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Chapter 23: Roots Of The Rasenshuriken

Chapter 23: Roots Of The Rasenshuriken


Minato looked at his own hand in awe as it held and maintained the Rasengan. He was even more astonished with Ryo. After over two years of developing that Jutsu without completing it, this kid is the only one to come and understand the principal of technique, then help him develop it.


Ryo was also amazed with Minato’s incredible talent. What took Naruto in the manga a whole week to barely learn, took Minato only one sitting. Yes, Minato is the Justu’s creator, but that takes nothing away from his talent.


No wonder then that many people often said that if Minato had lived on, he would have overshadowed his son.


Both were sighing at each other’s excellence and examining their own shortcomings.


“Ryo’s what’s next? Tell us more about your understanding of Rasengan and let Kakashi practice with your methods.” Minato was never the selfish kind. In the manga he taught Kakashi the Rasengan and the flying thunder technique to his guards.


“The next step is to combine the experience from both breaking the balloons and the rubber ball. As you rotate the Chakra inside while also increasing its volume and density, you should condense it in a rotating stable sphere. Then, by practicing the Jutsu on stones and tree, we can further stabilize the sphere, thus perfecting the technique!”


Ryo took what Kishimoto said about the Rasengan, copied it and claimed the bragging rights for himself.


“Ryo, you are a genius! I can’t believe you figured out all of that just by watching it once.”


“Well, Nii-san is the real genius, coming up with such a Jutsu.”


After trading compliments back and forth, the two smiled to each other.


Because Ryo assisted in perfecting the Rasengan, Minato now has learned it earlier, giving him a better shot at evolving it this time around.


Ryo thought of “Futon: Rasenshuriken”. The attack created by Naruto in the manga had long Shuriken like blades coming out of its side. Ryo didn’t have wind affinity, but that Rasengan itself is nature neutral and can be developed with any Nature transformation.


Ryo thought of making his own “Thunder Release” or “Ice Release” Rasenshuriken.


“I’m really happy that I completed the Resengan today! Let’s go get some barbecue, my treat!” Minato was more generous than Kushina with this offer! Ryo really liked Ramen, but he was getting tired of eating it every day. He wouldn’t refuse this offer for anything now.


Kakashi was able to break the balloon while the others were chatting. Minato asked him to stop practicing so he could join them.


Kakashi looked excited as he gathered the rest of the balls and the balloons and sealed them in the scrolls. Kushina was caught up in thinking about Ryo’s great observation and understanding of the Rasengan.


The 4 went to a restaurant in Konoha. After picking up the menu, Ryo understood what Kakashi was looking forward to: Barbecue is so expensive, having one at a restaurant costs as much as one could earn doing a B-grade mission!


The fact that Ryo never took missions made it a mere dream for him to eat such a luxurious meal. He worked for free in the hospital, and the 3rd never gave him any salary. His family wasn’t really wealthy, so this was his 1st time in a barbecue restaurant.


While Kushina was a Jonin herself, she only had a handful of missions assigned to her throughout the year. Yes, most of them were B rank, but at most, they involved clearing up the territory of the Fire Country from thieves.


Kakashi has had his fair bit of tasks with Minato. But while he was relatively well paid, as a 6 year old, the money should certainly be handed over to his parent. So he was also poor.


The barbecue place was great, and there was a variety of delicious side dishes. But the most important thing was the meat!


Seeing how Kushina was digging through the meat, Ryo could only feel sorry for Minato.


Minato was on the other hand, eating gracefully and looking at Kushina. Ryo was in the middle: he came in for barbecue, but he didn’t want to be stuffed like a turkey.


Other than Kushina, all three didn’t have much appetite. Entering she said: “Honey I won’t eat that much!” As she was checking out, the felt really embarrassed remembering how she ate.


“Wow, Kushina could eat a lot!” Saying it, he was smiling; and that was enough to comfort her.


Leaving the restaurant, the 5 went back to the 3rd training field. Minato wanted to explore Rasengan further, and Kakashi wanted to learn it as soon as possible. Ryo’s day was to be spent in the field. Even though Kushina didn’t want to come, she could only follow.


“Kakashi, give me some balloons!” Ryo also wanted to learn Rasengan soon before a bunch of wounded people came by and consumed the entirety of his time.


Ryo’s Achilles Heel was, as always, his low chakra supplies. He felt a lot of pressure and that he didn’t have enough time.


The outbreak of the 3rd world war is in about 2 years away. In those years, he must grind through his potential to get stronger.


Kakashi handed the balloon to him. So Ryo stated to move his Chakra within it. The idea was easy to grasp, but the application was something else.


Ryo spent a great deal of effort to crush the 1st balloon. The key to breaking it was spinning chakra in all directions. After his 1st successful attempt, it started getting easier.


His practice was interrupted: “Can you hold on there for a minute Ryo?”


“What’s the matter Nii-san?”


“Ryo I don’t think that the Rasengan is a perfect Jutsu yet, and also, I don’t think that it’s perfect for you at its current state!”


“What do you mean by that?”


“My fighting style involves a lot of speed and teleportation techniques like Thunder god Flying Jutsu. Infusing the wind’s cutting properties with Rasengan fits well my fight style, as Rasengan doesn’t require hand seals and can be self maintaining. And for you, you can further develop this technique for your style and change its nature.”


“What do you mean Nii-san by changing its nature?”


“Well I mean, for example, like this!” Minato condensed a Rasengan in his left, and with his right, he infused it with Wind Chakra!


Rasengan started having a rotating blade forming around it. However, this didn’t last, it blew up. Right before it did, Minato teleported it elsewhere.


On the northwest corner of the 3Rd training ground, a large hole was formed by the Rasengan!


“This is what I’m thinking about as the evolution of the Rasengan. But this is on a whole other level of difficulty when it comes to maintaining its stability.”


“Nii-san, you are really terrifying!” Ryo was shocked by Minato’s talent. Rasengan has just been developed, and he already has this idea, the prototype for Rasenshuriken has already appeared!


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