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Chapter 42: Healing Tag

What Ryo was working on was a Medical Tag, with the same principle as the explosive tags.


While reading through Tsunade’s notes, he stumbled across the idea. If such a convenient to carry medical jutsu was around, Konoha’s Shinobis should have a much higher survival rate.


If it wasn’t for the subsequent deaths of Nawaki and Dan, Tsunade would have probably completed making this tag.


In his past life, Ryo saw all types of Tags in several stories. One of the most intriguing was the explosive tag he found in Naruto.


The explosive tag’s principle is sealing a high grade Fire Jutsu on a special sealing paper in the form of Kanji. When released, it’s as powerful in impact as a real life fire Jutsu.


So Ryo intended to use the same principle to seal healing in the form of a Kanji aswell.


Most explosive tags use the [Fire Sealing method]. But Ryo intended on sealing healing using the [Evil sealing method].


Ryo remembered from the Manga that the [Evil Sealing Method] was able to seal seals themselves. Sealing [Healing] shouldn’t be a problem then.


However, Ryo’s attempt failed. While the seal of evil can indeed contain the healing Chakra from [Healing], paper couldn’t hold it as it was a seal designed to work on the human body, not on paper.


After failing to do it with the Evil Sealing Method, Ryo just tried everything else. The [Five elements seal], [Fire Sealing method] and even the [Four Symbols Seal] all couldn’t work, despite the fact that Ryo performed them perfectly.


The 1st two could not seal Healing at all. And the [Four Symbols Seal] wouldn’t seal it into paper.


The successive fails made Ryo feel pretty helpless. But he didn’t want to give up. If he succeeds, such a tag would help protect the lives of his friends and family. And also, the Yamanaka family will have more income. And finally, the Hokage would owe him big time.


“Kid, you’re still working on your Fuinjutsu?” While Ryo couldn’t see any light, Jiraya appeared.


He had just left the Hokage’s office. Recently, there were frequent actions by the Sand Ninja that really annoyed the 3rd. So he planned on sending someone to inquire.


When it came to inquiring intelligence, Jiraya was the one trusted the most by the 3rd. He was the obvious choice for the mission.


He was intending on leaving the village immediately. While going through the 3rd training ground, he heard Ryo. He scratched his head for a while and then came in to check out what he was up to.


“Ah, hey Jiraya san! I wasn’t practicing Fuinjutsu, I was working on developing a new technique.”


“Hmm it looks like you’re making a Healing Tag?”


“Jiraya San how did you know?”


“If you’re trying to do that, you still have time to give up kid. People have been trying to pull this off for a really long time. How would you do it easily? Jiraya patted on Ryo’s shoulder as he said that.


Hearing Jiraya, Ryo was surprised that the Tag was studied for so long without success.


“Jiraya san, why did they all fail?” Now that he knew of older studies of the idea, Ryo wanted to know exactly where they failed and maybe find a clue to pull it off himself.


Jiraya took a second to think then said: “Ah yeah! I remember Tsunade said that Medical Jutsus couldn’t be stored for a long time.”


“What were their techniques used to seal it?”


“That I don’t know. You’re better off asking Tsunade or Orochimaru. This kind of Jutsus was never my thing. Kid, don’t waste your time with this. Another war is on the way. Work more on getting stronger!” after saying that, Jiraya went away.


Ryo was never the type to concede defeat so easily. He understood that the failure of those who tried before him doesn’t mean that he will. Edison failed to invent light bulbs more than 8,000 times and experimented with more than 7,600 kinds of materials. (Translator note: 4th number I hear put on the number of Edison’s trials)


Ryo still failed several times.

In the following month, he experimented with various materials that could conduct Chakra instead of paper and couldn’t find anyone suitable for sealing medical Jutsus.


“Kid, you haven’t given up yet?!” When he returned from his mission, Jiraya found out that Ryo was still working on the Medical Tag.


“Jiraya San, you’re back!” Ryo was tired as Jiraya saluted him back.


“Kid, I asked Orochimaru about the material they used to seal medical Ninjutsu before coming here. He said that they used Jade stones.” As he finished his words, Jiraya threw a Jade stone to Ryo.


“Jade?” This came as a great surprise to Ryo. He never expected this. All the years he spent as a bookworm reading through novels didn’t give him a clue.


Ryo took the piece of Jade that Jiraya threw him. The Evil Sealing Method worked with Jade as if it was flesh. And he was able to seal Healing in the stone.


Soon after, Ryo couldn’t feel the Healing chakra within the stone. Just like Jiraya mentioned to him before, it was gradually dissipating from within it.


Medical ninjutsu is different from other types of Ninjutsu.


“Jiraya san, do you think that using natural energy could prevent this dissipation?”


Ryo was thinking of how Sage Mode made Hashirama’s wood release wilder and also how it accelerated his recovery. Since all healing Jutsus were based on his recovery, should using natural energy make medical Ninjutsu more stable?


“Well, I’m not sure. You can try it out kid!”


Ryo entered Sage Mode, and used [Healing and then sealed it within the jade stone.


This time, Ryo actually could feel the Medical Chakra being maintained within stone, and he didn’t feel its levels drop at all.


“Jiraya san, check it out!” Ryo handed the stone to Jiraya, who also couldn’t feel the medical chakra levels dropping within it.


“Kid, you seem to have nailed it!” Jiraya didn’t believe that Ryo would get so far. If his experiment is a success, this would mean too much for Konoha.


“Jiraya san, is jade stone expensive?”


“A C-level mission’s reward should pay for 3 or 4 like this one.”


Jade wasn’t cheap. It’s usually used in jewels for women. Konoha’s ninjas shouldn’t be able to afford it.


“Jiraya san, we need to make sure that this is a complete success, by observing the stone for a few more days. If it turns out to be working well, you should go and tell the Hokage about it.”


Jiraya nodded fast. This technique was of great importance to Konoha, and something that the 3rd should definitely know about.


The success of such a technique means that Ryo doesn’t have to worry that a Konoha ninja would be injured alone. However, this technique relies on the use of natural energy, and the only two using Sage Mode in Konoha are Ryo and Jiraya.


Now, Ryo intends on returning to the Yamanaka household, to explain the Healing Stone to Inoichi Yamanaka.