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H.R.P Chapter 101: Yellow Flash

“Ryo, read this scroll.” Over the past few days, Shikaku was handling the management of the camp instead of Ryo. After all, that’s what he was doing before Ryo ever got there.

Ryo took the scroll that Shikaku had, and found it to be sealed with spiritual power.

It said that the 3rd Mizukage had already reached the Wave Country, and that Konoha’s camp is heavily under surveillance.

Ryo remembers the 3rd Mizukage from the Manga. it was from the time when the Rikudo Sennin summoned the Kages of the past.

He had no ideas about his abilities and Ninjutsus. Ryo wasn’t used to not having information from the Manga.

“Shikaku Nii-san, tell me what we have on the 3rd Mizukage!” Ryo had to ask Shikaku Nara.

What Ryo didn’t expect is that Shikaku shook his head for a while and then said: “We don’t know anything about his abilities. The Mist’s policies include hiding such information even from their own Ninjas.”

This crushed Ryo’s hopes of getting information. This is the first time he has to face such a powerful foe without knowing anything about them.

Later at the camp meeting, Ryo told the ones present about the news. He then asked them the same question he asked Shikaku.

The answers were no different from the one he already had. The only valuable information came from the Uchiha clan, who proposed that he was a disciple of the 1st Mizukage.

After the meeting, Ryo decided to test the 3rd Mizukage. Intelligence is the most important thing for a Ninja to get before battle. He must figure out something about his foe, otherwise he’ll be in a very bad position.

Ryo plan was to get a Shadow Clone to sneak into the Mist’s camp and sneak attack the 3rd Mizukage, to find out if he has any kind of Kekkei Ginkai.

In the evening, after arriving at the Mist Camp, Ryo used [Lightning Release: Shadow Clone Jutsu]. The clone then proceeded to changing his height and appearance, and hiding his Chakra.

The Lightning clone sneaked smoothly into the camp, and identified the 3rd Mizukage’s tent with his perception.

Finding his target, he entered the Lighting Chakra mode. Ryo didn’t want to be discovered, but he wanted to blink in with the Lightning Chakra Mode Flicker. He went directly for his enemy’s throat.

The 3rd Mizukage have already detected the clone when the Lightning Chakra Mode broke out. He didn’t feel troubled by the attack, because as the blade hit his throat, he had already been replaced by a piece of wood.

“Body Replacement? When?!” Ryo didn’t expect the 3rd Mizukage to be so fast. He actually took no more than three seconds to reach his enemy with the Lightning Chakra mode, but the 3rd Mizukage managed to avoid his attack!

“Sneak-attacking me? If it was Konoha’s Minato, he might have been successful. As for you, you’re done for!” After he finished his words, the 3rd Mizukage formed a finger gun with his hand and, and his created a liquid bullet that he shot out from the tip of his index finger to go through Ryo’s clone. It dissipated immediately.

“A Lightning Clone? Seems like it was a trial!” The 3rd Mizukage understood what Ryo as going for, but he didn’t care.

He believed that the enemy’s provocation didn’t get him to reveal any valuable intelligence. However, Ryo was extremely happy with the result of his raid, for he now knows that the 3rd Mizukage is part of the Hozuki clan.

The technique [Water Release: Water Gun] has been also used by the 2nd Mizukage in the Manga. He used it to attack Onoki. It was a Ninjutsu exclusive to the Hozuki clan.

With such a great result, Ryo retreated satisfied.

He recalled what he knew about the Hozuki clan in the Manga. He recalled two main clearly stated points:

The first was that they used Hydrification. Similar to Elementization, it was a technique that allows one to turn his body into liquid. The Second Mizukage Turned his body into oil like substance, while Suigetsu turned into water.

The second was that they were easily restrained by Lightning, and could not afford to be dehydrated. They get paralyzed and cannot use Hydrification by lightning, and they need to replenish their bodies with water constantly.

Learning this baseline about the 3rd Mizukage, Ryo became confident that he can cope with him in the future.

Over the following few days, Ryo focused on practicing Ice and Lightning release.

While that was happening, after the withdrawal of the Rock Ninjas from Fire Country’s borders with the Earth Countries, their main forces were focused in the Lightning Country’s battlefield. There, the main forces became the Rock’s, the Cloud’s and Konoha’s .

On that battlefield, Minato, Konoha’s yellow flash was well known on the battlefield.

The origin of the name Konoha’s yellow flash came from the fact that he was able to kill a dozen of Rock Jonins in an instant.

On that day, he carried out a reconnaissance mission with his team and other several Konoha Ninjas. The Rock Ninjas had information about it, and laid an ambush for Minato and his team.

The ambush was made up of dozens of Ninjas, including many Jonins. Konoha Ninjas’ faces were all heavy, with the exception of Team Minato who looked with pity at the ambush attempt.

“Hey uncles, relax, and keep your eyes wide open, for you’re about to see something mythical!” Said Obito to his fellow Konoha Ninjas.

With Obito’s voice fading, three Kunai flying towards the Rock Ninjas. He then used the [Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu] and the 3 Kunai became dozens.

With that, the slaughter began. All what the Ninjas from both camps were able to see was a Yellow Flash jumping and around.

In just five seconds, Minato was back at his initial position, and Rock Ninjas began to collapse one by one.

Konoha’s Ninjas were in shock! It only took Minato 5 seconds to kill all of those enemies.

“Minato Sensei, you’re so cool!” Obito said to Minato, with the appearance of a brain-dead fan.

“Idiot! As if Minato Sensei still needs you to say that he’s cool!”

“Kakashi Yaro, you want to fight?”

“You two should stop being so noisy!” Seeing that the two were about to quarrel again, Rin could only interfere and ask them to stop.

“Mi… Minato san! What was that technique you used right now?” One of Konoha’s Chunins asked cautiously.

This Jutsu’s name is [Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Style Three] a combination of [Flying Thunder God] and [Shuriken Shadow Clone] Jutsus!” Minato did not hide his technique, explaining with a smile.

“Oy, Kakashi, what do you think of that name?” Said Obito with a low voice.

“Long and awkward!” For once the two agreed on something.

“That’s right!” Rin also agreed with them.

While the rest of Konoha’s Ninjas did feel that the naming was a bit awkward, that didn’t keep them from practically worshiping Minato.

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