Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 520: A Terrible Nightmare

In class, Moody watched as Evan stood still, believing that his Imperius Curse had succeeded. He had successfully controlled Evan and could command him to do anything. He didn’t even feel resistance. 

Everything went extraordinarily smoothly; his heart was filled with ecstasy and he could not even believe it.

He had thought that Evan’s would struggle against his invasion; he had thought that he would not succeed without exerting all his strength.

After all, this child was outstanding in all aspects and could not be underestimated. 

Moody had intended to make Evan look silly, but now that Evan was completely under control, he suddenly realized that this was a rare opportunity, and he decided to take a look at what secrets were in the child’s head. 

Although this might expose him, it was a rare opportunity. 

Moody looked at Evan’s eyes. He raised his wand and said, “Legilimens!” 

The picture in front of the eyes is changing rapidly. The huge body of the evil spirit appears in one, twisted and ugly. It floated in midair, and its mouth was slowly opening, with green mucus inside, full of black fangs, and unending horrors.

Before could understand what he had seen, the boy pulled out his wand at the fastest speed. 

Protego!” shouted Evan. 

Moody staggered, took a step back, fell to the ground, and his wand flew up. 

The next second, Evan’s mind was filled with strange memories. 

It was an endless abyss, surrounded by black stones, stacked in uneven layers, and at the top was an endless darkness. 

Soon, when his eyes gradually adapted to the darkness, he realized that there was something there.

It was a huge alien-like monster, like a blend of the world’s most terrifying creatures. 

It was dark purple, made up of piles of rotten meat. The median part was a humanoid creature, which can’t be seen clearly. It could only be dimly identified that the top was densely covered with barnacle-like objects, with irregular goosebumps inducing holes, one after another.

A little further up was its brightly colored orange hair, like the fur on the body of a poisonous spider…

A sturdy, white bone-shaped spine extended downward, centered on a twisted, grotesque torso that extended in all directions. 

Evan saw many of the familiar features of magical animals, but it was all specious, as if someone had chopped up the bodies of hundreds of magical animals and then inadvertently put the pieces of meat together. 

This definitely made for the worst “work of art” in history, a grotesque monster out of a nightmare that could easily rob sleep away from anyone who saw it.

For example, the one limb extending closest to the middle and upper part was a basilisk-like body that lingered down to no end. It could be seen vaguely that something like the head of an air-dried fire dragon was looming in the dark. 

The basilisk’s body was no longer covered with beautiful dark green scales, but with purple wrinkled muscle-like textures.

Every few feet, there was a blue or yellow trembling, creeping tumor that seemed like it was about to rupture and open wide at any time.

There seemed to be something hidden within them, something that couldn’t wait to rush out.

Evan didn’t know what the fake Moody had gone through. 

Why does he have the memory of this terrible alien-like creature in his mind? Did such a thing really exist in this world?!

Perhaps this was a new evil spirit, because they all looked so crazy and indescribable. 

Just as Evan was immersed in the horror of this creature, powerful magic suddenly spread. 

He was very familiar with this magic wave; he had seen it many times. It was the unique power of vampires.

The fake Moody before him was Caresius for sure! 

Evan blinked and the image disappeared. He was ejected from Caresius’s memories. 

Opposite him, Caresius fell to the ground, holding his wand and pointing at him, panting heavily. His body was trembling slightly and his face was pale. 

“Good, very good!” his hoarse voice said, both eyes staring at Evan. 

The students around them were all stunned, and their little faces were equally pale and full of horror and surprise. 

They didn’t know what had just happened. They only saw that Evan, who had been “under control”, suddenly took out his wand, and then Moody was thrown backwards and his wand was thrown aside. 

They didn’t understand what was going on. Could it be that Moody’s curse failed and he was defeated by Evan?! 

Shocked, they were wide-eyed, looking at what was going on in front of them in disbelief. 

Whether they believed it or not, that had really happened. 

They could even conclude directly that Evan was stronger than Moody. Yes! HE HAD DEFEATED MOODY!

Although Evan was now famous, what happened today was enough to add to his legend!

The triumph of a 13-year-old wizard over the best Auror of the Ministry of Magic should be the hottest topic in Hogwarts, and perhaps in the British Wizarding Community!

Only Evan himself knew that he did not defeat Caresius by strength. 

At last, Caresius burst out with great power, giving him a lingering fear. This fellow was only blinded by his Occlumency, thinking he had controlled him with the Imperius Curse. He greedily used Legilimency to explore Evan’s memories, revealing flaws. And Evan took the opportunity to counterattack successfully in one fell swoop. 

It is so said that greed is the original sin! And what’s more, it was he who kept repeating “CONSTANT VIGILANCE”.

“Very well, Mr. Mason successfully resisted the Imperius Curse, and completely defeated it!” said Moody, stumbling to his feet, “You can ask him about the experience, so that you don’t get easily controlled.” 

The rest of the time was spent in an eerie atmosphere, the classroom was quiet and no one spoke. 

Moody sat on the chair next to the desk, staring at Evan, as if thinking about something. 

The other young wizards dared not ask questions. They all looked down and seemed to record the three Unforgivable Curses, but in fact they were passing on small notes, occasionally raising their heads in awe to look at Evan and Moody, and then quickly lowering their heads. 

Evan was thinking about the monster he had just seen. What was it?! 

It was not until the bell rang and Moody announced that he would leave the classroom that everyone began to talk again. 

“How did he do it?” 

“Did you see that? Evan defeated Moody. This is incredible!”

“Moody’s Imperius Curse had no effect on Evan. He’s the strongest, even stronger than Dark wizards.” 

“Evan should be Hogwarts champion. He’s the one who must represent the school in the Triwizard Tournament. I can’t think of anyone more qualified than him!”  

“But he’s under seventeen.” 

“He must have a way to break through Dumbledore’s restrictions.” 

The discussion continued, and Evan was not listening. He and the equally excited Colin walked out of the classroom. 

The news spread out as the students who took part in the class left, and soon, everyone in the castle would know about it.