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H.R.P Chapter 116: Ryo’s Plot

Hanzō of the Salamander, was legendary during the SWWII period, and his achievements and battle were enough to make him hailed as a Demi-God. That was how strong this man was.

That is how the people in the meeting regarder him, but not Ryo. Only Ryo thought that Hanzo’s actual feats did not match his reputation.

He was easily killed by Pain’s six. And then, when reincarnated with Edo Tensei by Kabuto, he showed no feats before being sealed. The only feat Ryo could think of was beating the Sannin, but that was long before this battle.

Ryo even thought that Sage Mode should be enough to overpower Hanzo.

Ryo’s thoughts were unknown to others, and they were all worrying about the Cloud’s new ally.

“Minato san, this new alliance is formed against the Hidden Rock. Why should we worry about it? Can’t we just take advantage of the weakening of the two sides after battle?”

The Hyuga clan head spoke. Usually, this was where the Uchiha’s clan head interfered going against the Hyuga. However, for once, he actually agreed with what his counterpart had to say.

“No, you have to put into perspective the gap in power between the Rock and the Cloud. The Only Kage tier Ninjas that the Rock have are Onoki and the Gobi Jinchuriki. Also, when it comes to regular Ninjas, the Rock should be outnumbered. If we just sit and ignore what’s going on, it’s very likely that the rock would be taken down in one fell swoop. When that happens, we’ll surely be the ones to follow!”

Minato’s words made everyone silent. What he said was indeed the truth. Once the balance between camps is broken, it’s bound to cause massive repercussion.

In the Cloud Camp there are already 4 Kage tier Ninjas. Adding Hanzo to them, who is top Kage tier, makes 5. Such high-end combat power is enough to match that of both Konoha’s and the Rock’s camps.

On top of that, the 3rd Raikage and Hanzo were in a league of their own, even compared to most Kage tier Ninjas.

“You’re all worried about Hanzo! So, it should be good if he doesn’t join the Hidden Cloud?” Just as everyone were thinking about a solution, Ryo spoke out.

“Yeah, easy for you to say. But it’s Hanzo of the Salamnder, is there even a way to stop him?” Said the Uchiha’s clan head.

“Of course! Separating them from each other, and then killing him on his own!”

“Haha, killing him on his own? Who do you think you are? Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you’re Kage tier!” The Uchiha clan’s head mocked Ryo.

Ryo ignored him, and turned to Minato: “Minato Ni-san, leave Hanzo of the Salamander to me. I have a way to keep him off this battlefield.”

Minato knew Ryo well. If the latter is making such a statement, then is sure to have an ace up his sleeve. However, the gap in power was too great, and Minato was too skeptical to agree with Ryo’s proposal.

“Hanzo is the leader of the Rain Village. The Reason why he’s helping the Cloud should be nothing more but a promise made to him by the 3rd Raikage, one that should benefit his village. But if trouble occurs within the Rain village, do you think Hanzo would come?”

Ryo said his thoughts, and the others in the tent looked at each other and thought of his suggestion.

“Ryo san, we understand what you mean. But I believe it’s impossible to cause civil strife in the Rain village. as far as I know, the villagers there regard Hanzo as their savior, and the whole village is loyal to him. I’m afraid your proposal is…” The Nara clan’s representative stood up and said.

“That’s in the past. Haven’t you heard of the Akatsuki?” Asked Ryo.

“Akatsuki? The organization near the Rain village?” Minato knew about them back when he returned to the village some time ago. The 3rd mentioned this emerging organization.

Others didn’t know about it, but Minato knowing is enough. Ryo was very close to make his point.

“The Rain village is located at the junction of the Earth, Wind and Fire Countries. Their battlefield are located all around it. While this current war didn’t reach their village, Ninjas often pass by it.”

What Ryo said was knowing to all those present, so they were all a little confused. Minato nodded to Ryo telling him to go on.

“As far as I know, the Akatsuki has been founded by three war orphans. Their purpose is peace. The participation of Hanzo in this war is certainly against their ideals. However, this organization is also a very strong one in the Rain village. This requires us to promise some things.”

“Promise what?” The Uchiha’s head couldn’t wait to ask, as Ryo’s idea started to look more and more feasible. He forgot how just moments ago, he was mocking him.

Ryo didn’t pay attention to him, he gulped then said: “What we need to give the Akatsuki is a promise, a promise that Konoha and the Hidden Rock shall not step into the Rain Country.”

“I can negotiate with the Hokage Sama about Konoha, but the Rock…” Minato’s face was a little concerned, as the Rock should give them a hard time if they try to convince them of making such a commitment.”

“Minato Ni-san, don’t forget that we still have Troy. We just need to hand him over to Onoki, and he’ll be more anxious than us. After all, the Rock are the 1st target of this alliance.” Ryo said with a smile.

Minato nodded; the rush of actually events made him forget such a fact.

After that, the meeting discussed further specific details. They waited until the evening, then Minato took Troy to the vicinity of the Rock camp with his Flying Thunder God.

Just like planed, Minato used some water to wake Troy up, and then immediately left with Flying thunder god.

Troy’s mind was still caught up in his battle against Ryo, because he was stunned too fast for him to perceive.

As soon as he woke up, his Lightning Chakra Mode broke out. He shined like a 1000-watt light bulb, immediately illuminating the night.

The Rock Ninjas easily found out about him, and immediately sent two ninjas to inspect. Troy was somewhat confused when finding out that Ryo had disappeared, and casually killed the two Rock Ninjas.

With that, it was as if he poked a honeycomb, and the Rock Ninjas swarmed up around him. In the end, the Gobi Jinchuriki himself arrived and caught him.

Like Troy, the Rock were confused, but it was a good thing to catch an enemy’s Quasi Kage. Ononki personally came to interrogate him.

Troy was mentally strong, and they got nothing out of him the whole night. This made Onoki anxious. He even wanted to kill him, as he felt the interrogation was a waste of time. But in the end, he did not do that, as he knew that the information that he could get out of him is to valuable.

A day later, The Rock finally got Troy to speak using Genjutsu.

Getting the information out of him, the faces of all the higher-ups of the camp turned blue!

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