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Chapter 40: Ryo’s Spring!

The next day, Ryo took the mission given to him last night and went to work in Konoha’s Hospital.


Over the past two years, there were no major changes to the hospital.


This is year 42, and the relationships between villages were getting more and more intense. Even Konoha was under strain. So most of the village’s money went to fund war supplies; with nothing to spare for repairing the hospital.


Ryo entered the office of the chief of staff. Although the latter hasn’t seen him in 2 years, he instantly recognized him. The memory of the little genius was still fresh in his mind.


Ryo was put in the 1st aid department. There was where all the ninja coming back from the borders were delivered.


Every now and then, so injured people were sent to the hospital. Ryo was still on point with his Medical Ninjutsu.


After he saved Sakumo, the news was circulating around the village, that a 5 year old had comparable medical skills to those of Tsunade.


If the only criteria were skill with surgery and injury treatment, that statement wouldn’t be too far from the truth.


After all, Ryo has accumulated 5 years of surgical expertise in his past life, with extensive medical studies along with his innovative addition of Ice transformation to the usual Medical Ninjutsu procedures.


But in other respects, Ryo and Tsunade were heaps and bounds away from each other. The greatest difference maker was her Antidote expertise.


Naruto’s world was different from Ryo’s original world. Here there is the Sand village, with the Sand ninja being masters of using poison in warfare.


Ryo acceptance of working in here is partially due to his willingness to learn about their poisons.


During the last world war, Ryo’s mother Chinse was on the frontlines detoxifying injured Konoha Shinobi. Ryo was planning on learning about detoxification with his mom after learning about the poisons in the hospital.


The 3rd Ninja world war was about to erupt. Ryo need to master all aspects of his medical Ninjutsu before it starts. If possible, Ryo wants to learn even more to be fully prepared to all he might meet.


For the next few days, Ryo didn’t get any ninja coming from the Borders of the Sand. After asking one of his seniors, he understood that the poison was so terrible; most of those who do get poisoned never actually make it to the hospital.


On his sixth day in Konoha’s hospital, Ryo finally saw the 1st ninja to return from the border of the Sand village.


This one was treated on the spot by accompanying medics, so the toxins didn’t spread and they managed to save his life.


In his past life, when he was at collage, Ryo knew little about poisons. He only knew that they were divided into categories. When considering their mode of action, they can be divided into Neurotoxins and Blood toxins. When dividing them by the obviousness of symptoms, they can be divided to explicit and hidden poisons. And if you judge them by the speed of action, they can be divided into acute and chronic toxins.


Most of the poisons used by the puppeteers of the sand were acute explicit ones. If the poisoning is not treated within a certain period, the one poisoned will end up dying.


Ryo and his superior worked together for hours before finally saving the wounded ninja’s life. His blood contained blood toxins, so as blood flew through his body, toxins quickly spread to his body.


Later, Ryo leaned from chatting with his seniors that most of the sand poisons had similar effects. So Ryo determined that they were mainly blood toxins.


When he learned that, Ryo was relieved. After all, freezing the body with his Ice affinity will prevent it from flowing through the body will give him time to remove the toxins.


In the next few days, he learned even more about the [Healing] Jutsu. Actually, it can be altered to achieve a detoxification affect.


After being busy for a long period of time, Konoha’s hospital was suddenly idle and the atmosphere in the village became more and more imposing. Every day, ninja were rushing in and out of the village.


And Ryo spent half a month practicing medical ninjutsu.  [Healing] was able to handle most of poisons.


After things settled down in the hospital, Ryo received no further tasks. Instead, he was transferred to an outpatient department for treatment of civilians and Ninjas who were in the village.


There weren’t many patients coming to Ryo’s department, so he had a lot of free time on his hands. So he spent his time reading through Tsunade’s notes hoping to find something interesting.


One day, while Ryo was reading some of the notes, a little purple Loli entered.


Ryo can swear to gods in heaven that he was no Lolicon. But he just happened to like this Loli.


Ryo’s virgin heart that has been silent for 41 years sprouted. In the 32 years he spent in his previous life, he never cared about any girl. After spending 9 years here in the Narutoverse, he still didn’t feel different about the beauties of this world.


That lasted until this day. Ryo’s violent heartbeat told him loud and clear, that he has fallen in love with this purple haired Loli that he just met today for the 1st time.


“Hey, my wrist sprained while practicing Taijutsu today. Ninja-san, can you help me treat it?” The little Lolita stretched out her right hand. Her voice was soft, and Ryo felt like he was listening through it to her heart.


Ryo put on the face of a kind older brother, comforting the little Lolita while softly whispering and healing her hand.


Under the effects of [Healing], the sprain in her hand was gone.


“Thank you Ninja-san!” The little loli was very courteous and thanked Ryo politely.


“You don’t have to be so formal, what’s your name little sis?”


“My name is Yugao Uzuki”


It turned out to be her! Ryo remembered her, and that while her appearance in the Manga was not frequent, she was lacking on popularity. On one hand, because of her beauty, being one of the most beautiful Shinobi in the story; and on the other hand, because of her name.


Her name actually meant: “Moon flower”. Evening flowers are symbols of eternal love.


Most of the female characters in the Original story had their spouses.  Hinata was with Naruto, Sakura with Sasuke, Ino with Sai, Kurenai with Asuma… Tsunade and Yugao were exceptions.


Tsunade didn’t have anyone to be with after Jiraya sacrificed himself for Konoha in the Village Hidden by Rain.


And Yugao’s boyfriend Hayate Gekko died young at the hands of Baki of the Sand.


This is Ryo’s 1st time liking a girl. But he was never a coward, he’d face everything in the world to get what he wants. Same went far the girl he likes.


“Yugao, that’s a beautiful name! My name is Ryo Yamanaka, so you don’t have to call me Ninja-San. Just call me Ryo Nii-san.” Ryo decided to build friendship with her as soon as possible. (Translator note: Brother, and friendship? Really bro?)


“Then let me call you Ryo san! My father taught me to be polite and not call strangers with their names straight.”


It was indeed her 1st time seeing Ryo. So he was a stranger, even though he’s given her a very good 1st impression.


Ryo chatted with Yugao, learning that she was 4 years old. Today was her 1st day practicing Taijutsu and she accidentally wounded herself.


Ryo remembered her fine swordsmanship in the manga and said: “Are you planning on practicing Kenjutsu later on in the evening?”


“Yes, how did you know?”


“It doesn’t matter. What really matters is that I can find someone to teach you.”


“Really? Who is it?”


“Yes really. Tomorrow come the hospital and then you’ll find out who he is.” Ryo hid who he was thinking about as he had someone in mind already.


“Okay Ryo san, I’ll see you tomorrow!”


“See you tomorrow!”