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Chapter 21: Minato Namikaze

Chapter 21: Minato Namikaze


“Kakashi, did you know? Water is conductive!” Ryo teased Kakashi’s to distract him, of course he knew about that.


“And there is water in the mud, [Lightning Release: Thunderbolt]! »


“This is bad!” Faced with Ryo’s lightning, Kakashi could only Jump up. Being paralyzed by that thunderbolt would give Ryo a good opportunity to deliver a critical hit.


From a distance, Ryo looked at Kakashi and formed the seals of【Water Release: Water Dragon Missile】!


While in the air, Kakashi does not have a leverage point. This strike was almost inevitable, and he knew that. He didn’t try to avoid it and actually went for using it for his advantage: “[Chidori]”


Kakashi’s class A Chidori went through the class B Water Dragon! Kakashi retreated from Ryo’s attack range, gasping after landing.


“Two years I don’t see you, and you get this strong!” In the past two years, Kakashi tempered himself doing various missions. At the age of six, he became worthy of being a Chunin. Even if the only standard was mission experience, he was definitely Chunin class.


He had thought that he could beat Ryo when he returns, but he did not expect such great progress from him.


“Hey! Kakashi, will you continue?”


“No, you win!” He admitted defeat. Just seeing how relaxed Ryo seemed, Kakashi knew that he was holding a lot more strength.


“Kushina, is this your disciple? It seems like he really is a genius!”


“Yes, he is, my disciple… and a genius!!”


At the entrance to the third training ground, Kushina and a handsome blond man held hands and talked about Ryo and Kakashi.


The two young ninja who were fighting just now were interrupted by the scene. Ryo walked up towards them and said: “Neesan, is this your boyfriend?”


The Red Hot Habanero was also a timid girl. Ryo should be ashamed of himself, teasing her about this. Hearing his words, Kushina’s face turned red, and she quietly glanced at the gate while pulling her hand out of Minato’s.


Minato himself was also a little embarrassed. But, the future Hokage didn’t take long to regain his composure.


“Hi, I’m Minato Namikaze, a Konoha Jonin!”


Ryo loved Minato’s character in his past life. Konoha’s Yellow Flash was the world’s fastest with his signature Flying Thunder God Technique.


Minato was generous, gentle, careful and serious when needed. He was able to get the world’s recognition as a teen and was one of the most feared Shinobi in the 3rd world war.


All villages ordered whoever met Konoha’s Yellow Flash to retreat and made escaping when meeting him un-punishable.


After becoming the Hokage, he died young in the Kyuubi incident.


Today, Minato looks like he’s 15 or 16. His smile is ever so heartwarming.


“Hey Minato Senpai! I’m Ryo Yamanaka, a Konoha Genin.”


“Ryo, don’t be so formal. Call him Nii-san!” said Kushina.


Hearing her words, Minato’s eyes flashed. He knew Kushina’s character well. She can’t say such a thing if she doesn’t feel really close to Ryo.


This made Ryo pick up Minato’s interest.  Kushina had the ability to recognize good and evil. Her acceptance of Ryo meant that he was a good person to her. As long this makes her happy, nothing else matters.


It is said that those in love have their IQ lowered to 0. Kushina’s words made Minato think Highly of Ryo without inspecting him.


“Nii-san!” Ryo jumped at his chance to get close the future 4th immediately. It was natural that he would never let such a chance go. He changed his phrase immediately.


“Sensei, this is wrong! I’m Ryo’s classmate.” Kakashi had to speak out as he was being pushed to the side. He never called Minato Nii-san!


“So? Ryo’s more mature, not a kid like you!” Not waiting for Minato to say what he thinks, she determined how the relationship between the two should be.


Minato was only able to nod. Between his girlfriend and his disciple, the girlfriend wins every time!


The four chatted for a while; Ryo restored his chakra almost to full. He really wanted to see for himself how strong Minato was at that age.


“Nii-san, I would like to have a spare with you.” Minato was a bit stunned. He checked out Kushina’s face and found her nodding with no hesitation:


“Well, alright!” since Kushina did not refuse, Ryo shouldn’t be weak. That’s why Minato agreed.


“Ryo, give it all you have, Minato is really strong. Also, you can trust him!”


“Good!” Hearing Kushina’s words, he chose to not hesitate. This was due to trusting her on one hand, and being a huge Minato fan on the other!


“Nii-san, I’m going all out!” Right as he finished his words, he activated his 2 dotted Sharingan!


Sharingan? Isn’t Ryo a Yamanaka? Minato looked at Ryo with uncertainty.


Not hesitating Ryo followed the Sharingan with two Rounds of Raging Wave Jutsu. Minato easily avoided them.


Immediately, Ryo used his Ice affinity to freeze the water around his opponent. Minato was immediately surrounded by Ice.


There is no way for Ryo to use his full-out Ice Mode, not to mention the Ice-Lightning Chakra Mode. Although the second will increase his speed to a great extent, it would be futile against this man who was praised as the world’s fastest in the 2nd world war. He can only rely on using simple ice to hinder Minato’s mobility.


A Yamanaka with Ice affinity? Minato was getting more and more interested in Ryo!

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