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H.R.P Chapter 107: Big Trouble

The self-repair of the armored Puppet made Minato and Shibi sigh of frustration, as there wasn’t a clear way to take out these puppets.

Ryo and Kakashi arrived to the desert outside Roran. There were dozens of armored Puppets surrounding a red hair girl.

“Kushina sensei! How is she here?” Kakashi immediately Recognized Kushina from her iconic hair.

“You ask me? How am I supposed to know?” Answered Ryo.

“You’re right Ryo, this is indeed big trouble!”

“Great! Ryo, come help me get rid of these damn things!” Kushina also saw Ryo and Kakashi and called them for help.

When hearing Kushina’s appeal, Ryo and Kakashi could only shake their heads helplessly and join the battle.

“Kushina Ne-san! What are you doing here?” Asked Ryo.

It was as if Kushina was ready to respond. She immediately said: “It’s a mission! The old man sent me here to help you complete the task.”

“So that’s what it is! But, Kushina sensei, I remember Minato Sensei saying to us that this was a mission for only the four of us!”

“When adults talk, children should not interrupt!” Hearing Kakashi’s words, Kushina hurried to shut him up.

“Alright! Kakashi, let’s escape from this circle. These puppets are linked to the Ryūmyaku at the bottom of Roran. They can self-repair indefinitely. It’s useless for us to fight!” Ryo quickly said what he knew from the movie.

“How do you know that?” Kakashi felt that Ryo’s knowledge of the matter was bizarre.

“The Yamanaka clan has records about the Ryūmyaku, and the energy radiated from the tower is the same as the one I feel from these puppets, so I made that guess!”

Kakashi nodded, and stopped asking question. The three made their way out of the puppet circle, but they were still being chased.

Ryo said that these puppets can perceive Chakra, and are able in consequence to trace them. While both him and Kakashi could hide their Chakra, that solution wasn’t going to cut it.

Suddenly, Ryo remembered how Naruto shared his Kyubi Chakra with Ninja alliance.

“Kushina Ne-san, can you connect me to your Kyubi Chakra?”

“Why?” Asked Kushina in confusion.

“These puppets can follow us by following the Chakra in out bodies. I have secret Camouflage Jutsu that can hide one’s Chakra. If you connect me to your Kyubi Chakra, my technique should also work on you!”

“Alright, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. And Kurama actually can hide his own Chakra!”

After saying that, Kushina gave Ryo some of the Kyubi’s Chakra with Kurama’s help. Ryo then proceeded to hiding the two of them, and it was done with success.

“Kakashi, use the Camouflage Jutsu!” Shouted Ryo to Kakashi.

With that, all three had their Chakra hidden, and the armored Puppets did not sense them anymore, and stopped their pursuit.

The three took the opportunity to retreat to a safe place away from their pursuers.

After they took a break, Ryo asked Kushina: “Kushina ne-san, you can tell me now. How did you manage to escape from Konoha? And don’t you fear that the 3rd might find out?”

“I made Kurama hide my Chakra, and then asked him to help me out making a long lasting Shadow Clone.”

“Sensei, why did you leave Konoha?” After Ryo, Kakashi had his own question.

“I don’t know, boredom? I haven’t left the village in a long time. And the last time Minato came to the village, he didn’t even come to see me. I can only come see him myself.”

Hearing Kushina, Ryo sighed helplessly. It was impossible for them to quit this mission to get her back. And also, she was Kage tier, so she could hold her own.

“Alright! Ne-san, you’ll have to stay. I’ll help you with Minato Nii-san, but you must promise me to return to Konoha as soon as this mission ends.”

Hearing Ryo, Kushina got excited and immediately nodded in agreement.

Hearing Ryo’s decision, Kakashi had nothing to say.

“In short, Kushina Ne-san is already here. We must now meet up with Minato Nii-san as soon as possible. We can’t stay split up anymore.”

As soon as Ryo finished his words, the three heard a clear voice of a girl singing, coming out of ruins in the distance.

“Ryo, this song, should we go over and see?” Asked Kakashi.

The place from which the song was coming was one that’s out of the reach of the Ryūmyaku. It was where Sara appeared in the Movie. Ryo decided to go there and see.

The three marched there together. The voice they were hearing was getting closer and closer.

They sneaked in directly from the bottom. Because they had hidden their Chakra, they weren’t disrupted by the guards.

As they entered, they saw red hair girl singing under the sunlight coming from the ceiling.

“Ryo, she should be a Roran resident. Should we want to ask some questions?”

“Don’t move in.  If we just run in like that, we’ll scare her away.” Kakashi’s proposal was denied by Ryo.

Ryo remembered that what was about to happen is Sara’s meeting with the original protagonist himself: Naruto! It wouldn’t be good for that to be ruined by Kakashi.

Sure enough, from within the ruins he rose. Golden spiky hair, blue eyes, 3 whisker marks on each cheek, a Konoha forehead protector… That teenage in orange sportswear was Naruto!

Just like what happened in the movie, Sara was shocked by Naruto’s appearance, and ran to the exit, while Naruto followed.

As soon as he followed her and faced the gate, the puppets soldiers were there waiting and attacked him. He immediately retreated. The puppets followed, but they collapsed into pieces as they walked through the gate. Naruto breathed a sigh of relief, but Sara was gone.

“If we run in like that, we’ll scare her away.” Kushina witnessed the accuracy of Ryo’s judgment.

“Ryo, this boy seems to be one of Konoha’s Ninjas! He’s wearing our forehead protector. Do you want to check what he’s doing here?” After looking at Naruto’s forehead protector, Kakashi proposed that.

“Don’t, we don’t know who he is… just… wait!” Ryo looked at Kushina, then refused Kakashi’s proposal.

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