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H.R.P Chapter 114: Emergency

Ryo, Kogin injected her Chakra within the paper. It wrinkled then was cut in two halves.

“Wind and lightning? Really suitable for a bird!” Said Kushina.

Ryo also nodded. Indeed, Wind and Lightning were suitable for birds. They are really useful in mid air, and non reliant on solid grounds.

Moreover, Lightning can stimulate cellular activity and induce increased speed. For birds, faster flight should prove to be very important. Ryo even thought of teaching Kogin how to use the Lightning Chakra Mode.

“Ryo, Ne-san, does this mean that I can learn Jutsus other than Wind Blades?” Kogin asked with some excitement.

“Yes, there are many techniques you should be able to learn!” Ryo answered with a smile.

After knowing what affinities Kogin had, Ryo and Kushina began teaching her Wind and Lightning Nature transformation.

Her main talent was with Wind transformation, and she was learning Wind Release Jutsus at a much faster rate than Lightning Release Jutsus.

Because of her inability to form Hand Seals, Kogin could only use Wind Blades or make Tornados. That’s basically all she could do with her talent in Wind Release at that time.

When it came to Lightning Release, Ryo finally decided to teach her the Lightning Chakra Mode.

It was suitable for her: It wasn’t a technique that relied on seals: a seal-less Jutsu. On top of that, it should be very helpful for her, as it could improve Kogin’s defense and speed immensely.

However, things were not going well for her practicing this mode. This was mainly due to the fact that it was a technique devised for the human body, not for birds.

Several times, Kogin was able to stimulate her cellular activity and gain speed, but that was in way close to the level acquired when using the Lightning Chakra Mode.

On one day, Ryo and Kushina were training Kogin, when Maan Uchiha barged in dripping in sweat.

Ryo saw his state and new that something big had happened. Seeing Ryo he directly said: “Ryo, something happened! Remember that family of three that helped us get to the Wave Country? We just found out that their daughter had been kidnapped by the Hidden Cloud!”

“What?!” Only then, Ryo remembered Uzumaki Shinshiro’s family. He forgot to tell Kushina about them, and did not expect Kotori to be kidnapped by the Hidden Cloud.

“What the hell happened?! Make it clear!” Ryo was anxious.

“This is how it went; the family of three boarded a ship to purchase some goods from the Lightning Country. They managed to do that, but the Cloud Ninjas discovered that Shinshiro was a Ninja. Shinshiro san fought bravely to protect his family and was seriously injured, and his wife came to our camp asking us for help is saving their daughter.”

Listening to the matter, Ryo left Kogin and immediately headed to find Minato. Minato also received the news and was discussing measures that should be taken to save Kotori.

As soon as Ryo entered the tent, he telepathically communicated with Minato: “Minato Nii-san, Shinshiro san is practically Kushina’s older brother, making Kotori her niece. If she’s not saved…”

Minato’s feelings changed greatly. The Uzumaki clan had been allies of Konoha for a long time, and this incident is concerning some of Kushina’s loved ones.

“Ryo, does Kushina know?”

“No, she doesn’t!”

Minato was relieved, as he doesn’t have to deal with restraining Kushina.

“Ryo, you go behind the kidnappers with Shibi. With his help, you should find them quickly. If you find that the enemy is too much for you to handle on your own, send me a message through the toads of Mount Myobuku. I’ll be there with you in no time.” Said Minato.

“Good!” Even without Minato’s proposal, that was what Ryo would do.

Not paying attention to anyone else in the camp, after Ryo finished talking with Minato, he directly headed towards Shibi Aburame, and the two left the camp.

On their way, Ryo explained the incident to Shibi. The latter immediately sent out his insects to trace the Uzumaki girl and the Lightning Ninjas.

The waves of bugs swarmed the area, but they weren’t finding any clues. Ryo could only wait.

After about 10 minutes, Shibi finally got a clue. He determined the enemy’s current position. They were 10 km to the east of Konoha’s camp. Ryo entered the Ice Lightning Chakra mode, using his Ice scalpels to teleport.

After about 10 minutes, Ryo estimated that he was in range of his target0 his entered Sage Mode and detected the enemy not too far away.

They had over 20 people, including a Quasi Kage, a Jonin, and three Tokubetsu Jonins. Kotori was unconscious on the shoulder of one of the Jonin as they were running towards their village.

Ryo directly chased them, and actually passed by them to intercept them in the woods.

“Haha! Are Konoha’s Ninjas all cowardly? Just one? I was expecting much more.” Seeing just Ryo, the Quasi Kage laughed.

His words made his whole team laugh their hearts off. Seeing the young teenager who came, they thought that he only came to die.

Ryo wasn’t in the mood to talk nonsense. He took out two Ice scalpels, held one in his hand while leaving the other behind.

His Ice Lightning Chakra mode broke out, and all the enemies saw was a spark of Lightning, before the laughter of the Jonin that was with them ended abruptly, and red started gushing out of his neck.

Ryo was already back in his place, with Kotori in his arms.

The Lightning Ninjas just saw a flash, and before they realized anything, Ryo had already saved Kotori.

They all stopped laughing, including the Quasi Kage leading them. This was a Jonin, who was killed in a heartbeat! The Quasi Kage was on full alert as he stared at Ryo.

Ryo confirmed that Kotori was unscathed and that she was just shocked into unconsciousness by the Kidnapping. He was relieved, placed near a tree, and planted an Ice Scalpel by her side.

“Who are you? A Quasi Kage from Konoha?” Ryo ignored the Quasi Kage once again; he had no habit of Chatting with the dead.

The Quasi Kage was angered by Ryo’s attitude. He entered the Lightning Chakra Mode and rushed in.

For the first time, Ryo was able to see the Cloud’s lightning Chakra Mode. He looked at his foe with great interest.

“Oh! So arrogant!” Seeing that Ryo wasn’t about to hide, the Quasi Kage was more and more angry, and his Lightning Chakra mode go more powerful and violent as his fist hit Ryo.

Ryo smiled, as he Lightning Flickered away from the punch, and then attacked with the Thousand Flying Ice Needles of Death.

However, his attack did not penetrate beyond the Lightning Chakra Mode’s armor. Still, the Armor was deeply dented.

Ryo grinned with disappointment, and he flickered in front of his enemy. The Ice Scalpel in his left broke through the Armor, while his right punched through that gap, reaching the Quasi Kage’s abdomen. The Man in front of him fainted from the impact.

Ryo wasn’t about to stop. As lightning flickered all over the place, corpses of the Cloud Ninjas were falling.

Both he and Minato were speed-type Ninjas, both relied on their incredible speed to win. Strong foes fell in instants before them. If it was Minato here, these enemies would only fall faster.

In the end, Ryo froze the Quasi Kage, took Kotori and returned to Konoha’s camp.

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