Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 523: A Basis for Cooperation

“The monster you saw is indeed the fate that my family and I need to face, a fate that we cannot escape.” Caresius said in Moody’s hoarse voice, “Against it, our ending has long been doomed, to death and destruction, that is. However, none of us is willing to lie down and die quietly; everyone wants to resist, even though it would probably be futile. The only thing to be thankful for is that we don’t have to defeat or kill it.”

“What on earth is it?”

“If you are the person mentioned in the prophecy, you will know sooner or later.” Caresius stared at Evan and said earnestly, “It’s no good telling you now. You’re too weak to meet the conditions; you can’t become a really powerful wizard by relying on the strength of the Philosopher’s Stone! It’s only an external force after all. Moreover, this matter is a secret that’s been inherited in our clan for thousands of years, and to honor our Slytherin name, we have to preserve it. It can only be said at the last moment; I didn’t even tell Voldemort.”

“The honor of the Slytherin name?!” Evan was stunned. This matter didn’t seem as simple as he had previously imagined. What secrets were still hidden?!

Even the body of the evil god that Salazar had taken away should not be related to Slytherin’s honor.

However, from the words of Caresius, it was certain that the monster must have a great connection with Salazar. It seemed that to get the Secret Treasure Key left by Slytherin, this monster was destined to be a barrier that could not be avoided.

Evan sighed. Indeed, Slytherin was really the most troublesome!

“Since this can’t be said, then let’s talk about your purpose of entering the school disguised as Moody,” said Evan, “How are you and Voldemort going to get Harry out of school? Will it be through the Triwizard Tournament?”

“It seems like you know a lot. Yes, Voldemort wants to use some black magic to restore his strength. He’s been insisting that we bring Harry to him, although I don’t see any point in that.” said Caresius, his fingers tapping on the table. “That’s why we attacked the Quidditch World Cup last time, but I can tell you clearly that this time it won’t be me getting Harry, I just came to help another guy.”

“Is it Barty Crouch Jr.?!” asked Evan. “You’ve saved him?!”

“You know about Barty Crouch Jr.!” Caresius looked at Evan in surprise. “To tell you the truth, I’d like to see how many secrets are hidden in your head. I’ve never seen a wizard like you!”

“I have my own sources.” said Evan vaguely, “Where is Barty Crouch Jr.? How is he going to bring Harry to Voldemort? What kind of conspiracy have you planned?”

“I can’t answer any of your three questions.” Caresius showed a bitter smile on his face. “After the last failure, Voldemort no longer believed in us. He didn’t tell me about these things. I only know that Barty Crouch Jr. originally intended to use Moody’s identity to implement his plan, but he now has a better option.”

“Who is it?”

“It can be anyone. Moody’s identity is too conspicuous; he’s not suitable for access to many spots.” Said Caresius, “He may have gone into Hogwarts disguised as another person mixed into the students or staff, hidden among you. As for what his plans are, only He knows. He hasn’t contacted me until now.”

With the Polyjuice Potion, Barty Crouch Jr. could transform to any other person at will.

As for keeping the victim nearby to collect the materials on his body at any time, as long as there was a trunk expanded by the Undetectable Extension Charm, then he would have no problem, just like Caresius used such a trunk to imprison Moody. 

Barty Crouch Jr. could hide it anywhere in the school without being found.

Things got more and more troublesome, and Barty Crouch Jr. secretly sneaking into Hogwarts was bad in itself.

It felt bad to think that one of the classmates around might be a madman and a Death Eater.

In particular, Barty Crouch Jr. was paranoid to the extreme, and in order to achieve his goals, he could use any means. In any way, he was much more dangerous than last year’s Pettigrew.

He was a fully fledged Death Eater, the most dangerous kind of Dark wizards, well, besides the likes Voldemort, Grindelwald and Herpo the Fool.

What worried Evan now was that since so many changes had taken place, he was no longer sure that Barty Crouch Jr. would follow the original story and turn the trophy into a Portkey to take Harry out of Hogwarts.

“He should be planning to do it in the tournament. We’ve already got all the information about the three games from his father Barty Crouch. If he wants to hide from Dumbledore, he could only use the tournament.” said Caresius.

That was true. Otherwise, it was unrealistic to make a random object in the castle into a Portkey.

There was a strong magic protection here, and only when the site was set up for the tournament would the magic be unlocked.

From this perspective, the final labyrinth project was the best time for Barty Crouch Jr. to start. It was also the only and best chance he had to take Harry out of the castle.

“You’ve asked your questions, but before I cooperate, I also have my own few questions to ask you.” Caresius looked at Evan and said with interest, “Since you already know of these things, what are you going to do? Will you tell Dumbledore? Or will you find a way to stop the plot of Barty Crouch Jr. to take Harry out?”

Evidently, Evan’s answer would determine whether he could cooperate with Caresius or even walk out of this room safely.

Caresius placed his right hand on the wand at his waist again. If Evan’s answer didn’t satisfy him, he would definitely use magic on him aggressively.

Compared with him, in terms of overall strength, Evan was far from being his opponent.

“No, I just said that our goals are the same.” Said Evan, “Although out purposes are different, we all need Voldemort to regain power. He must use Harry’s blood to resurrect him, so we must let Bartemius Crouch, Jr. take Harry to Voldemort.”

He did not intend to tell Caresius about the fact that there was a Horcrux in Harry’s body, and if the vampire was to ask him, he had another explanation in mind.

For a moment, Caresius stared at Evan with his eyes wide open, as if wondering if he was insane! Otherwise, why would he say such a thing about helping Voldemort? That was truly unbelievable!

Then, suddenly, Caresius laughed in a low voice.

“I believe that you are telling the truth, Evan. So, we do have a basis for cooperation!” He said quietly, and he did not ask Evan why this was his choice, although it was really abnormal, “All right, let’s talk about how to cooperate.”