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Chapter 8: The Attention Of The Hokage!

Chapter 8: The Attention Of The Hokage!


“Yamanaka Ryo and Hatake Kakashi?”


In the Hokage’s Office, Yamashiro yen was reporting to the 3rd about the performance of the freshmen. The class that he had was an elite one, half of which is from ninja families, and the civilian ninjas are also among the best in the entrance examination.


“Yes, Sandaime! These two are the most talented students I have ever had, especially Yamanaka Ryo, who can release water and lightning at the age of five.”


“It’s not surprising that Kakashi has this level. As far as Yamanaka Ryo, I will pay attention to this child.”


“Then Sandaime, If you would excuse me sir!”


“Well, you’ve worked well!”


After the teacher left, Hiruzen stood besides his office window. Ryo’s talent reminded him of his apprentice. Today, Orochimaru is one of the greatest fighters in Konoha, with the younger Minato right up there with him.


“Yamanaka Ryo?”


Not knowing that his performance was reported to the Hokage, Ryo returned home and refined his chakra as usual.


“Ryo! Come eat!” Inoichi came while Ryo was training in the courtyard.


“Is there a brother in the family who is called Fu Yamanaka?”


“Fu Yamanaka? No!”


“Was there any ninja in the family who was forced to join the root?”


“Yes! And I have opposed more than once. I am not convinced by the root training method and their purpose of doing things.”


“Inoichi brother, in addition to me in the family, there are no children?”


“Yes, Yamanaka Hito, 2 years old! Just started learning the secret of the family!”


Root members are usually not taken by force from their families. But children go their because while families are against it, they can’t afford to oppose Danzo


Unlike the other tribes, the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance is not that large in numbers. Each child is very precious, but the power of the alliance is not enough to oppose root.


Ryo has no idea if the group will take him in when he is a few years older. He does not even know whether they will as for Hito to enter the roots. However, as a Yamanaka, he must be prepared to prevent it and ensure the safety of Yamanaka Hito.


Ryo didn’t like Root. He actually thinks Danzo’s love of the village was just a pretense to allow him to use whatever means he wanted to achieve his only goals.


Is his part life, Ryo discussed this with others. During the Kyuubi attack and Orochimaru’s plan, Danzo did not interfere. He might have had loved Konoha, but that love was nothing compared to his ambitions.


In order to protect Hito, the Yamanaka’s need to be able to confront Danzo. They are the Hokage’s allies, they’ve always been. But the power of Root is not far from that of the Hokage, as Danzo was Sarutobi’s colleague and he has all sorts of loyal fighters under him. It wasn’t easy to confront him.


Ryo also understood that no matter how talented he was, he didn’t have the right to speak out before turning his talent into strength and his strength into feats. To Save Hito, he needs to show his value. Just by talent he cannot pressure and support the Hokage enough to change the way things are.


He had a clear idea about the way he can show his value: he can use his previous expertise with medicine.


With the work of the giants that’s been fulfilled before him, Ryo is confident he can combine the two medicals systems of both the worlds he’s been in to create an even more powerful form of medical ninjutsu. Once his medical skills are recognized an appreciated, he can have a word when it comes to the important decisions in Konoha.


Ryo wasn’t able to get his mother to teach him medical ninjutsu, he needs to find a way to learn on his own. The best place to learn about the health care system is the Konoha Hospital, followed by some records in the Konoha Library.


“Mom, can you teach me the shadow clone jutsu?”. He knew that didn’t learn much in ninja school, he needs time to grow on his own, so with this, he can gain time and learn faster.


“How do you know about this?”


“Mother, I don’t think Ninja School can teach me nearly enough. I’m going to Konoha’s Library to understand this world.”


She always knew her son was really gifted, but seeing him talking with such a serious face about learning about the world made Yamanaka Shinse feel that her child is growing up!


“Good! I teach you. Different from the ordinary technique, the clone made with this technique is the same as the user. The difficult part about it is Chakra’s control. Because you split your chakra with it, the clone can actually attack and use ninjutsu, but if it’s successfully hit by an enemy it will just vanish. The one in the ninja school should be careful and avoid being attacked. ”


Yamanaka Shinse explained in detail the principles, advantages, and disadvantages of using shadow clones, and got Inoichi to demonstrate it one. After a few failures, Ryo successfully used shadow clones.


The next day, Ryo used the technique, sent the clone to school while he in his original body went to the library.


“Hey? This little guy is not right!”

After learning about the amazing talent of Ryo, Sarutobi Hiruzen sacrificed some of his precious time visiting female public baths with his crystal ball to check out the promising freshman.


“This one in the school is a shadow clone, where is the original one?” Hiruzen searched with his crystal ball.


“He’s in the Konoha library?” he used the ball to see what the kid was reading about, “Medical Ninjutsu?”


“Who!” Ryo felt he was being watched. He stood up and looked around, not one.


“This little guy is really sharp!”


There is only one explanation for the fact that Ryo cannot sense anyone near. It’s the 3rd hokage that’s looking at him!


“This must be a pervert, peeping at the girls bathroom!”

Ryo couldn’t show that he understands so he pretended that he was looking for a peeper.


He pretended that his search was fruitless. So he sat down to read. What he did was confronting the 3rd until he could no longer feel him watching him.


“Pffff! Finally, it’s gone!”

Just as he said those words, the “peeper” appeared in front of him.


“Little one, you should cut the act by now. I know you could sense it was me. Kids these days are so rude, not knowing how to act with older people!”


Ryo had no choice but to stand up and say “Hokage-Sama!”


“Little one, I remember you were called Yamanaka Ryo! There is no holiday in Ninja School today!”


“Sandaime-sama, my shadow clone is in Ninja School.”

Since he couldn’t hide, Yamauchi decided to take this opportunity to make the 3rd support him as learns medical ninjutsu.


“Oh? Shadow clone in school? What are you doing here?”


“I am learning about medical ninjutsu.”


“Medical ninjutsu? Why do you want to learn about it?”


“Because learning medical ninja I can help Konoha’s ninja who are injured in the war. You said that Konoha is a family.”


Hiruzen’s eyes sparkled, his initial vision of this child seems to be true.


“Oh! That’s it! That’s good for you! The old man is very optimistic about you.”


He patted on Ryo’s head while smiling and left. As soon as he walked out the door, Ryo had a deep breath of relief. Facing the Hokage was heavy. However, when he remembered the expression on the Hokage’s face, he knew that he was betting right.

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