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H.R.P Chapter 100: The Third Mizukage

With Ryo and Gamahiro joining the battle, the Mist Ninjas were devastated, and could only try to escape.

The Hozuki clan’s head and the Mizukage’s saw the way things were developing and abandoned their battles.

Even though Konoha was in a great disadvantage at the start, things developed differently. Might Duy opened the Eighth Gate of Death and killed four of the Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and then Ryo came to the battlefield in time, killing over a thousand Ninjas with his Ice arrow. By all means that was the Mist’s defeat.

However, Konoha’s victory could only be described as a tragic one. The Barrier, medical and wounded Ninjas left behind in Konoha’s camp were all killed by the seven. On the battlefield, there were nearly a thousand between wounded and killed.

This was the most brutal bloodbath that Ryo ever had to witness ever since he started participating in the 3rd World War. However, Ryo had only brought a small medical Ninja team along with him, with Ming and Maan being there for their protection.

Upon returning to Konoha’s camp, after the battle, the casualties were reported to Shikaku, who put the medics into work.

These medics have been Ryo’s subordinates ever since the beginning of the 3rd World War, and they were some of the best Medical Ninjas out there since Ryo has taught them modern Medicine.

With their help, Ryo spent three days treating the 74 most wounded Ninjas, saving 66 of them. The price was the medical team had three sleepless nights, and that Ryo had to use all the Healing Stones that he has had stored.

After the serious injuries were dealt with, Ryo and the others slept for a whole day and night. Soon after waking up, they looked into the minor injuries.

With that, Ryo spent almost 10 days during which he couldn’t get noteworthy sleep. He and his medical team finished treating all the wounded on the battleground.

After the rescue work ended, Ryo was exhausted. He was even more tired than the time after beating Roshi. All he could do now is trying to get some good sleep.

During those 10 days, Ryo lived in a temporary rescue tent along with the rest of the medical Ninjas. He didn’t know if Shikaku had arranged him a place to settle in during that time.

He could only see him and ask him directly about his residence.

After arriving to Shikaku’s tent, Ryo asked him. Shikaku Nara however had his own burning question: “Ryo, are you conscious that you have become the General Commander of this whole country’s battlefield?”

“I have Shikaku Nii-san by my side. What could I ever need to be conscious about?”

Ryo understood his position well. He knew that he wasn’t fit to be in such a position. He could try to play smart and command the whole army on his own, but he better not do it.

“What a drag! Alright, come with me!” Shikaku Nara said the signature Nara phrase, before leading Ryo to the tent he had arranged for him.

On the way, Shikaku Nara was looking back from time to time, getting Ryo all puzzled, until the two reached the tent.

It was the largest tent in the camp. It was almost exactly the same a Orochimaru’s tent in the Earth Country battlefield, and Sakumo’s tent in Wind Country battlefield.

It’s no wonder that Shikaku asked him that question.

Ryo realized why he was looking back at him and watching his eyes with such frustration.

“Great then, Shikaku Nii-san, but I have to come back.” Ryo couldn’t wait, he felt smothered by Shikaku’s looks and had to flee back to his tent.

Over the following few days, Ryo threw all the burdens of managing the camp on the Shikaku’s shoulders, and focused on replenishing his [Yin Seal].

At the same time, in the Water Country’s Hidden Mist Village, the 3rd Mizukage was discussing the plans for the next battle with the village’s elders.

“Not too long ago, I received news from the frontline. Konoha sent a Kage Tier powerhouse to the Wave Country. He was able to use the Yuki clan’s Jutsus. When he arrived to the battlefield, he defeated Bing Yuki.”

Speaking of the 3rd Mizukage, he was gray-haired old man. He seemed to be of the same age as Onoki, or slightly younger.

In fact, he was of the same generation as the 2nd Tsuchikage, and much older than Onoki. Back at the 1st Kage summit, he was already an adult as he escorted the 1st Mizukage to meet with Hashirama and the rest.

“Mizukage sama, when I received this information, I sent people to check there were any missing children from the Yuki clan. They didn’t have any one missing for over a decade.” An old man stood up and said.

“He’s not from the Yuki clan. His ice is different. It’s Ice that he blends himself from Wind and Water properties. It’s not surprising that he could beat the Yuki clan’s Ice.” The 3rd responded.

“Mizukage sama, let me try in the next battle!” The only young man in the conference room spoke.

“Yagura, you cannot leave the village. It won’t take us long before we need a new Jinchuriki. You are capable of suppressing the Sanbi’s power. If an accident was to happen, how would we handle the matter of the Sanbi?”

“Yes, you cannot leave Yagura!”

The 3rd Mizukage and the village’s elders were in agreement. Yagura is born to suppress the consciousness of the Sanbi. He is most fitting to become the next Jinchuriki.

Even without the Sanbi, Yagura was Kage tier. The 3rd believed that he was going to definitely bring along a new future for the Mist. He was so unlikely to let him take such a risk at the time.

Everyone’s unanimous rejection sent him back to his seat helplessly.

“Everyone, I’ll go to the wave county myself, and this new Kage tier will be taken care of by this old man.” After some thinking, the 3rd Mizukage decided to go by himself.

This time, the elders had no objections. The 3rd Mizukage was extremely powerful, and one of the strongest Kage tier Ninjas at the time.

“Good, since everyone agrees. While I’m there, the ruling of this village will be handed over to Yagura, and the elders are to support and help him.”

“Yes, Mizukage sama!”

A few days later, Ryo’s [Yin Seal] was finally filled, and he could also finally study the Yuki’s Ice Jutsus.

Their Ice release was a Kekkei Genkai of theirs, completely different from his ice. Their techniques however, could help him tremendously.

For Example, the last bloom of his newly used Ice Arrow was a twist of his on the Yuki clan’s [Ice Release: Crystal Wall].

After all, the Yuki clan has been accumulating knowledge on Ice for hundreds of years. They had many things worth learning that they could offer.

Ryo even thought about catching one of them, and then using his Yamanaka techniques to invade his mind and get the information about using Ice from his memories.

“Hey! I knew days ago I shouldn’t let 13 Jutsus slip from my mind.” Ryo sighed as he said that to himself.

Right then, a Hyuga clan Ninja came rushing towards Ryo: “Ryo san, Shikaku san wants you to get back immediately and hold a meeting!”

“Okay! Understood!” Ryo agreed, and let the Hyuga Ninja inform the clans’ representatives and the Jonins in the camp, while he went directly to find Shikaku to understand the situation first hand.

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