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H.R.P Chapter 108: Two Kuramas

With Ryo’s prevention, the three remained hidden in the rubble until Naruto left.

“Kushina Ne-san, let’s go to Minato Nii-san! Let’s ask him about this boy.”

Kushina nodded an followed Ryo who guided her to Minato.

The reason why Ryo stopped Kushina was because he wanted Naturo to see the Minato and later, meet Sara again.

Ryo wanted to speculate through Naruto’s reaction about what happened in the Kyubi attack night.

When the three of them were going to see Minato, they handed a fox mask to Kushina. Like the Movie, this was a masked operation.

“Why do you want me to put this on? It’s ugly!” Kushina had some complaints about putting on the mask.

“During this task we are to wear masks. Minato nii-san always uses them. Kakashi and I got the masks off because we saw you. Now that’s we’re entering Roran once again, so unlike the outside, we should keep the masks on. We should keep our identity secret from the citizens inside.”

After listening to Ryo, Kushina could only helplessly put on a mask.

In order to facilitate their operation, the three kept their Chakra hidden all the way through. They had no problems along the way until they found Minato and Shibi.

The two of them were resting in a ruin, after apparently having to spend a lot of effort to get rid of the armored puppet.

Ryo’s trio walked in. The ruins were filled with Shibi’s bugs. While the bugs didn’t notice the trio’s Chakras, the smell of the strangers still caused them to riot.

The bugs that were scattered all over, the place gathered, forming a black wave that rushed towards the three.

“Oy oy! Shibi san’s bugs are so good? We’ve hidden our Chakra! So how did they manage to find us?!” Kakashi couldn’t keep his cool. If this many bugs were to attack him, he’d definitely die a very horrible death.

Kushina’s face was gloomy as well. Women are born with sense of disgust against insects, and even her Ninja training didn’t remove that sense completely. With so many bugs coming together, she had an urge to turn around and run!

In the face of so many vicious insects, even Ryo’s scalp started tingling. But when he perceive one of them flying away from the rest into the ruins, he finally felt relieved.

“Kushina nee-san, Kakashi, don’t worry. These bugs have already reported to their master!”

Sure enough, after a good while, Minato and Shibi walked out of the ruins together. Shibi dispersed his bugs again, and Minato walked towards Ryo.

Kushina sensed Minato’s emotional state, and she knew she was in trouble, immediately kneeling down to hide behind Ryo and Kakashi.

“Ryo, seems like you’ve been working hard! Did you manage to get any results out of your search?” Minato’s eyes were fixed on the red hair fluttering behind Ryo, and his tone was different.

Kakashi looked in the direction that his Sensei was looking in, and so Kushina’s red hair.

“Nii-san, let’s leave the search results for later. First, I’ve brought you a big surprise!” Ryo moved to the side, exposing the kneeling Kushina behind them.

“Sure, it’s you Kushina. Just know, Shibi told me that his bugs found three people, and your hair was exposed just now!” Minato said helplessly.

Kushina stood up and scratched her head; she was really embarrassed.

“Kushina, it’s dangerous to leave the village casually! If you’re ever discovered by Danzo, they will have you under surveillance 24 hours a day!”

Kushina repeated the reasons she told Ryo about, and had Ryo on her side helping her case. Minato could accept her staying.

After that, it was the routine spouse quarrel stage. Kushina was really discontented with the fact that Minato had returned to the village without passing by to meet her.

Just like in the Manga, Minato was never the one to win such fights, and Kushina was the one to beat Konoha’s Yellow Flash.

It all ended in him “paying tribute”, giving her many promises, so Kushina let him go.

As for the three single guys besides them, they were obviously forced to watch the couple have what they currently don’t.

After it all ended, Ryo and Minato started talking about Naruto.

“The 3rd only gave this task to me. I’m certain that no other Ninjas participated.” Said Minato after hearing Ryo’s description.

“But that Ninja wears a Konoha head protector, and he wasn’t weak.”

“Kakashi is right! Anyway, we should confirm his identity. He is now inside Roran. Let’s go find him!” Said Ryo.

Everyone agreed with Ryo’s opinion. Later Ryo’s team set off together to the middle of the town, where Naruto was located.

On Naruto’s side, things developed almost identically to the Movie. After he left Ryo’s side, Naruto was surrounded by Puppets.

Minato was preparing to defend him, when red Chakra oozed out of Naruto’s body, and two tails appeared behind him.

Kurama, whohad been dormant in Kushina’s body, was immediately on alert when Naruto entered the Tailed Coat Mode. The Chakra was undoubtedly his, but he was in Kushina’s body. Who’s this boy outside?

“Kushina, this boy outside has my Chakra! No, there’s a Kyubi inside is body!” Kurama’s words surprised Kushina.

She immediately delivered the news to Ryo.

“Far, what do you think?” Asked Minato.

Ryo’s eyes looked vacant and lost. He looked down thinking. What they didn’t see was that his heart was thumbing hard: Naruto has Kurama sealed within him. Does this mean that the Kyubi attack had occurred despite his efforts?

“In any case, this lad shouldn’t get into trouble. Wait for me; I’ll go to rescue him!”  Finishing his words, Minato disappeared. He left to the place where Naruto was.

“Kushina, let me out. I have a few things to discuss with the kid!” Just as Minato left, Kurama asked Kushina to let him take control over her body.

Kushina’s pupils turned in scarlet red, and three whisker marks appeared on each of her cheeks.

“Hey, Ryo Yamanaka, I have something to talk to you about!” Said Kurama to Ryo.

“What Ne-san? No, hold on, you’re Kurama?!” Ryo was startled by the Kyubi’s sudden appearance.

Kakashi and Shibi also felt that something was different about Kushina. Ryo immediately froze them and went to the corner with the Kyubi.

“Kurama, do you have anything to ask me?”

“Kid, do you have an ability to predict the future?” Said Kurama, staring at Ryo.

Ryo remained silent for a while then said: “Yes, I can see images about the future.”

Kurama could feel that Ryo wasn’t lying. Kushina’s face, that showed the Kyubi’s emotions, became heavy.

“Did this happen, because I’ll be controlled in the future, to Kill Kushina?” Asked Kurama, after some hesitation.

Ryo nodded, and Kurama had his answer. His Chakra suddenly became very unstable, and it became more like a volcano that’s about to erupt.

Ryo helplessly watched the Kyubi in his rage. After a minute or so, his emotions gradually eased.

“Kid, I don’t care what your plans are. In short, you must protect Kushina! I don’t want to change Jinchurikis any time soon!” After Kurama finished his words, he returned control to Kushina.

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