Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 496: Taking the Initiative

Hermione muffled her own gasp. Being absorbed in applying the potion, she did not anticipate what Evan did!

All she felt was Evan turning over and hugging her, spinning, and she was pressed down under him…

Hermione stared anxiously at Evan above with her eyes wide open, but could not make a sound at all.

For a moment, she felt that she had no strength at all, and was simply powerless in his arms… It was like Evan became a mighty man, more powerful than any, and his slightest pressure felt like an unstoppable force.

Hermione raised her little hands and symbolically pushed away Evan, and then quickly let them fall back down.

Instantly, her little face was red with shame, and her heart thumped violently. Just as she thought it couldn’t beat any faster, she realized that Evan had no shirt on!

She was now very close with Evan, in the most real sense of the word.

Although Evan’s upper body was not exactly buff, his habit of training regularly had his muscles well toned and balanced, and very pleasing to the eyes of the young girl.

The candlelight was beating around them, and the intensity of the situation changed the atmosphere of the entire room.

The night in August was very stuffy, not to mention there was no ventilation in the tent.

The heat of the sun collected during the day seemed to burst out at this time, and the temperature inside this room in particular was getting higher and higher. The eyes of the two mingled with each other, and so did the sweat on their bodies…

Neither of them spoke, for everything was self-evident, and strange feelings took over their bodies.

To tell the truth, Hermione was somewhat looking forward to Evan’s next move, even though she was now shy, nervous, and scared to death.

Evan on the other hand never thought that he would be so bold and pull off such a stunt! Although he had envisioned this scene countless times, he never thought it would be so direct…

He felt the girl under his body trembling slightly, with a rare charm on her ruddy little face.

Smelling the sweet scent, Hermione was now so attractive to him.

She had an invisible aura that attracted Evan, and he couldn’t help but slowly press down his body bringing his whole weight on Hermione…

“Hermione, I like you!” he whispered softly.

Hermione didn’t seem to hear it; she didn’t respond… Or perhaps she’d heard clearly, but didn’t know what to say!

Her body moved a little, but because she was too close to Evan, she quickly stopped.

Only her long eyelashes quivered slightly on her beautiful and dynamic eyes, like a kitten, curled up under Evan, with no room for resistance.

Looking at Hermione like this, Evan’s brain stopped working, and all his mixed thoughts turned into a blank.

His mind stopped working, and all that moved him was the most primitive of his instincts.

The distance between them was so close that even their breathing stopped.

Like last time, Evan was ready to kiss Hermione. She now had closed her eyes tightly, and her cute and seductive look made him want to take a bite.

The distance between them was getting closer and closer…

The next second, Evan felt something…

In this tense atmosphere that’s both smothering and sweet, he kissed the girl’s cool, clear lips.

“Soft and sweet taste!” That was Hermione’s only feeling.

Only a second passed, but for both of them, it was a century

Just like last Christmas in Diagon Alley, there was only a slight contact between their lips.

Evan could feel Hermione’s nervousness. She gritted her teeth and did not loosen them. But this time, she had no place to dodge and escape.

She had been firmly pressed under Evan, and trembling would only bring her closer to him…

Evan had decided to go further and break through her defense. He slightly opened his lips, and began to move his tongue forward…

“Cough, cough!” A cough came from the side!

Evan and Hermione raised their heads subconsciously with their jaws dropped, and saw that Sirius was at the door.

He had a self-evident smirk in the corners of his mouth, as if he had understood everything.

They both looked at each other, and felt each other’s breath and warmth… 

The next second, Evan and Hermione quickly separated as quickly as they could, all embarrassed to see Sirius.

The mood was quickly overwhelmed by embarrassment; at least that was what Evan felt.

He felt really cursed or something, with such interruptions occurring every time he took the initiative…

He didn’t think Sirius would come in at such a critical time. Now, he was so embarrassed, he would dig in a hole and hide if he could.

As for Hermione, who was extremely shy, it went without saying that her face was so red it looked like it’s about to bleed…

She didn’t dare look at Sirius, and much less at Evan. She could only look down at the foot of the bed…

“Sorry to disturb you both!” Sirius said with a smile, winking at Evan, “But I think you should close the door before you do this kind of thing in the future. It would be safer.”

“Thank you for reminding me!” Evan stared at Sirius and explained, “I’ve been injured in the battle, and Hermione just came over to give me the potion.”

“Of course she did, but I think you should take some rest now. It’s already past three in the morning!” he replied softly. “But the potion is also very important. You’d better hurry up and finish quickly!”

Evan didn’t know what he could say else to Sirius

He blamed himself for being so excited when he saw Hermione that he forgot to close the door.

“Well, I’m going to see Harry now; you two can continue!” Sirius nodded.

He took hold of the handle and was ready to help Evan close the door, but Hermione dared not stay here. She glanced at Evan and fled the room blushed.

Now, Evan was left alone in the room, unable to fall back into his bed, staring at the candlelight on the table in a daze.

Next door to Evan, Harry got back to his bunk with his head buzzing.

He knew he ought to feel exhausted. It was now three in the morning, but he felt wide-awake… wide-awake, and worried

A few days ago, he had awoken with his scar burning. Tonight, Voldemort’s mark had appeared again in the sky, and he also had the help of powerful and evil vampires.

He had taken away the statue of the evil god, which was an extremely dangerous black magic item.

Harry turned around and tried to think about what all of this meant?

Although he could rely on Sirius and Evan’s help, Harry wanted to do something with his own abilities.

Especially in the fight against Voldemort, he felt that he had an inescapable responsibility.

With mixed thoughts in his mind, Harry felt that there was something crucial for him to grasp.

If only he could return to that dream, the dream where Voldemort appeared, Harry had a feeling that perhaps he could know what that thing was.

He was sure that he could know from there what the other party’s conspiracy was, because there, he was Voldemort!

That was really a terrible idea, and Harry couldn’t go back to that dream right now.

He sighed, and at this moment, he felt Sirius gently pushing open his door.

He hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

After Sirius left, Harry opened his eyes again and lay on his back in bed, looking at the ceiling aimlessly.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night!