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Chapter 6: The Ninja School!

Chapter 6: The Ninja School!


Three days later, school started, and his mother took him all the way to the doorway.  His past parent’s were different. This is the 1st time he’s being taken by his mom to school.


After he and his mother said their goodbyes, he turned towards Konoha’s school that looks almost identical to the one in the anime. He smiled and walked towards the playground.


On the day of registration, the teacher told the new students to come early, as the 3rd hokage will be coming to tell them about the will of fire.


Because of this ceremony that looked a lot to him like brain washing, Ryo was to face the “Big boss” of the town. A few moments later, he was standing in the playground with a Kakashi (who had a lifeless looking regard in his eyes) with only few people with em half an hour before the the speech.


“The 3rd Hokage’s coming!”


“Wow! It’s really the third Hokage!”


As the place started swarming with more and more people, the playground became more and more noisy, with the 3rd really igniting the crowd. The hokage was looked up to as the grand master of Konoha.


At that time, he was still at his prime. He cordially greeted the students. When passing through Ryo was no exception, as he really looked up to the great Hiruzen Sarutobi so he could hide his large smile of excitement.


The 3rd Hokage was a really talented shinobi, with high proficiency with all 5 elements. He was the student of the previous 2 hokage’s. And with his magical Rod and own summon the king monkey Enma, along with his great knowledge of technique, he became the best alive in Konoha without a bloodline limit technique.


The statut of the third was really high in the village. And even the kids at the ninja school admired and adored him. He stood on the stage and started his speech about the will of fire the next few hundred freshmen.


“When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire’s shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew!”


Ryo has listened to many of these speeches when watching the anime, so it didn’t sound that interesting to him. And the speech sound in itself plain and simple. But with the respect and high esteem held towards the 3rd has a deep role in giving these fortunate freshmen a great sense of belonging to the village.


You could the speech taking affect. The students’ faces were pumping with enthusiasm ! The speech was a great success. After the 3rd hokage left, the director of the school announced the classification of the students.


Ryo stepped into the classroom walking slowly towards the last seats, were closed his eyes uninterested in playing with a bunch of brats.


The students came one after another. As the class got almost full, a middle-aged man entered the class and went to the podium. “Students, I’ll be teaching this class, and my name is Yamashiro Yen. You can call me Yamashiro sensei!”


Ryo rolled his eyes, he didn’t like all these formalities


“Students, start by introducing yourself! Say your name, your hobby, your ideals, and start from the very left of the first row!”


“My name is shen. I want to be the greatest illusionist ninja!”


“My name is…..”




“I’m Kakashi Hatake. I have no desire to tell you my likes and dislikes… My dreams for the future… Hmm… As for my hobbies… I have lots of hobbies…” It seems Kakashi’s signature self-introduction from the series was there from the start.


One ofter one they introduced themselves: Rin Nohara, Might Guy, Asuma Sarutobi, kurenai Yuhi,  Anko Mitarashi, Genma Shiranui… until his turn came up!


“My name is Yamanaka Ryo and I like many things. My goal is to become the strongest ninja!”


Ryo didn’t know that this goal of his got him int the centre of attention: He is the 1st among those piles of students to want to become the strongest ninja, and this goal that surpasses the boundaries of Konoha got the sensei really interested in him.


“ Great goals every one, I hope you all achieve them. Now come to take your registration forms. Fill them up and you’ll officially become students here!”
After receiving the registration form, the freshmen left the school in groups.


“Yamashiro-Sensei!” he is preparing to go out, and the wilderness in front of him called a mountain of silver.


“What’s the matter; Rin?”


“Yamashiro Sensei, can you give me the registration form of for  classmate Uchiha Obito? I’ll deliver it to him.”


“Okay, yes!  I originally intended to visit him and give the registration form to him. You would free me from the hassle of going!” The teacher was very happy and handed the registration form to Rin.


“Thank you, Yamashiro sensei! Kakashi, we go?”


“Ah!” Kakashi nodded in the doorway.


Ryo was seeing the beginnings of the trio, Rin, Kakashi and Obito, and he felt great about that.


“Yamanaka-Kun, let’s go together!” Rin, standing by Kakashi’s side, invited Ryo.


“Yeah!” Ryo would never skip this. He was also really looking forward to meeting Obito.


Just like  Ryo remembers it from the anime, Obito showed up right as they left the school gate!


“Obito You baka, we haven’t even started school and you’re late, the ceremony is over!” Said Kakashi in his usual cold tone, while reading a book!


“With no registration form, you cannot be a ninja!” Ryo looked at Obito, and he couldn’t help not to mess with him along with Kakashi.


“I Helped my grandma cross the road, and then helped a lost white cat find a home. And then a black


“I just helped my grandma to cross the road and then help the lost white cat to find a home!” Ryo saw where Kakashi’s excuses came from!


“Obito, don’t worry! I’ve already got a registration form for you. You’ll go back and fill this up and give it to the teacher tomorrow!” As in the original story, Rin was very nice and tolerant.


Her smile moved something within Ryo’s soul. “No wonder these guys will choose to subvert the world for her!”


Really excited, Obito took the form thanking Rin eagerly. Kakashi expressed his dissatisfaction with his late arrival (again), and Ryo looked at the noisy little bunch and smiled.


“Hey! Who are you, and how dare you laugh at the future of Konoha?!”.


“Obito, this is our classmate, Ryo Yamanaka!” Rin knew Obito’s character well and that he tends to offend people. So she hastily cut off his provocative words and gave Ryo a sorry look!


Ryo shook his head and said that it didn’t matter. He reached out and said, “I’m Ryo Yamanaka, nice to know you”


“Obito Uchiha! The future Hokage, nice to meet you too!”


“The future Hokage will not be late tomorrow!” Said Ryo, firmly!


“Don’t worry! I will not be late tomorrow!”


“Words I’ve heard many times before!” said Kakashi!


“You bastard!!” and Obito and Kakashi restarted quarrelling.

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