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H.R.P Chapter 155: Retreat

Although Yagura has admitted defeat, Ryo only had slightly over a minute in Ice Colussus. He could not afford to be reckless.

The Mizukage ordered the Mist Ninjas to open a path for Ryo, and so they did.

As Ryo was running away, the final bits of Natural Energy he had were beginning to dissipate, and he had to run over a hill, where he controlled Ice to go off.

“Mizukage sama, do you want us to trace him?” asked one of the Anbu.

“No, let him go!” Yagura had decided to surrender.

“Yagura, that kid’s Ice giant is so powerful that it’s likely to have some side effects or restriction on its user. It’s better to trace him.” The Yuki elder suggested.

After a moment of contemplation, Yagura said: “Anbu, send a team of ten to track Ryo Yamanaka until you make sure he left the country. If you feel that he’s weakened or hurt, immediately kill him.”

“Yes, Mizukage sama!” 

Shortly after Ryo left the village, he disintegrated the Ice Colossus. 

He was in a far better state this time compared to what happened to him following his last use of the colossus. At the very least, he didn’t just collapse to the ground.

When he used the Colossus against Shukaku, Ryo could not use Ice or Chakra. The overflow of Natural energy forced his body to supplement his Ice with Chakra, and he couldn’t use Ice as the Yin Seal was exhausted. 

This time however, Ryo was able to separate the use of Natural Energy and Chakra.

Therefore, Ryo had no Chakra loss, and was still able to use the Lightning Chakra Mode.

However, with the Yin Seal exhausted, He could no longer use the Ice Release or Sage Mode. Ryo was already at his limit just by entering Ice Elementization and Ice Teleportation. 

Once in Ice Elementization, any use of Ice by Ryo would cost him a lot of Chakra, just like it used to be for him before Jiraya helped him make use of Kushina’s Yin Seal in Mount Myoboku.

The only thing that didn’t feel right was a faint sensation of pain all over his body. He didn’t get this sort of pain the last time he used this technique. However, this level of pain wasn’t going to affect his actions.

After clearing his physical condition, Ryo was relieved. With the Lightning Chakra Mode and Ice teleportation, he should be able to retreat.

After all, as long as he doesn’t use Ice, he could maintain the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode.

Just as he was moving on from that, Ryo sensed that some people were trailing him. One of them seemed to be an Elite Jonin, while the other 9 regular Jonin level.

Ryo had already speculated that leaving the country wasn’t going to be so easy, and that the Mist should definitely send people behind him.

He placed a few premade Ice Scalpels around and quickly blinked away, hiding his Chakra. He kept looking from afar at the place where he used to be.

The Mist Ninjas were not slow. In the blink of an eye, they were at Ryo’s position. He discovered that these people were Anbu from the Water Country.

Ryo smiled, for taking down the Anbu troop should make Yagura give up on the pursuit.

“Captain, he was just here, but after this point, his Chakra disappeared.” The Sensor Ninja among the troop said to the Elite Jonin.

She nodded, and looked around with caution. She had always felt that something was wrong with this place.

It was just as she felt, for Ryo was about to bring death to this troop.

Ryo chose to use Ice Teleportation to quickly kill this people. With them surrounded with Ice Scalpels, it should be a breeze.

The 1st one he happened to kill was the Sensor Ninja. This time, Ryo wasn’t trying to take out their Sensor, he just happened to be the closest to one of Ryo’s scalpels.

With him falling, Ryo decided that didn’t have to hide his Chakra anymore, and he went right into the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode. The aura of lightning Chakra around his body was so bright, it illuminated the night.

All the Elite Anbu saw was Thunderbolt flickering around, followed by all 8 of her remaining companions falling down dead in an instant.

“Ryo… RYO YAMANAKA!” Her voice was somewhat trembling, and the impact of what she had just witnessed was just too great.

“A woman?” Ryo, who was about to slit her throat, stopped.

“Woman, so what! [Boil Release: Skilled Mist Justu]!” She used a technique familiar to Ryo.

“Off course!” Ryo saw this technique, and the figure or a green eyed auburn haired gentle smiling beauty popped up in his mind.

He quickly blinked to another position escaping he attack.

Seeing the strong corrosiveness of the Jutsu, Ryo actually estimated that she was already Quasi Kage tier.

Mei Terumi was a very important figure for the Mist Village in the Manga, and she was very appreciated by Ryo.

Since she was an “acquaintance”, he wasn’t going to kill her. He just flickered away with the Ice-Lightning Chakra Mode.

Mei looked at the corpses of her companions, and thought of Ryo’s strength in horror. The gap between them was too great, and she could only helplessly sigh.

After Ryo took down his chasers, he quickly reached the port of the Water Country.

After confirming that there were no Mist Ninjas around, he used the Transformation one again to pretend to be a merchant, and hired a boat and a crew to transport him.

Ryo slowly sailed away on the boat once again.

This time, he had captured the Sanbi, and he was fully exhausted. 

After telling the crew not to disturb him in the cabin, Ryo quickly summoned Kogin and told her to guard him. And then, he got himself a much needed goodnight sleep.

At noon the next day, Ryo, who had slept for over 10 hours, finally woke up. Kogin was doing her doing her duty guarding him nonstop for all the time. 

After waking up, Ryo felt that the pain around his body relieved, but his muscles were still sore, like someone doing sports after a long period of non activity. 

He quickly used a Healing Stone, but it had no effect. He didn’t feel any less sore. 

This didn’t have much impact on him, so he just left the matter to time, and went to talk to Kogin.

“Ryo, what’s this place? It’s beautiful!” Kogin was very excited as she was seeing the sea for the very 1st time.

“This is the sea, Kogin. It’s made up of water.” Ryo explained with a smile.

After getting Ryo’s permission, she immediately flew out. Her flight speed was already fast, and with the Lightning Chakra Mode, it wasn’t inferior to that of Ryo.

Kogin flew for a while, finding only water wherever she went.

Ryo didn’t care much about her explorations, and sat on the deck beginning to rel-fill his Yin seal.

Natural Energy was much more abundant in the sea. In just a few days, Ryo filled the Yin Seal by more than half. (Translator Note: Ryo relies mainly on Water and Wind Natural Energy; I believe that this is the reason why the Sea was perfect.)

After a few more days of sailing, the boat finally arrived at the Wave Country.

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