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H.P.S.T Chapter 497: Sirius Becoming an Auror

Eventually Mr. Weasley woke everyone up, and Evan felt that he had only started to sleep when that happened.

Mr. Weasley was on duty all night last night, which made him look tired, but he was in a good state of mind.

He told everyone that no one had died except for the injuries, and that the Ministry of Magic had properly taken care of the wounded.

With the chaos of last night, having things end up like this was almost miraculous.

Everyone helped Kreacher pack up tent and left the campsite as quickly as possible.

They decided to use the Portkey to return to the Burrow, and only Percy wanted to report directly to the Ministry of Magic.

In his words, last night was a particularly difficult day.

Such a vicious and important event had taken place in the wizarding world; he had to stick to his post and wait for Mr. Crouch’s orders at any time. Of course, Fred and George said that this could only be about those cauldrons leaking.

Eventually, Mr. Weasley persuaded Percy to go home to see his mother first before going to work in the Ministry of Magic. So many things had happened the previous night, and Mrs. Weasley must be very nervous now.

In this way, the group walked through the early morning mist in the silent campsite.

Just one night, it was a lot of desolate that not even a single figure could be seen.

The tent s had been packed up, leaving only a mess on the ground.

Wizards who could use Apparition fled overnight last night, and the rest went to get Portkeys early.

No one wanted to stay here for another minute after the attack and the appearance of the Dark Mark.

Evan thought it would be embarrassing to meet Hermione in the morning after what he had done the previous night.

But in fact, there was no difference, and things went naturally between the two.

Looking at them from the surface, nothing unusual could be percieved. They were the same as before, having great understanding

However, that all changed whenever they were left to themselves!

Hermione was furious! She was angry with Evan’s sudden “attack” on her last night. She was shy and embarrassed. She kindly offered to help him apply the potion and heal his wounds. It didn’t occur to her that it would end up like that!

On top of that, they were seen by Sirius!

Whenever she thought of herself under Evan, his body pressing on her own, her face turned red!

It was all Evan’s fault. But despite this, Hermione acted normally.

She gave Evan the feeling that she was Hermione he was familiar with, not the shy kitten who was in his arms last night.

While breathing a sigh of relief for seeing her like this, Evan was also feeling great regret.

Last night, he missed such a good opportunity and did not go all the way, and now everything was back to to where it was!

He liked her? Is that all he wanted to say! He shouldn’t even think about it next time, and should immediately only poor his heart. Now, he could only look for opportunities in the future.

What he did not know was that, although she tried to keep a calm appearance, her heart was at sixes and sevens. If he was to even allude to what happened last night, she would get all furious on him.

As for Sirius, the witness, he had Disapparated and left earlier.

Before leaving, he told Evan, Harry, and Hermione to stay in the Burrow and not go anywhere.

After Hermione left last night, Sirius talked to Evan about his intention to accept Fudge’s proposal to become an Auror.

Sirius was affected by the vampires’ attacks and the reappearance of the Dark Mark; he felt it was his duty to do something against Voldemort.

He had to avenge Harry’s parents, and Voldemort had killed them fourteen years ago.

Evan was very supportive of Sirius’s decision to become an Auror.

Sirius was a restless, unstoppable man. If he was not worried about Harry, he might have already rushed to the front line against the Dark wizards.

He did not fear danger, but enjoyed the pleasure it brought and got great satisfaction from it.

Being an Auror was the most suitable career for Sirius and his best destination.

From last night’s conversation, it could also be seen that he admired Rufus Scrimgeour, Alastor Moody and Aurors’ style of doing things.

He wanted to be an Auror himself, which was one of his earliest dreams.

Sirius becoming an Auror could also be of great help to Evan and help the him and his friends get a lot of information about the Ministry of Magic.

After Voldemort regains his strength, the Ministry’s position would be crucial.

Although Evan had no hope in Fudge, it was worth pulling more people into their camp.

No matter from which aspect, Sirius becoming an Auror would bring a lot of benefits.

Evan had previously intended to ask him to help Professor Lupin, but running newspapers and shops was clearly not for him.

“I can’t believe it. Sirius is actually going to be an Auror!” Harry was still talking about it.

When Sirius announced the news this morning, everyone was shocked.

“Sirius has his own considerations,” said Evan. “All we can do is support his choice.”

“I know, but his decision to be an Auror is too sudden … But that really suits him, doesn’t it?!” said Hermione.

“Yeah, and it’s cool!” Ron replied,” I also want to be an Auror, to catch those Dark wizards and vampires. It’s the coolest job in the world.”

“How can I become an Auror?” Harry continued. 

“Well, children!” Mr. Weasley said, “When you pass the Ordinary Wizarding Level, Hogwarts will plan your career and have professional professors to guide you. The conditions for becoming an Auror are very high. You have to study hard and get as many certificates as you can.”

The next topic was transferred to the Ordinary Wizarding Level.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were going to be in the fifth year soon to take this important exam.

Evan and Ginny also needed to be prepared. Fred and George gave them a lot of advice. But most of them seemed useless, for the two weren’t doing any good themselves….

As they approached the spot where the Portkeys lay, he heard many people clamoring eagerly.

Almost all the witches and wizards gathered around Basil, the keeper of the Portkeys, all clamoring to get away from the campsite as quickly as possible.

Mr. Weasley had a quick discussion with Basil, and they joined the queue.

They were finally able to take an old rubber tire back to Stoatshead Hill before the sun had really risen.

It is a hillside near the Burrow, behind the village of Ottery St. Catchpole.

A few minutes later, they arrived at their destination, and they walked back through Ottery St. Catchpole and up the damp lane toward the Burrow in the dawn light, talking very little because they were so exhausted, and thinking longingly of their breakfast.

Just like Evan and Hermione, no one seemed to have slept well.

The thick dark shadows on Harry’s eyes clearly told everyone that he did not sleep at all last night.

As they rounded the corner, and the Burrow came into view, a cry echoed along the lane….