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Chapter 20 : Reunion With Kakashi

Chapter 20: Reunion With Kakashi


The third training field being filled with Shadow Clones didn’t get the 3rd Hokage to even flinch! He’s surrounded by 500 of them today, as he was asked by Kushina to help her.


The 3rd was actually one of the closest people to Kushina. As soon as he heard about her developing a new Jutsu, he was really interested and wanted to see what it was all about. He came here spare with her!


“So Kushina, your new technique is just a shadow clone gimmick?”


“Of course not. Are you ready old man?”


Since she wasn’t using the Kyubi Cloak mode, she was at best at the level of a regular Jonin, thus posing no threat the Hiruzen.


“[Shihohappo Shuriken]!” Kushina threw Shurikens at the 3rd from all directions! In face of raining death he had to face, he formed the seals of: [Earth release: Mud Wall], and surrounded himself by 4 walls!


“Old man, you’re falling for it!” She launched a Kyubi-Chakra Infused Shuriken! And the walls around him crumbled like biscuits.


The 3rd was once again exposed to the Shurikens! “[Water release: Water walls]” “[Water Release: Water Waves]”. He released a massive amount of water that diverted most of the Shurikens. But still, many of them went through and hit him!


Kushina didn’t use a lot of strength sending the Shuriken, so they don’t hurt Hiruzen if they land on him. That’s why his water wall easily scattered the waves of shuriken.


Looking at the 3rd in his now ragged clothes, Kushina said: “So old man, how’s my technique?”


“Well Kushina, you’ll have a hard time facing the stronger Shinobi out there with it, especially the Mist ninja. And if those mud walls were made by the Kazekage, I don’t think your Shuriken would go though them!”


“And what if all of those Shuriken had Kyubi Chakra in them?” The 3rd saw the power of that Shuriken, so it was really clear to him. If he was showered by such a wave of Kyubi Chakra Shuriken, he would have been screwed.


“Are you telling me that you can make so many Clones and use the Kyubi’s Chakra with all of them?” His question hit the nail on its head: that was what Ryo’s idea was about.


Kushina was able to make up to 200 Kyubi Chakra using clones. Ryo estimates that that number can go up to 500. In the anime, just with half of the Kyubi’s Chakra, Naruto shielded 9000 ninja. If Kushina just reaches the 4 tail state while keeping it under control, she should have no problem making 500 clones that have the Kyubi’s Chakra.


In her 4 tails mode, Kushina should actually be on par with Sakumo in power, but still, it should be difficult for her to beat him.


She would have an edge on him though! When at that state, she could just over flood him with Shadow Clones. He would beat them as they are weaker than her at full power, but he will eventually run out of Chakra, while she should have a practically infinite supply!


He didn’t fully understand why, but Ryo noticed that Kushina was never influenced by the Kyubi’s temper and hatred when using his chakra.


When he asked her about it, she said she could only feel it when using more than 3 tails. Ryo supposed that her being a pureblood Uzumaki played a role in that. This is a good thing though, as they didn’t need to worry about the Kyuubi taking control.


Ryo spent the next few days in the hospital. A group of ninja returning from the land of earth needed treatment, so Ryo was really needed.


Being away from Ryo made Kushina feel bored. She went to the Hokage’s office and complained! I haven’t been out of the village on a mission for a long time. Are there no suitable missions?”


The 3rd knew what she wanted. Without lifting his head he answered her: “No there isn’t”


“Then give me back my disciple!”


“Kushina, our Ninja have just returned from the land of earth with so many of them injured. They are all heroes that we must do all we can to save. Now there are so few medical ninjas. The hospital staff can’t handle this all alone!”


“I don’t care! If you don’t give me a mission out of Konoha, then you must give me back my disciple.”


Such scenes are familiar to the Hokage. Kushina has always been this way. She is stubborn, but the 3rd was relentless. In the end, as usual, she only could leave the office furious!


Konoha’s hospital really needed Ryo’s presence; everyone worked 24/7 trying to save the injured ninja. A few days later, they were essentially through with treating all the wounded. Ryo and the rest of the staff were completely exhausted.


In his office, the 3rd was feeling really grateful that he kept Ryo in the village. Many of the injured ninjas survived what would have been otherwise certain death.


“Tell Ryo Yamanaka that his job in the Hospital is over, and that he must rejoin Kushina.”


“Yes, Hokage sama!” The Anbu went immediately and notified Ryo.


The next day, Ryo went early to the 3rd training field. To his surprise, there was another one with Kushina: One with a Black mask, silver hair, and pale eyes!


“Oh! Isn’t that the famous genius Kakashi Hatake!”


“Isn’t that the brat Ryo Yamanaka!” After a long time of not meeting, they said such laughable things. Kakashi still saw him as his rival.


“Hey I see you still have your old grudge. Wanna fight?”


“Sure do!”


Ryo wanted to see what level Kakashi reached in the past two years. After all, he learned how to use Chidori earlier than when he learned it in the mange. Ryo expected great things from him.


He activated his Lightning Chakra Mode, pulled out his dagger and activated the Chidori blade. With the aura of lightning surrounding him, and that dagger in his hand surrounded by a Chidori, he really looked like he was ready to fight!


“So this is the lightning Chakra mode my father said is really strong?”


“I don’t think you’re strong enough to find out just how strong this mode is!”


Kakashi did not expect Ryo to be that fast, as he popped up right in front of him.


“[Earth release: Mud Wall]” Kakashi’s wall took Ryo’s attack. He moved away, and as Ryo was too fast, he needed to limit his movement.


“[Earth release: Dark Swamp] [Water Release: Water Waves]” Kakashi used Ninjutsu to form quicksand around him.


“Trying to restrict my movement?” Indeed, Kakashi couldn’t keep up with such speed. So with this, he should be able to get Ryo’s speed advantage out of the equation.


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