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H.R.P Chapter 99: Freezing a Thousand!

Bing Yuki wasn’t aware of Ryo’s purpose. He was driven by the pride of confidence of the Yuki clan, and not worried at all as he didn’t believe that a teenager could have many Ice Jutsus at that age.

But no matter what kind of Ice Jutsu he used to attack the Ryo, the latter responded with the same.

Ryo’s ice is condensed with Natural Energy, and manipulates air moister. The Yuki clan’s Ice relies directly on their Kekkei Genkei Ice Chakra. When it comes to hardness, it doesn’t come close to Ryo’s.

On top of that, Bing was fighting the five Konoha Jonins for a long time. Over half of his Chakra was already consumed by the time he had to face Ryo.

Therefore, Ryo won the battle of Ice release with ease.

The Head of the Yuki clan, who spent his life living with Ice Release masters, lost to a foreigner.

Ryo didn’t kill Bing. He had just learned many Ice Release Jutsus from him, and that’s why he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

The five Konoha Jonins were a bit embarrassed. They struggled for so long fighting Bing, but Ryo took him down, and with extreme ease.

The strong earn their respect in this world, and power is the absolute source of appreciation. The five Jonins who were not that satisfied with Ryo before changed their attitude towards him after witnessing his strength.

Ryo closed his eyes and took a while to think about all the Jutsus he had learned just now. He just used the Sharingan to copy them all and he had to take a good while to fully “digest” this new knowledge. He was prepared to give the Mist a huge “gift”, so it was important for him to familiarize himself with Ice Release even further.

“Ryo san, how to deal with the Yuki’s Kekkei Genkai without Ice of our own?” Hiashi Hyuga saw Ryo remaining silent for a long time, and couldn’t help but ask.

Ryo’s thoughts were interrupted, and he glanced at Hiashi with dissatisfaction.

“Ryo san, my brother was only frustrated nothing more. He didn’t want to interrupt your thoughts.” Feeling that the mood was a bit cold, Hizashi immediately talked to justify his brother’s actions.

“I’m not that bothered. You five don’t have to stay in the battlefield. Just go to Konoha’s camp and hunt down the remaining three Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.”

“The remaining three!? Ryo san, have you killed four of them?” Asked Hizashi with surprise.

“It wasn’t me who killed them. It’s Might Duy san!” Ryo explained to them, out of respect for this great man who burned himself for his convictions.

Ryo’s words reminded them of the green jumpsuit-wearing Genin always shouting about youth. A man who had no skills outside of Taijutsu was actually hiding such powerful strength!

“I’ll tell you all about it in detail after the battle. Now go to the camp and hunt them down as I said.”

“Yes Ryo san!”

The five Jonins went to the backline, and Ryo felt a lot safer about the situation there. Now, the next step for him is to end the battle.

When Ryo first saw the terrible situation in Konoha’s camp, he had already planned to give the Mist a unforgettable lesson.

The Ice Jutsus Ryo had just learned gave him a new perspective on the use of his Ice release, and the Mist Ninjas on the battlefield were the perfect test subjects.

After entering Sage Mode, Ryo used telepathy to communicate with Konoha’s Ninjas.

“Konoha’s Ninjas, I’m the new chief commander of the Battle of the Wave Country. That toad on your side is my summoning. Now, this is my first order. I want you all to use your own ways to get the Mist Ninjas gathered in the center of the battlefield. I want to send them this great “gift” to avenge our fallen brothers!”

Ryo’s words were like a stone falling into a pond, getting all of Konoha’s Ninjas excited. According to tradition, a chief commander of Konoha’s troops is usually Kage tier. The arrival of a new one meant that the Kage tier powerhouse reinforcing their ranks had finally arrived.

They all proceeded immediately to carry out Ryo’s order.

Intentionally or unintentionally, the Mist Ninjas found themselves forced into the center of the battlefield.

Gamahiro’s method was the simplest and most brutal of all. With his large pair of blades, he rushed at the enemies who rushed like sheep to the center away from him.

Nearly a third of them were gathered. And Ryo perceived over two thousand Ninjas in the center.

“Konoha’s Ninjas, that is enough. Immediately leave the center of the battlefield and be careful not be accidentally injured by my Jutsu.”Ryo once again communicated with everyone, and then left Sage Mode.

He them immediately entered the Ice-Lightning Chakra mode. The Mist Ninjas relied heavily on Water Release, so the water in the air is sufficient.

Ryo began to absorb the moisture in the air, controlling it with Natural Energy to condense an Ice Bow of his height.

He then Manipulated Chakra’s Shape Transformation for make a bowstring, following that by making a crystal clear Ice Arrow on the Ice Bow.

The Ice Arrow was being constantly being compressed by Ryo, and the small projectile gathered a huge amount of Natural Energy.

When Konoha’s Ninjas heard Ryo’s words, they immediately left the center of the battlefield. By the time his arrow was ready, they were already far enough.

“Mist Ninjas, pay for your deeds!” After Ryo finished his words, he let the String loose.

The Ice Arrow flew quickly, reaching the center of the battlefield in an instant. Ryo then proceeded to shape control it.

It transformed into a small ice flower, then blossomed, bloomed, and finally grew to become a Biju sized Ice Flower on the battlefield, that was filled with Mist Ninjas.

However, that wasn’t all. Ryo then controlled the Ice Flower to shatter in front of everyone, along with the thousand frozen Mist Ninjas within it.

The whole battlefield went awekwardly silent for a moment. No matter whether it was Konoha’s or the Mist Ninjas, everyone was shocked by what had just happened.

Ryo was not satisfied with the effect of his attack. He actually expected to engulf all 2000 Mist Ninjas within his flower, but he only managed to kill half of them.

After a good while of silence, all of Konoha’s Ninjas began to cheer. Ryo’s arrow gave them all a much needed boost of morals.

They went all out on the remaining Mist Ninjas who were, in contrast, heavily demoralized. Many of them even lost their wits at the sight of Ryo’s arrow.

With their joined efforts, Konoha’s Shinobi were defeating the Mist.

Seeing that Konoha’s Ninjas were not at much need of his help, Gamahiro jumped to Ryo’s location, wanting to know if the Ice Flower was a new Jutsu of his.

“Ryo, is this a new Jutsu?” Gamahiro asked Ryo directly.

Ryo shook his words as his gathered his words: “Is is not a new technique. This isn’t the first time I use this Ice Bow. This special Arrow However is new. It’s based on the Yuki Clan’s techniques. I then condense Natural Energy within it and then, after I send it, I control that energy to change its shape into that Ice Flower.”

Gamahiro didn’t seem to understand much, but he didn’t ask more. All he wanted to know is whether this technique is new or not.

“Hiro, it’s been a while since we last fought together. Let’s take care of these Mist Ninjas!”

Being the warhead he is, Gamahiro agreed without any hesitation.

A young man and a Toad re-entered the battlefield!

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