Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 521: Explosion in the Transfiguration Class

The next lesson was Transfiguration. Although everyone was immersed in what had just happened and wanted to discuss Moody’s practice, the three Unforgivable Curses, and Evan’s victory over Moody, but no one dared to do that in the Transfiguration class.

Professor McGonagall was strict, and anyone messing around in her class would be asked to leave and never come back.

She reviewed everyone’s summer homework and checked on how much they remembered of the Transfiguration principles she had taught them last term.

Then, before class was over, everyone was given a teapot to turn it into a tortoise.

For the young wizards of the third year, this was very difficult. They might need to spend a full term to learn to master this skill.

The best students in class were just changing the teapot’s spout.

The exception was Evan, who just took out his wand and gently tapped on the teapot. A slow-crawling tortoise appeared in front of him. The third-year Transfiguration course was too simple for him.

Evan looked up and Professor McGonagall was guiding Hufflepuff’s students on the other side of the classroom.

Everyone focused on the teapot in front of them, waving their wands incessantly and trying to make it deform.

Evan tilted a little to the right and covered his desk with his body.

He looked at the tortoise slowly advancing in front of him, and the wand in his hand tapped gently on it again.

The tortoise’s body twisted and began to deform quickly. The horrible monster he had just seen in Moody’s memory reappeared.

“What on earth is this?” Evan stared at it anxiously.

He felt his thoughts were in a mess, and he couldn’t figure out what he was doing. He didn’t see the whole image of this monster. Many parts of it were blurred, hidden in the endless darkness around it.

But just seeing this was enough to shock.

The bones-like spine extended downward along the central fuzzy humanoid, each segment corresponding to a grotesque torso.

It was a grotesque mixture of many kinds of magical animals.

Evan still remembered that at the bottom of its spine there was a huge dark blue tortoise shell. It protruded across there, looking very hard, protecting the insides of the monster’s body.

But the most shocking thing was the humanoid organism in the center. He had a feeling that this monster was based on this humanoid organism and developed around it. It was the core of this monster, and while its specific appearance was not clear, it was densely covered with barnacle-shaped holes.

It was like a shell soaked in the sea, slowly corroded by sea water, and parasitized by countless plankton.

Evan originally thought that there was nothing in the world to surprise him since he saw the evil gods. However, when he saw this monster in Caresius’s memories, he realized that he was wrong.

This might be a new evil spirit, quite different from the ones he had seen before.

Looking at the monster in front of him, Evan could not help thinking: ‘Is this thing alive, or is it already dead?!’ Also, would this monster be the difficulty that Caresius and his people have to face?! Caresius is a direct descendant of Slytherin. Could this monster be related to Salazar himself?!’

According to what he already knew, Salazar had left Hogwarts alone in his later years.

He took away the evil spirit created by Herpo the Foul. In fact, he took away the remaining two parts: the brain and the body.

Could the monster Evan saw be the body of the evil god that had been taken away?!

There was enough room for the monster to be placed in the huge ruins under Aragog’s lair and the deep abyss that extended deep underground. Before Salazar left Hogwarts, it might have been placed there.

This also explained why Salazar had to dig such a deep pit under the Forbidden Forest.

If it was only used to seal the eyeball monster, he could find any other place at will. There is no need for such a large-scale project at all.

According to this speculation, would the humanoid organism in the center be Herpo the Foul himself?!

Perhaps transformed his body into an evil god with evil black magic and became an immortal being, and that was the rest of his body.

That was a possibility, but everything was a mystery, and Evan could only speculate.

Assuming that this monster was the evil god created by Herpo the Foul, he began to think about Slytherin’s deeds.

It was well known that in his later years, Salazar and the other three Founders had more and more divergences because of their educational concepts on young wizards, until he eventually left the school.

This was the official story, but could his departure from Hogwarts be in fact related to this evil spirit?!

Perhaps the matter of the evil god had been discovered by the other three Founders, and they were divided on how to deal with it.

The evil god should not be destructible. Even with the great power of the ancient warlocks, it could only be ultimately sealed!

It would be a problem to leave it at Hogwarts, so Slytherin eventually left with the remaining two parts of the evil god. Since then, no one had ever seen him, besides many legends about him.

So where did he hide this thing, and why would it be the trouble that the vampires had to face?

Evan had a lot of conjectures in mind, each of which was inconceivable. If he could clearly see the specific shape of the humanoid creature in the middle of the monster, he might be able to make a judgment.

He tapped the monster in front of him with his wand, and all parts of its body became more and more visible.

Evan tried his best to recall and used magic to recall the image of what he had seen again.

There were many details that he didn’t pay attention to before. He could only take a quick glimpse at first.

Seeing them this time might play a decisive role.

As if enlarged by a magnifying glass, the details of the monster became clearer and clearer, and Evan could see them immediately…

The next second, there was a loud bang and the monster in front of him suddenly exploded.

It turned into a teapot again, and its debris splashed everywhere.

All the young wizards were shocked, and they all looked up at Evan.

There was whispering in the classroom, and everyone was wondering why Evan’s teapot exploded. Because they were all busy deforming their teapots, no one had noticed what happened at Evan’s side.

“Mason?!” Professor McGonagall walked over, glanced at the debris on the table and pouted, “You have to learn to control your magical power. You have input too much magic, beyond the tolerance of the teapot itself. Transfiguration relies on using the right amount of magic for the task, not ‘the stronger the better’, you still have a lot to learn.”

Evan promised and went up to the front to get another teapot.

He was still thinking about it in his mind. Instead of making blind guesses here, it might be better to talk about it directly with Caresius. Since this had happened, it did not make sense to continue the stalemate.

Evan decided to ask him directly what the monster was, its origins, and what plans they had and how they were going to get Harry out of school.

Since it was Caresius, not Barty Crouch Jr., then direct cooperation was the most optimal choice. Continued confrontation can only hurt both sides, to Voldemort’s benefit…