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H.R.P Chapter 105: Teacher!

“Kage… Kage tier!” Obito gazed at Ryo in disbelief.

“Ryo, how fast can you progress?” Rin was shocked.

“You’re really a freak!” Even Kakashi, who’d always been calm, couldn’t help but react to what Ryo had said.

After being on the battlefield for quite a decent time, they certainly understood well what Kage Tier means. A Kage tier Ninja is roughly the equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction of the battlefield. One could threaten a whole country.

“Well, you shouldn’t belittle yourself; you’ve also made great progress.” Being the good Sensei he was, Minato encouraged his students.

“Speaking of that, Kakashi, Rin, what’s your current level now? Obito was able to beat a Tokubetsu Jonin, the two of you should be even stronger!” Ryo was interested so he asked.

“I am at the level of a Jonin. I’m not elite Jonin though.” Replied Kakashi.

“I’m a medical Ninja now. I didn’t put too much work into Ninjutsu. When it comes to battle, I’m at most Chunin level.” Rin was a bit embarrassed, as she was the weakest of the trio.

Ryo remembered Rin being a medical Ninja, being the one who transplanted Obito’s eye to Kakashi in the Manga.

The events still progressed towards getting her to be a medical Ninja. But now with Ryo’s methods, she could be on a whole other level.

“You three will come with me starting tomorrow. I’ll help you get stronger.”

Initially, Ryo thought about teaching Rin more about Medical Ninjutsu. But then thought, if he’s teaching one of them, he could just teach all of them. So he called Kakashi and Obito along.

“I’m busy these days. With Ryo teaching you, I’ll have less to worry about.” Minato was actually worried lately about the fact that he had no time to teach the trio because of the war. Now, with Ryo taking this initiative, he can focus on managing the camp and with no more qualms.

The following day, the 4 friends went to the woods behind Konoha’s camp.

“Alright Rin, wait a little bit. Kakashi, Obito, attack me together. I need to understand your shortcomings.”

The two looked at each other, and Kakashi pulled his Knife, infusing it with Shidori, while Obito immediately threw a smoke bomb. Kakashi disappeared into the smoke, and Obito attacked with all kinds of fire release Jutsus.

Ryo didn’t think that the two, with all their quarreling, would cooperate so well. While he had the Fire Release Jutsus launched at him, Kakashi hid and waited calmly for a chance to kill.

Obito’s fire had no influence on Ryo, as his Ice wall fended it off with ease.

Seeing that, Kakashi was anxious. He stopped hiding, and used his clan’s signature flicker to approach Ryo.

The Chidori infused knife approached Ryo, who just smiled and moved the Ice wall to block the attack.

“[Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Jutsu]!” With Ryo’s wall moved, Obito seized the opportunity.

Ryo looked at the two with some admiration. Their cooperation was top notch, and even an elite Ninja could not afford to let his guard down with them for a moment.

Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t enough. Ryo threw an Ice Scalpel, splitting through Obito’s Fire Dragon, and then his body flashed as he entered the Ice-Lightning Chakra Mode.

Immediately, he flickered behind Obito, engulfing him within Ice, and then did the same to Kakashi who didn’t have time to respond.

It all happened within the blink of an eye. Rin, who didn’t have any Dojutsu, only saw lightning flashing over the heads of her teammates, followed by them getting frozen.

“Ryo, you… is that a Flicker Jutsu? Or a space-time one?” Rin was surprised to see her teammates frozen just like that.

That’s the Lightning Chakra Mode Flicker. You saw me use this before, but now I’ve mastered this technique even further.” Said Ryo with a smile.

“How can it be so fast?! It feels more like Minato Sensei’s Flying Thunder God!”

“That’s just because you don’t have a Dojutsu, so you can’t see my movements.”

The two chatted for a while, and then Ryo remembered: His pals are still frozen! He quickly melted the Ice around them.

“Achoo… Ryo… Ryo Yamanaka… Yaro! One of these days I’ll also throw you into Ice.” Obito was frozen for so long that he caught a cold. But his mouth was still unscathed.

Kakashi couldn’t even speak, as he kept sneezing like Obito.

Ryo actually got caught up chatting with Rin and forgot about them.

“Cough… An accident… it was an accident. I’ll make it up for you by helping you get stronger.”

Seeing that the two did not react, Ryo resumed: “Kakashi, you’re hiding is not bad. But unfortunately, for a Sensor Ninja, locating you is child’s play.

“I know, do you have a solution for that?” Ryo’s words succeeded in getting Kakashi’s attention.

“Yeah don’t worry. Next is Obito. Don’t you want your Fire Release Jutsus to produce more heat? I can teach you about Fire Release Nature Transformation.”

“I don’t buy that. You don’t have Fire Affinity! How can you teach me about that?” Obito was obviously chocked by Ryo’s statement, and couldn’t keep himself from showing his skepticism.

From a rational point of view, Ryo didn’t have Fire affinity indeed. It’s impossible for him to experience Fire Nature Transformation. However, Obito thought about the fact that Ryo never lied to him, so he did have some belief in what Ryo was saying.

“Yes you’re right! Kakashi, I have secret technique that hides one’s Chakra. You’ll make your hiding perfect after learning it.” Ryo pulled out a scroll and handed it to Kakashi.

Ryo had wanted to teach this technique to Kakashi ever since he taught it to Sakumo. It should be really helpful for him.

“As for Obito: Yes, I don’t have fire affinity, but I know a lot about its theory. Do you want to learn what I know?”

“Yeah, hurry up Ryo Yaro, stop keeping me in suspense!” Seeing Kakashi get such a precious Jutsu, Obito felt intrigued. But he knew that the hiding technique isn’t that suitable for him. He was more attracted to the Fire affinity knowledge.

Ryo smiled, and then proceeded to teaching Obito about Fire Affinity.

As for Rin, Ryo taught her about modern medicine, starting from the basics. He planned on getting her familiar with his methods as soon as possible, for her to join his team that will be arriving to the Lightning Country.

Just a week later, Kakashi mastered the Hiding Jutsu with success, and Obito’s fire release Jutsus also started flourishing.

Rin on the other hand learned about simple first aids, Ryo’s past world way.

At that time also, Ryo’s medical team arrived.

Later in the day, Ryo took Rin to the Medical Team; making them take her along to rescue work to give her a chance to practice her knew knowledge.

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