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Chapter 9: Medical Ninjutsu

Chapter 9: Medical Ninjutsu


The following days, the 3rd hokage didn’t use the crystal ball to observe Ryo. However, the latter spent the whole week in the library where he had read all the books related to medical ninjutsu in the Konoha Library and had a certain level of understanding of the medical system of Naruto World.


The medical ninjutsu techniques are based on reparing cells through specific chakra use and also stimulating cell division and regeneration to replace non-reparable cells. This comes together and allows wounds to recover quickly.


Medical ninjutsu uses also shape transformation involving techniques. These techniques can be used also in combat, like that of the ninja scalpel.


The only extreme non conventional uses of these techniques that were shown in the manga were Tsunade’s creation rebirth technique, and Chiyo’s giving life to Gara technique.


As for the rapid healing of the 1st Hokage, it seems unrelated to medical ninja, but rather a thing related to his own body and cell structure.


However, it is undeniable that his rapid healing was what mainly inspired initial medical ninjutsu techniques. His cells are not something that any ones could have, but the healing technique can simulate it to a certain extent. That’s how the mystical palm technique works.


But even within the Senju clan, rapid healing is not unlimited, and the death of cells can outpace it leading to death.


Earlier in the history of the story, the fight between the Senju and the Uchiha was momentarily put to a halt in the valley of the end, where Hashirama seemingly killed Madara. His victory was largely due to his fast recovery.


However, it wasn’t a clean victory with no loses. Other than the obvious part concerning Madara’s plan, Hashirama didn’t survive long after the battle. Ryo suspected that Hashirama’s body, no matter how great it was, could not handle the extreme drain caused by the massive amount of regeneration that happened in that battle.


Medical ninjutsu then wasn’t flawless and a perfect unbeatable system. And with Hashirama not able to recover indefinitely, one could guess ordinary ninja could only handle so much before breaking down.


When the five Kages fought Madara in the series, this forced Tsunade to use the creation rebirth technique. This pushed her healing rates to incredible levels and made her almost unkillable by regular damage. But this came along with sacrifices, not only did it deplete her chakra levels, it also shortened her lifespan as it resulted in continuous cell division.


The effects of medical ninjutsu are far more immediate than the effects of regular medicine in Ryo’s past world. But no matter what techniques used, there were drawbacks. Here the biggest is that healing is paid for with lifespan.


In just one week, Ryo was able to have a clear understanding of medical ninja. Now it’s time to start learning it.


The basis for learning medical ninjutsu is chakra control. And with the Yamanaka’s secret techniques to control the mind, their own focus is really strong leading to extremely good chakra control. There is a reason that Ino was able to learn medical ninjutsu in the manga.


And within the Yamanaka’s, Ryo’s outstanding talent along with him using the Yamanaka techniques from childhood should lead to him having exceptional control.


After dinner, Shinse showed her son how to learn medical ninjutsu. She was a strong battle ninja, but she had a great value for Konoha as a great medical ninja.


She was one of the few in the hospital to be able to use mystical palm jutsu, a technique that Chucks large amounts of chakra.


For a strong healing effect, you would need to have much more chakra than Chinse, but the technique remains unchanged anyway.


She started training her son, but she didn’t think that his talent was so horrifying. In just 3 days, he mastered the basics of the technique, and she watched him cure fish time after time, almost as proficiently as a general doctor in the Konoha hospital.


In those days, he repeated the exercise 1600 times. And his chakra levels were still normal, but his chakra control was really good and he was really persistent, doing nothing besides training, eating and sleeping.


“Learning healing is like learning control over an element of the five elements, it’s like having a healing affinity. To master healing, we need to use the mystical palm technique or ninja scalpels, so need to learn how to do shape transformation. 1st I’ll teach you the palm technique.” Shinse carefully explained to her son.


The practice of palm technique wasn’t as simple as simple healing he did to the fish. For more than a month, he didn’t make progress. It wasn’t easy to add physical tools to the basis of techniques. Shaping Chakra is really hard. Even Naruto took a long time to master shaping the Rasengan. Even though he was impatient, it actually drove him to try harder and repeat practice every day.


Far from finding a way, he can only find inspiration from the manga. He recalls how Naruto added wind to the Rasengan, giving it cutting properties. He thought about adding that effect to healing. Well, wind gives sharpness, and while Yamanaka’s don’t have wind affinity Ryo still can simulate the sharp feeling. The basic healing technique becomes a condensed chakra scalpel this way.


“This is it!”


What kind of shape transformation is added to the healing process is determined by the chakras that the surgeon injects.


In the basic healing technique, Ryo injected soft and warm Chakras that feel like warm water. 【Healing】 gradually the mystical palm technique. More than a month of training finally succeeded!


“Very good, you’ve gained so much experience. I have nothing to teach you.”


“Ok, Thanks, mom!”


After nearly two months of hard work, Ryo mastered the healing techniques in the medical ninjutsu, mystical palm technique, and the Chakra scalpel. Combining in his 5 years of surgical experience of his previous life, he was confident that at this time he was very close to the original masters of medical ninjutsu.


Early in the morning of the next day, Ryo decided to go to Ninja School for a long time.


After the release of the shadows, the memory and experience all came back to him. He found that he’s gathered loads of happy memories with Kakashi, Obito and Rin. The love triangle was still there, but the difference is that he became great friends with the bunch. Suddenly, he had something to look forward to in the ninja school.

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