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H.R.P Chapter 109: NARUTO

“Hey Ryo, what did you talk about with Kurama?” Asked Kushina.

“Noth… Nothing! Didn’t you hear what we just said?”

Kushina shook her head. When she gave control over her body to Kurama, he immediately blocked her perception. She had no idea about the topic of their conversation.

She got more and more curious, but Kurama wouldn’t let here hear anything. Ryo wasn’t talking either, so she got confused and irritated to the extreme.

This whole incident, with the Kyubi taking over Kushina’s body, was sensed by Kurama… the other Kurama.

“Naruto, did you just feel the same Chakra as mine right now?” Kurama asked Naruto.

“Ah? What? No!”

Kurama looked at Naruto’s clueless face wondering how Minato and Kushina’s son could be so dense sometimes.

“Kurama, don’t worry about that! Help me deal with these puppets quickly!” Naruto looked around and was anxious to fight.

“Dummy, these puppets are linked to the Ryūmyaku. As long as it’s there, they will keep being regenerated no matter how many times you shatter them.”

“What should I do?” Asked Naruto with a grin.

“You can only ru… what? This is… how is this possible?” Kurama was shocked as he saw a Yellow Flash, and blond masked young man was in front of Naruto.

“Kurama! What happened?” Naruto felt the Kyubi’s shock and asked quickly.

Kurama didn’t answer, but looked at Minato through Naruto’s eyes.

“Hey, I’ll take you away! There are too many puppets here.” Said Minato.

“Who are you? Why… “

“Naruto, don’t argue, follow him!” Kurama interrupted Naruto. Out of trust to the Kyubi, the latter allowed Minato to take him along to where Ryo and the rest of them were.

Kakashi glanced at Naruto, and he could not look away. It was because Naruto’s Tailed Coat Mode reminded him of Kushina.

Even Shibi was looking at him in awe.

As for Naruto, he was also shocked. What did he see? A young mother?

Ryo saw the shock on Naruto’s face as he saw Kushina. It looked like pure shock, with no excitement.

Kushina also felt awkward as she was being stared at. Uncomfortable, she subconsciously leaned towards Minato.

“Hey, who are you? Why do have a Konoha forehead protector on?” As no one spoke, Ryo took the initiative and broke the silence.

Naruto looked back at Ryo, completely stunned. Kurama inside was laughing out loud.

After he had enough laughter, he said to Naruto: “Naruto, if I’m not guessing wrong, the power of the Ryūmyaku has distorted the fabric of time and space, and brought us back to the past. The one’s you’re seeing are both Kushina and Ryo Yamanaka from the past.”

Naruto nodded as if he knew it. He was sure that the people he saw were the ones he knew. He took a deep breath and the finally pulled out an answer: “My name is Uzumaki Naruto…”

“Uzumaku? You’re an Uzumaki? But how come you’re blond?” Hearing Naruto, Kushina asked excitedly.

“Mom, I don’t know how to explain it. Let me tell you first about how I came here!”

“Mo… MOM? ME?!” Kushina pointed at herself, and Naruto nodded. It was then Kushina’s turn to be shocked and confused.

After that, Naruto said that he came to Roran with his squad to chase Mukade, a missing nin who escaped to the Roran Ruin. When the latter absorbed the 4th Hokage’s seal, he liberated the power of the Ryumyako. The Ryumaku’s power was too immense, swallowing up both Naruto and Mukade. And the rest was known to the group.

“Hold on! The current Hokage is the 3rd Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, not the 4th as you mentioned. And Kushina sensei is not married!” Kakashi questioned Naruto’s words.

“Kakashi Sensei, you still don’t get it.” Naruto muttered. Kakashi heard him and glanced at hom.

Ryo had his head down, pretending to think, then looked up as if he knew nothing about any of this.

Minato looked at Kakashi and said: “Kakashi, what he said should be true, because this person is from the future.”

“The future? People in the future are so strong?” Kakashi was confused.

“Enough with the future! You’re really my son?” Kushina got out of her daze and asked excitedly.

“Of course! I wouldn’t be wrong about that after living with you for over a decade.” Said Naruto, using the same unique way of talking his mother uses.

Kushina heard his fashion of speaking and her eyes sparkled! This must be her son!

She excitedly ran over to him, hugging him, pinching his cheeks, messing with his hair and laughing very excitedly!

“Hey Kushina ne-san. Sorry to disrupt your moment, but can I ask your son a few questions?” Aske Ryo.

Being a Ninja, who knows very well that tasks come before anything, Kushina let Naruto go and

“Before anything, when did you come from?”

“Year 62 after Konoha’s inception.”

“Second question: did you encounter your target here?”


“Third question: When you were surrounded by puppets, did you use the Tailed Coat Mode?”

“Yes, just like you taught me!”

“Ryo, enough! Knowing too much of the future cannot be good.” Minato interrupted Naruto’s questioning.

Ryo stopped asking, as the information he obtained was enough.

From Naruto’s discussion with his mother, he knew that they have been living together. This meant that the events of the Kyubi attack night had changed.

Just as Ryo was filled with joy about this, his consciousness was suddenly blurred. When he was awake, he found himself before Kurama.

“Kurama, what’s wrong?”

“Hey, compared to how you’ve become, you’re cute now!” Said Kurama to Ryo.

“You’re Naruto’s Kurama? How come you’ve become smaller?” Asked Ryo.

“You’ll eventually know later. I have brought you in just to tell you something.” Kurama didn’t answer Ryo, but instead told him something about the Sanbi.

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