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H.R.P Chapter 113: Kogin’s Ninjutsu

“Ryo is an idiot!”

“Ryo is an idiot!”

“That’s enough Kushina ne-san!” Ryo said helplessly, as Kushina started teaching the bird mocking him as soon as she discovered it could replicate her words.

“What’s wrong?! When I say the next sentence, it will forget this one.” Kushina didn’t care much.

“Ryo is an idiot!” As soon as Kushina finished her words, the silver falcon responded. It kept repeating the sentence as it was smart enough to remember it.

“Cough… Ryo that’s just an accident, believe me!” Kushina’s face turned red and she was embarrassed.

“Ryo is an idiot! Ryo is an idiot!”

When the falcon repeated, Kushina got even more embarrassed, took the falcon and ran away.

Ryo shook his head, not caring about the two. He had no reason to fear for the falcon, and what he really needed to do was to study the relationship between the Ryumyaku’s power and intelligence.

Over the following few days, the animal he previously injected with the Ryumyaku’s Chakra started waking up, and the experiment was a great success.

Injecting the animals with amounts of Ryumryaku Chakra that are proportional to their physic saved them. However, just like the hare, none of the animal’s IQs changed.

With this, Ryo had a general understanding of the characteristics of this power.

This chakra can quickly heal wounds, but it takes it time to restore life functions.

Not only that, it takes less to heal wounds then to restore life.

With this, Ryo was very satisfied, and felt great about it having such an effect.

The falcon, raken away by Kushina, flew back every night to Ryo’s tent. For the first two nights, it kept repeating: “Ryo is an idiot!”. However, after that, it started communicating on a basic level, and improving over time.

This bird had a human-like intelligence and acquired the ability to communicate with humans normally. With that, she could already be Ryo’s companion. So, he wanted to give her a name.

Ryo’s naming capabilities were actually inferior to those of Minato. While the later overcomplicated names to the extreme, Ryo was always blunt and went straight to the first name to pop in his mind.

Basing on the naming style of things he used to watch as a kid, he named it: Kogin! (Translator Note: Kogin is Japanese for Little Silver).

The falcon, hearing Ryo giving her a name, was very excited. She didn’t really recognize whether the name was good or bad, and she flew back and forth across the room.

After confirming the name, Kogin continued to learn human language with Kushina. However, Ryo had to stop studying the Ryumyaku’s power because of a request from Minato.

The day after naming the falcon, Minato summoned him, and asked him to make an abundance of Healing Stones.

After four years, the stock made by Ryo was already exhausted. In Konoha, only Ryo and Jiraya could make such stones, but both of them were indispensible on the battlefield.

On all fronts, Konoha’s had been losing too many lives. This made Minato very anxious, and he only could think of Healing Stones as a way to limit casualties.

Since it was a personal request from him, there was no chance that Ryo would refuse. So the latter put his Ryumyaku research to the side momentarily to focus on this task.

With his improvement over the years in both Chakra control and Fuinjutsu, Ryo found that he could make 80 stones per day.

As before, the stones were for Ninjas who were Chunins or above. Ryo managed to make 810 stones, in just 10 days!

This was enough to give Stones to all Ninjas who were Chunin or above in the camp.

Ryo gave 800 to Minato, and kept himself an emergency stock of 10 Stones.

Over the course of those ten days, Ryo didn’t have rest, and his research the Ryumyaku had to be put on hold. Of course, he had no time to deal with Kogin, which was spending its time with Kushina.

So Ryo went to kushina’s tent, after many fays of not seeing each other.

Kushina however wasn’t there. Ryo entered Sage Mode and localized her in the camp.

After finding her and Kogin, Ryo rushed to the direction of the two.

At the time, Kushina was teaching Kogin on Chakra control. After a few days of getting a long, Kushina discovered that Kogin, while having Chakra, could not use it.

Being a bird, Kogin could not learn making seal, so Kushina went for teaching her direct applications of Chakra use.

There are many ways to use Chakra directly. Walking on tree, or even on water, Medical Ninjutsu, or even the Mighty Rasengan, there were all Jutsus that didn’t require forming any seals.

Kogin was more sensitive to Chakra than a average summoned beast, and it quickly assimilated Kushina’s teaching.

After learning to use Chakra, it was ready to use her own unique attack. It was just like Manda’s Poison, Katsuyu’s acid saliva; Kogin had its own specialty.

It was Wind Release. By learning to use Chakra, Kogin became capable of creating Wind Blades by flapping its wings, ones less potent than an average B-Grade Jutsu.

As Ryo arrived, he happened to witness Kogin release over a dozen wind blades in succession, leaving multiple marks on a large stone.

“Kogin! You’re doing great!” Kushina encouraged it.

“Ne san, you said this ability is Wind Blade. Do I have other powers?”

Ryo was listening to Kogin talking so smoothly and being able to learn how to Release Ninjutsu.

“I don’t know about that. Do you want to test you Chakra affinity?” Saying that, Kushina looked around her luggage for a strip of Chakra Induction Paper.

After searching for a while, she found nothing. Ryo sent an Ice Scalpel, teleporting to it and handing Kushina a strand of Chakra Induction Paper. Kushina noticed it was Ryo who came in a blink of an eye.

Kogin was paying attention to Kushina. She didn’t notice Ryo until he stood there in front of the two.

She waved her wings and flew around him with excitement, landing slowly on his shoulder.

“Kogin, long time no see!” Ryo greeted her.

Kogin however looked away, ignoring Ryo’s salute and saying: “I don’t talk with people who ignore Kogin.”

Ryo smiled. The little bird was still angry because Ryo left her. He offered her Ryumyaku Chakra however, and she immediately forgave him.

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