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H.R.P Chapter 104: Prestige

After leaving Inoichi, Shikaku and Choza in the evening, Ryo got back to his tent and went to sleep. The next day, on the early morning, he was reverse summoned by Fukasaku to Mount Myoboku.

“Ryo chan, I called you so early. I guess you didn’t have breakfast, let’s have it together!” Said Fukasaku, enthusiastically! Ryo was offered a table full of insects, getting him to cry without tears.

Ryo battled his urge to vomit as he ate along with Fukasaku and Shima. And then Fukasaku went to the Lightning country from which he reversed summoned Ryo.

After expressing his deep and sincere gratitude, Ryo went straight to the tent where Minato was located.

Even though they haven’t met over the past 3 years, Ryo was still familiar enough with Minato to recognize his Chakra. And even if he made a mistake about it somehow, he’d still find him, as the ones with most Chakra in the camp were all gathered in that tent.

Inside the tent, Minato was having a meeting with the higher-ups of the camp. Ryo’s sudden intrusion happened to interrupt one of them as he was talking.

The man was surprised and a little angry. He yelled at Ryo: “Who are you? And how dare you actually break into our meeting?”

At first sight, Minato recognized Ryo. He wanted to great him and him to take a seat along with them. He didn’t expect someone to speak first, and slammed his head helplessly.

Seeing Minato’s expression, Ryo felt that he had caused him some trouble.

As Minato was about to interfere, he heard Ryo’s voice in his head: “Minato Nii-san, I’m okay! Please let me handle this!”

Minato thought about it quickly and then agreed. He also wanted to see Ryo’s growth over the past few years.

“Alright! But be careful. This person is the head of the Uchiha clan: Uchiha Katachi. He’s Quasi Kage tier. You should be careful.”

“Oh! The Uchiha clan head? I actually had a good impression of Uchiha clan! Now that has changed a little bit.” Finishing his words, Ryo entered the Lightning Chakra mode.

“Lightning Chakra Mode? Are you a Cloud Ninja?” Said Katachi in surprise.

“Of course I’m not! Uchiha san, hasn’t anyone told you not to yell in front of a Kage Tier Ninja?”

As Ryo finished his words, Katachi witnessed a flash of lightning, followed by the cold sensation brought by a crystal clear Ice Scalpel placed on his neck.

“You! You’re looking for death!” Katachi, the elder of the Uchiha clan, felt a great threat from Ryo. He was furious as he opened his Sharingan and attacked him with Genjutsu.

Genjutsu is actually a spiritual attack. Ryo had immense spiritual power from being both and an Uchiha and a Yamanaka, with it being enhanced as he crossed over. One should have at least a Mangekyo Sharingan for his Genjutsu to pose any threat to him.

Ryo used said immense power and countered Katachi’s attack. The latter’s eyes gradually became hollow.

“Hehe, that’s all, Uchiha clan head?!” After dealing with Katachi, Ryo left the Ice-Lightning Chakra mode, and walked toward Minato to stand by his side.

Minato was very dissatisfied with Ryo’s way of “handling” the situation. He felt that this should cause him trouble.

“Minato… san… This gentleman is…?“ Said a Jonin carefully while staring at Ryo’s eyes.

The attendants were no fools. Ryo treated a Quasi Kage in this manner and dared to sit in the position of Minato’s deputy. He must be one of their own, with a great relationship with Minato.

“Ryo, enough problems! Please introduce yourself.” Minato nodded to the Jonin and finally talked.

“Hello everyone! I’m Ryo Yamanaka, chief commander of Konoha’s Medical Force, and a Kage tier Ninja! It’s a pleasure to meet you all!” Saying that, a prestigious vibe surrounded Ryo. Everyone’s faces looked either heavy or cheerful.

The result of him imposing his power, and then shocking everyone with his statue was obvious. No matter what their expression was, everyone had a lot of respect for Ryo.

“Alright! Now, let’s continue with our meeting.

After the meeting ended, everyone left, with only Ryo remaining with Minato.

“Ryo! I didn’t let you deal with the situation for you to make a ruckus! When Uchiha Katachi left, he looked at you as if he wanted to kill you!” Said Minato to Ryo, whose face seemed indifferent.

“Don’t worry Nii san, he’s no opponent of mine!”

“I am worried that because of this incident, the Uchiha family could grow distant with the village. That won’t help us in upcoming battles!”

“You’re not the Hokage yet, and you think so much for the village already! Rest assured Nii-san. The Uchiha and the rest of the village are hanging on to the same rope. Whether it’s glory and prosperity or loss and damage, it will hit both together. The Uchiha will not obstruct our battles.” Said Ryo, without any worries.

“I hope so. But talking about strength, yours has went up greatly over the past three years. Your Lightning Chakra Mode speed is not below that of the 3rd Raikage’s son!”

“I’ve been practicing the Lighting Chakra Mode for years. Of course I’m not going to be any less fast than him. My Ice teleportation has also improved. That A should be no opponent of mine.” Said Ryo with confidence.”

“Minato Sensei, why did you call us so late?” Just when Minato was about to answer Ryo, a gentle female voice came from outside the tent.

“You three are here! Come on in!” Minato smiled and let the three enter.

Of Kakashi, Rin and Obito, the latter was the 1st to have his eyes meet Ryo.

He kept staring at him and looking curiously. He wasn’t sure whether the one in front of him was his friend or not.

“Hey! You can’t recognize me Obito?” Said Ryo with a smile.

“Ryo Yaro! It’s really you?! How come you’re so tall?!” Said Obito excitedly.

“Baka! Recognize people with their looks not their height… Hey, long time no see!” Kakashi greeted Ryo after mocking Obito.

“Ryo, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” They say that women are most sensitive, and when Rin saw Ryo after such a long time, she couldn’t control her emotions for long before tears of joy started flowing out of her eyes.

“Hey Rin, don’t cry! I don’t like seeing you cry!” Seeing his good friend’s tears, Ryo wanted to keep the happy mood.

“Ryo Yaro, I’m a Chunin now! I’ve also killed a Tokubetsu Jonin the other day! Very powerful isn’t it?” Obito proudly showed off his achievements.

“Yes, very powerful. But hey, I just killed the Mizukage very recently. Does that make me even more powerful?” Said Ryo.

“The 3rd Mizukage… you!? You’re already…” Kakashi asked with disbelief.

“Yes, I’m Kage tier.”

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