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H.P.S.T Chapter 505: Departure and Sirius Intelligence

“Mad Eye Moody’s a very good man, though a little scary, but a good man!” Evan said.

He had also met Moody at the Ministry of Magic once before, when Evan was trying to persuade Mr. Weasley and Sirius to pay attention to Mr. Crouch, but they all thought he was mad, and only Moody felt that Evan’s speculation was reasonable.

He said he would keep a close eye on Crouch, and Evan didn’t know how far it was going.

Of course, these things and plans had been drawn up before Evan knew that the vampires were helping Voldemort.

Evan thought that no one would help Voldemort after he put Pettigrew in Azkaban, and that he might be able to delay Voldemort’s return and sabotage his plot so that he could be fully prepared.

But now it didn’t make much sense. With the help of vampires, Voldemort would surely return successfully.

This was already an unstoppable destiny; something that would happen sooner or later.

In this case, it would be better to follow the plot that Evan was familiar with, so as to grasp all kinds of unexpected situations.

Mad-Eye had been attacked, indicating that Voldemort had begun to act.

The next step was to follow the scheduled plot.

All Evan had to do was to take part in the Triwizard Tournament and take Harry back with him at the last minute from Voldemort, who would have successfully recovered by then.

This was his best bet, and he hoped that everything would go smoothly.

Half an hour later, everyone finished their breakfast and was ready to go.

Bill and Charlie decided to come and see everyone off at King’s Cross station, but Percy went directly to the Ministry. He said that he couldn’t justify taking more time off, and that Mr. Crouch was really starting to rely on him.

However, Evan doubted whether Crouch could even remember Percy’s name or not.

He should be worried about his son’s affair now, thinking about how to keep it secret.

Or more perhaps, he could have been already attacked by Voldemort and the vampires, and controlled by the Imperius Curse.

After Percy left, Mrs. Weasley braved the telephone in the village post office to order three Muggle taxis to take them into London in a short time.

“Arthur tried to borrow Ministry cars for us!” She said to everyone, “But there weren’t any to spare, they’ve been too busy recently.”

Looking at the pouring rain outside, everyone was worried about using the upcoming Muggle taxis.

The environment and decoration here in the Burrow were obviously not normal to muggle standards; especially that they had so many pets, and Pigwidgeon kept making an earsplitting racket in his cage.

Muggle taxi drivers rarely transported such strange customers and overexcited owls.

Just then, an old-fashioned dark green car drove into the yard.

It was not a Muggle taxi, but a Ministry car.

Evan still remembered that they had been in this car last year.

Under the surprised watchful eyes of everybody, Sirius got out of the car with an umbrella.

He is wearing a black suit that looked very high-class and a watch, just like a successful Muggle businessman.

Sirius greeted everyone with a smile on his face.

Compared with their last meeting, he looks good and his whole body was full of new vitality as if he had rejuvenated. Being an Auror was really suitable for him.

Inside the Burrow, everyone was stunned and they rushed out, Harry in the front.

“Sirius, how come you are here?” Harry asked eagerly. “Didn’t you say that you were too busy before?”

“I tried my best to find time to come and see you off. It was not easy, but it was worth it!” Sirius smiled and said, “Well, if you don’t want to be late, hurry up and get in the car. We’re leaving for London. This car belongs to our department, and I directly requisitioned it.”

“Thank goodness Sirius, you’ve been a great help!” said Mrs. Weasley gratefully.

She asked everyone to quickly move their trunks to the car. And she went to cancel the call the three Muggle taxis.

The interior space of the car was very large and had been expanded by magic. Although they had so many trunks, they were all loaded.

Half an hour later, everyone got in the car and headed for London.

The atmosphere along the way was very good. Everyone was very happy to see Sirius again.

Harry, Ron, Fred and George asked him a lot about his work as an Auror, and he answered them one by one, satisfying everyone’s curiosity. By the way, he told them that the Ministry of Magic was making progress in catching vampires.

Because of his position, he knew a lot more than Mr. Weasley and Percy.

And Sirius seemed to have no scruples, and Mrs. Weasley had to worry all the time about reminding him of secrecy.

When they got off at King’s Cross station, they felt that time had passed too fast.

The rain outside was coming harder than ever, and they got soaked carrying their trunks across the busy road and into the station.

While the Muggles were not paying attention, they quickly passed through the platform.

The Hogwarts Express, a gleaming scarlet steam engine, was already there, clouds of steam billowing from it, through which the many Hogwarts students and parents on the platform appeared like dark ghosts.

Pigwidgeon became noisier than ever in response to the hooting of many owls through the mist.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, and George set off to find seats, and were soon stowing their luggage in a compartment.

Evan was called aside by Sirius. He had something to say to him.

“Because you have been reminding me that Barty Crouch may have problems, I have paid special attention to him.” Sirius said, “We know from a wizard who lives near his house that something has happened to him recently. I think it is necessary to talk to you.”

“What was it?” asked Evan.

“One night a week ago, someone heard a loud noise from his house. It was very abnormal. After the house-elf Winky was fired, Crouch should be alone in the house.” Sirius said quickly, looking up at the bustling farewell crowd in the distance, “but we have no way to prove anything. Crouch still goes to work in the Ministry every day as usual and returns very late. There’s no change in his schedule. Nothing seems to have happened.”

Evan thought for a moment, and lowered his voice and asked, “Could it be the Imperius Curse?”

“There is no way to determine that; we can’t test him. You know his position in the Ministry; it would be very troublesome!” Sirius said with a sigh. “But it may be just a simple accident. There is no need to worry. On the other hand, since the vampires came out, there have been many attacks recently. Do you remember the Bulgarian Seeker, Viktor Krum?”

“What happened to him?!” asked Evan, nodding.

“After the World Cup, he did not return to Bulgaria, but stayed at the Leaky Cauldron and was ready to take a vacation in the UK before the start of school.” Sirius said, “But a few days ago, he was also attacked.”


“Yeah, he was alone in the room. Someone heard the sound from downstairs. When people caught up, the attacker had already Disapparated, leaving him alone in the room, injured. We suspect it was an Irish fan that did it, because Krum caught the Golden Snitch.” Sirius sighed and said, “But there is no way to find out who it was. Almost all of Britain supports the Irish team.”