and I was scared. I didn’t expect you to make the stone giant at the last moment. This was incredible, that magic…”

Hearing Ron’s words, everyone looked at Evan with interest and wanted to know the secret of his magic.

In fact, they had never seen such a powerful magic before. It was completely beyond imagination.

“Nothing, just simple Transfiguration!” Evan simply said, “If they could find a way to provide with enough magic, anyone can do it!”

It was not appropriate for too many people to know about the Philosopher’s Stone.

It was not that Evan did not trust the Weasleys, but the Philosopher’s Stone was, after all, too important and involved too many secrets, which had to be kept concealed.

As for the Ministry of Magic, he believed that Dumbledore and Sirius would help him deal with them.

“Provide enough magic?!” Ron repeated, doubtfully saying, “Doesn’t that just mean that they need to find a…”

“Well, Ron, there is nothing to discuss about that!” Hermione said suddenly, winking at Ron. “If you listen carefully in class and work hard to finish the homework assigned by the professors, sooner or later you will use this magic like Evan.”

For a few seconds, Ron looked at her in surprise.

How could such a powerful magic be cast by listening attentively in class and studying hard to finish the homework?

In Ron’s view, the Philosopher’s Stone was the key, and only with its help could this magic be used.

Evan had just said that it required powerful magic, and the Philosopher’s Stone should provide that.

He relied on the help of the Philosopher’s Stone to fight the vampire, cast powerful spells, and make the entire wizarding world remember his name.

Of course, Evan is really strong and devoted a lot of effort to magic, Ron admitted this. But in his opinion, the Philosopher’s Stone was the most important.

He had seen the power of the Philosopher’s Stone, and with it, anyone can release powerful magic like Evan.

As for talent, hard work and skills, they were far less effective than the Philosopher’s Stone.

This was all going through Ron’s mind, without reaction until Harry couldn’t help kicking him under the table.

He realized that this matter was really not suitable for discussion here, but he had also guessed the answer now.

“Evan was really good. What happened with the Dark Mark?” This time it was Percy’s turn to ask, “Who conjured it? What did you find in the ruins? I saw Mr. Crouch passing!”

This was not the first time that Evan, Harry, Ron, and Hermione had seen the Dark Mark. The last time they saw it in the Temple of the Moon in the Centaurs’ colony, where Evan had been cursed by Voldemort.  

Everyone knew what it meant and the fear it brought.

Now, only Fred, George and Ginny were still perplexed, and Sirius explained to them in a low voice.

Harry and Ron told Charlie, Bill and Percy exactly what they had just seen in the ruins.

“Well, Mr. Crouch is quite right to get rid of an elf like that!” Hearing of Crouch’s last practice, Percy said in agreement, “She actually picked up an unidentified wand, and smeared the name of her master, embarrassing him in front of the whole Ministry. How would that look, if she’d be brought up in front of the Department for the Regulation and Control, I am a little…”

“She didn’t do anything. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!” Hermione snapped at Percy, who looked very taken aback, looking at Hermione in surprise, not sure what he had just said wrong.

Hermione had always got on fairly well with Percy, better, indeed, than any of the others.

“Hermione, a wizard in Mr. Crouch’s position can’t afford a house-elf who’s going to run amok with a wand!” said Percy pompously, recovering himself.  

“She didn’t run amok!” shouted Hermione. “She just picked up the wand off the ground!”

Both of them were red-faced and seemed to have the intention of continuing to quarrel.

“Well, we shouldn’t talk about this topic!” Sirius immediately interrupted everyone. “You must go to bed, especially Evan, he needs a rest. Anything else can be said tomorrow morning.”

Harry and the others seemed to want to continue discussing for a while why the vampires had conjured the Dark Mark.

In any case, it didn’t help their attack, but it did bring more panic.

“Go upstairs and go to bed. It’s very late now. We’ll get a few more hours of sleep and then try and get an early Portkey out of here.” Sirius said to Evan, Harry and Hermione, “I talked to Arthur, and the three of you will return to the Burrow until the beginning of school. During this period, you will not go anywhere.”

A few minutes later, Evan dragged his tired body back to his room.

After completely relaxing, he felt exhausted and fell heavily on the bed. But not long after, a subtle knock on the door surprised him, and Hermione came to his room.

She seemed frightened by what happened tonight, and her little face was full of worries.

It’s been an eventful night for her, especially in the end, when she made up her mind to slide down from Krum’s broom.

At that time, she was completely determined to die with Evan.

She already had that awareness and made a decision. This matter could not only be explained by courage and friendship, but also by other strong feelings.

Unknowingly, Evan and Hermione had the closest relationship…

As the main building collapsed, Evan did not know what Hermione was thinking.

He only remembered that she hugged him tightly, as if she would never let go.

After this life or death experience, the relationship between the two was to definitely change in nature; as if a thin veil between them was pushed to the side.

Now, Evan had the opportunity to make his confession to Hermione, and for the two to take a step forward with their relationship.

He was always unlucky in this respect and was interrupted at critical moments.

But now the atmosphere in the room seemed propitious!