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Chapter 7 : The Class Ranking !

Chapter 7 :  The Class Ranking !


“Sarutobi Asuma”




” Kurenai Yuhi!”




“Yamanaka Ryo!”




“Uchiha Obito!”




“Sensei, Obito must be helping an old woman cross the road!” Said one the students.


“You must not laugh at your classmates!”

Yamashiro Yen is also very dissatisfied with Obito’s late arrival. But it is his duty not to let other students laugh at it publicly!


“ I’m sorry sensei! I helped an old woman cross the road, that’s why I’m late!” As he finished his words, the whole classroom bursted into laughter, with even Yamashiro Yen not being able to hold it as he pointed at Obito to take his place.


“Students , in this school we raise ninja, and the world of ninja is one ruled by survival of the fittest. With 1v1 showdowns, we shall determine the class ranking! Now everyone go to the playground!”


In this class, only three Yamanakas, one Nara, and three Akamishi, represented the the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance. And although he had no interest in this Ninja game played by children , Ryo knew he must show enough talent today.


Imagine if a child at this age would start using Chidori like Ninjutsu, and high level Ice affinity techniques. Nobody would believe that he came up with such techniques came out of the blue. So because of this he cannot expose all his card, he needs to go basic to show his potential of becoming a great ninja and be able to learn Ninjutsu easily.


“The first showdown… “..” vs “..”!” After Yamashiro Yen announced the 1st battle, the two entered ring. They began to scuffle andthere was no clear winner. In the end, one of them slightly beat the other, this was the case with most fights.


Ryo watched five fights, these children are still at the level of a normal civilian. they did not learn to refine Chakra before school,  they did not practice Ninjutsu, so naturally nothing was worth seeing.


“The next game, Hatake Kakashi against Uchiha Obito!”


Graduating at the age of five in the manga , and now 4 years old, Ryo had really high expectations from Kakashi.


” Kakashi Yaro! I’m gonna beat you to a pulp!”

Kakashi ignored Obito’s provocation, and gave him his usual pale look without moving. Kakashi’s attitude, irritated Obito so he rushed toward his opponent!



Kakashi took a defensive stance and took a punch at Obito. Both were from distinguished families, and even though Obito was an orphan, he had the care of the Uchiha who taught him refining chakra and trained him well physically.


Kakashi learned from his father,  Hatake Sakumo,  as a child. When he was four years old, he was stronger than most in both Ninjatsu and physical training.


After a few rounds, with just Taijustu, Kakashi did so well. “Kakashi Yaro, take this: [Katon: Fire Ball]” Fire ball as the signature technique of of the Uchiha’s, and while Obito knew the hand seals, and he had fire affinity, but releasing such a ninjatsu is a whole other story.


Obito’s fireball has predictably failed. Kakashi took the chance to attacked Obito who was already physically exhausted and  losing ground.


Eventually Kakashi deliberately showed a flaw in his defense letting Obito bring him to the ground. Happy with it, he took a punch at Kakashi’s face.


“Oh!” what he thought to be Kakashi turned into a wooden log. Kakashi showed up behind his back, with a kunai.


“Yaro, I shall win next time!” The reluctant Obito and Kakashi nodded for reconciliation.


“Next is Anko Mitarashi against Kurenai Yuhi!”


The battle between the two girls was equally sparky. Their Chakras were almost the same, and their Taijustu was neck a neck. On the evening of the day, Kurenai won with great difficulty by resorting to a level D gengetsu.


After a few games, besides the Asuma vs Genma fight, nothing was worth watching.


Other students were the same as children fighting.


“The next game, Yamanaka Ryo against Maito Guy!”


Guy, the arrogant pale beast of Konoha. Witg no Ninjutsu, no Genjutsu, and only Taijutsu, he almost beat the great Madara at his peak after opening his 8th gate. But at this time, was was a lot weaker than Ryo.


The result of the battle was cruacial to him! Guy is proud of his Taijutsi But this time he had no time to show it off!


In the beginning of the showdown, he wasn’t even able to take a shot. The line of sight was disturbed by the Ryo’s water wall, and it took only unpredictable punch to take him down!


Everyone was quiet all of a sudden, this technique caused great shock to everybody on the battlefield.


While Kakashi’s replacement technique impressed everyone but Ryo, no one though that this kid can actually release Ninjutsu.


“The winner, Yamanaka Ryo!”  Yamashiro Yen stared at the 5-year-old child. A five years old who could release Ninjutsu, what great talent.


After this fight, the winners of the last fights passed to the next round, where the teacher gathered fighters close to eachother in levels. Naturally, Ryo’s opponent was Kakashi


“On the next game, Yamanaka Ryo goes against Hatake Kakashi!”


Ryo and kakashi represent the cream of the crop of this class. UU’s readings on the body are not weaker than the general. Yamashiro Yen though they are no less powerfull than the average Ninja. They were indeed praise worthy


“Kakashi, you’ll lose if this goes on like this!” the fight was looking equal to most people, but Kakashi knew that he wasn’t on par with Ryo in physical strength. He was going to lose.


As time went by, Kakashi, who had lost his strength, was gradually suppressed by Ryo. He apparently did not want to give up, and as he evaded one of Ryo’s punches, he started forming a familiar seal! Ryo knew what was happening so he simultaneously started forming his own.


“[Water release: water wall]!”


“[Thunderbolt. Go!””


Ryo’s lightning was carried by the water wall of Kakashi, stunning him. So Ryo delivered the final blow.


“End of the game, Ryo wins!”


“Wow, just by seeing my Jutsu you were able to use it!”

After this match, Ryo had to admit that Kakashi was a true genius. With his Sharingan in the original storyline, he earned the title of the copying ninja. Ryo didn’t think much of him as the sharingan wasn’t really his own. But through today’s fight, he learned that Kakashi’s technique was related to his own talent more than anything else.


“This isn’t the end you know! I will win next time!”


“Okay! I’m waiting!” The two reconciled.


The rest of the students had nothing to say about the performance of the two players. After the battle, the players put against Ryo all forfeited their games. Even Asuma, who has always been unyielding, directly gave up.


So in the end of the day, Ryo earned the first place in this class ranking!

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