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H.R.P Chapter 115: The Cloud’s Plot

Right as Ryo was coming back, he met Kushina, who was rushing out of Konoha’s camp. From her state, he realized that the matter had been exposed.

On behind her, Uchiha Maan was hurrying to hide behind a crowd. Ryo gazed at him fiercely. If he hadn’t saved little Kotori already, he wouldn’t let him get away with it.

Maan was actually filled with regrets. He had no idea about the relationship between Kushina and the family, as he never talked to them while on the sailboat.

After all, all he knew was that Kushina had a red hair family. Who knew that when mentioning that the kid who was kidnapped had red hair, Kushina would become concerned for her family?

“Ryo! Is Kotori okay?” Kushina rushed over and held Kotori.

“Don’t worry Ne-san, she just fainted from the shock. We better let her wake up on her own as she should be pretty afraid.”

“Good!” Hearing Ryo, Kushina couldn’t help but sigh of relief. But immediately, her hair floated again, and she was burning with anger!

“Ne-san, calm down! Please calm down!”

“Did you take care of those cloud Ninjas?” Asked Kushina in a cold tone.

It was the 1st time Ryo heard her speak in such a tone. Saying that she was angry is an understatement.

After all, Shinshiro’s family are actually her only remaining relatives in the world. It’s natural that should would be so furious and worried.

“Of course. There’s only this guy left, to squeeze the info out of him.” Ryo quickly explained.

Kushina nodded, holding Kotori, and then headed towards the medical Ninjas’ tent.

“Fortunately, I was back in time. otherwise, we might have had problems with Kushina Ne-san.”

“Ryo, you don’t know that she went and released six tails?” Maan said weakly, then pointed at the scorched land outside the west side of the camp.

“Six tails?” Ryo looked to where Maan pointed, and he was shocked! What used to be a forest in that side was all gone, and all that was left behind was devastation.

Ryo shook his head helplessly, then went to Minato’s tent.

“Minato san, do we know where Kushina’s niece was…” A jonin was asked.

“Don’t worry about it anymore, Kushina Ni san had picked her up.”

Hearing Ryo, everybody in the tent, including Minato, were relieved.

None of them was able to wrap their minds around the immense power that the Six Tails mode brought to Kushina.

It was actually Kushina’s unwillingness to hurt the innocent that made her point her Bijudama away, destryong the forest on the camps west. Otherwise, half the camp would’ve been blown up.

“Everyone, Kotori had been saved, and Kushina Ni-san is fine. Now, we need to discuss how to handle this guy.”

Saying that, Ryo revealed to them the frozen Cloud Ninja behind him.

“This man is the captain of the squad that made the kidnapping. He’s a Quasi Kage. I think we should be able to get some valuable information out of him.”

“Quasi Kage?!” Minato didn’t expect Ryo to bring back such a surprise.

Someone at that level should be a prominent figure in their village, and the info taken from a Quasi Kage can even flip the balance of power between camps.

“Ryo, the matter of getting intelligence is still yours.” Said Minato.

Of course, nobody was to object, as none of them doubted the Yamanaka’s ability when it comes to reading minds, just as they trust the Aburame’s insects or the Hyuga’s eyes.

Ryo pressed his hand against the Cloud Ninja’s head.

His consciousness entered his mind, and he began reading his memories.

A person’s memory is vast, and one could not find to read it all. Ryo directly went to what seemed most prominent to the Cloud Ninja himself.

He learned that this man was named Troy, a disciple of the 3rd Raikage. He was just on patrol, and didn’t expect to encounter Uzumaki clan members.

The Cloud Ninjas had long coveted the Uzumaki clan. Before, they were the ones to infiltrate Konoha, trying to kidnap Kushina as she was young. Now, finding such an opportunity, they weren’t about to let go of it. So Troy and his team fought Shinshiro.

After beating him and taking away Kotori, Troy was not satisfied with his victory. He deliberately let Shinshiro and his wife go to Konoha’s camp for help.

He was very confident, and had an idea about Konoha’s ranks. If the one to come after him was to be Minato, he would have run away. If another one was to come, he would have been delighted and confident enough to face them.

He never thought of the possibility of Konoha’s camp having another Kage Tier, and that led to his demise.

Later, Ryo continued going through his memories searching for valuable ones. Most of Tello’s important memories were related to the 3rd Raikage. Two of them had great value.

One of them was the fight between the 3rd and the Hachibi, and the other was a meeting in the Cloud Camp.

Through Tryo’s memories, Ryo witnessed the immense power of the 3rd Raikage. If the Yonbi was that much stronger than the Ichibi, one could only imagine how strong the Hachibi is. However, the 3rd Raikage was able to single-handedly deal with this horrible existence. From Troy’s memories, the 3rd was actually overpowering the Hachibi. If it wasn’t for the beast’s practically infinite reserves of Chakra, he would’ve been actually able to kill it.

Later, the battle got too fierce, and the Cloud Ninjas were hiding in the distance. Like Ryo knew from the Manga, the Hachibi was restrained, and the 3rd was also seriously injured.

Because everyone one besides Ryo thinks that the 3rd Raikage’s wound was inflicted by the Hachibi, Troy thought so as well. He found that the 3rd seeing the scar of that wound as his shame a bit peculiar.

The other memory was the meeting. It was a recent meeting with all the high-end Ninjas of the hidden cloud.

The 3rd, Ai, Killer B, and Yugito Nii were all Kage tiers. Even though she was physically weaker than the rest of them, but just like B, she was a perfect Jinchuriki, and she’s Kage tier when using that power.

The meeting didn’t decide much, but the news within it were shocking. First, the Rain village joined forces with the Hidden Cloud, and Hanzo the Salamander was coming. The second was that the 3rd Raikage’s first target was the hidden Rock.

Ryo informed the people in the meeting about what he got. Their faces were heavy when hearing Hanzo’s name.

Hanzo the Salamander; it was the name of a legend. He was considered a half-god by many, and he was certainly one of the strongest Kages. With his presence, this war is only about to get more complicated.

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