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H.R.P Chapter 120: Kogin’s Summoning Contract

Ryo stayed with the Akatsuki for three days, becoming very friendly with the trio over time.

During those days, Ryo kept reminding the Trio to be vigilant when dealing with Hanzo.

Spending time with them, Ryo felt that they were much nicer and more innocent than what they had turned into in the Manga, so he just kept reminding them.

Over the course of those three days, the Akatsuki started taking action as well. To Ryo’s surprise, their wasn’t really much difference in abilities between the Rain and the Aktsuki’s regular Ninjas.

The Akatsuki was a secret organization that took action in the Dark; they never confronted the Rain Village face to face. However, they kept interfering with the execution of their assassination mission.

The Rain village’s economy relied mainly on the rewards from assassination missions, and some of their secret Ninjutsu were very helpful with that.

With the Akatsuki’s interference, the mission completion rate of the Rain Ninjas plummeted, and many employers started losing trust in the Rain Village.

Hanzo also was taking his own measures, but the Akatsuki were cautious, and were not being fooled by his traps.

With that, Hanzo had to give up on the idea of going to the Lightning Country’s battlefield in order to focus on dealing with the local Akatsuki.

Ryo’s task was successfully completed, and after bidding farewell to the Trio, he summoned Fukasaku and asked him to take him into the Lightning Country’s battlefield via reverse summoning.

Ryo and Fukasaku had just appeared in Konoha’s Lightning Country camp, when a silver falcon wrapped with lightning Chakra flew towards Ryo.

A falcon is really fast in the air, and the speed brought by the Lightning Chakra mode made it more like a thunderbolt.

Fukasaku was startled by the falcon’s sudden appearance. Just as he was preparing to fight, he saw it landing on Ryo’s shoulder.

“Hey! You’re really mean; not taking me along when you go out to play!” Kogin left the Lightning Chakra mode and started complaining on Ryo’s shoulder.

“Sorry, sorry, this time I forgot to bring you along!” Ryo tried to make Kogin feel better.

Fukasaku was looking at Kogin with surprise, as it was the 1st time he saw a summoned beast in the Lightning Chakra mode.

However, with careful observation, Fukasaku found that there was no summoning Blood Covenant tied to Kogin. In other words, the bird was qualified to become a summoned beast, but no one had any contract with her.

“Ryo Chan, why didn’t you make a summoning contract with this bird? Do you worry that we at mount Myoboku won’t agree?” Asked Fukasaku.

“It’s not that Fukasaku sama. I found Kogin in the forest and brought her into the camp. Upon inspection, I found that she had Chakra in her body, and that she was smarter than usual. So I taught her talking and Ninjutsu with Kushina ne-san.” Ryo explained.

Fukasaku’s face showed his surprise. Finding such a smart bird in the forest, and training it until they point making it fit to be a summoned beast, what kind of luck is this?

“Ryo Chan, you can make a summoning contract with young Kogin. With a summoning contract, you could summon her at any time.”

“Fukasaku san, can she sign such a contract with several people?” Asked Ryo.

Fukasaku went and observed Kogin, and then summoned Gerotora in. He inspected some worn scrolls that the latter gave him, and made Kogin spill a drop of blood upon one of them.

Her blood slowly merged with scroll, and after its full integration, Fukasaku sighed for the good fortune of Ryo.

“Ryo chan, this is an unused Summoning Contract Scroll from Mount Myoboku’s stocks. I just made Kogin chan spill some of her blood on it. Now, just sign your name with your own blood, and leave you finger prints on the seal just like before, and you’ll be able to use [Summoning] to summon Kogin.” After that, Fukasaku handed the scroll to Ryo.

Ryo couldn’t wait to sign, then made Kogin fly into the distance.

After she went out of sight, Ryo used [Summoning] to bring her in, and the experiment was a great success.

Kogin flew out of a small cloud of white smoke forming underneath his hand.

Ryo showed his gratitude to Fukasaku, but the latter’s attention was focused on Kogin.

“Kogin Chan, now you’re one of the Summoned beasts. I hope you can expand you clan and form a new race of summoned beasts as soon as possible.”

Kogin had no idea what Fukasaku was talking about, but from his serious face, she felt like it was a serious matter, and she nodded in response.

Fukasaku was very satisfied with her attitude, and returned to Mount Myoboku after saying goodbye.

Ryo looked at the scroll and had a headache. Kogin became this smart and strong by absorbing the Ryumyaku’s Chakra. Making a new race of Summoned Beasts, does it mean that he now has to try to find a male gray magpie?

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it, and took the contract and wanted to find Kushina.

If Ryo was like a parent to Kogin, Kushina was more like a nanny and teacher to her. She taught her everything from counting to Ninjutsu. She was obviously really eligible to sign this contract.

Ryo entered Sage Mode, and tried to locate Kushina, and he found her teaching Kotori Uzumaki how to refine her Chakra.

Kotori was already 8 years old. Originally, Shinshiro tried to make his daughter a civilian. But her recent kidnapping rang the warning bell to him, and he decided to make her a Ninja.

As an Uzumaki, Kotori had all the high vitality and the immense Chakra that an Uzumaki usually has.

Ryo felt that her body had as much Chakra as a regular Jonin, even though she was obviously a beginner.

Seeing her have that much Chakra right off the bat, Ryo felt really jealous; he was still struggling to increase his own Chakra stores.

“Ryo, you’re back? Did the mission go smoothly?” Kushina looked surprised to see Ryo back so soon.

“Yes I’m back. We’ll talk about the mission later. First, I have a gift for you. Said Ryo as he handed the contract to Kushina.

“What is this?” Kushina didn’t have a summoned beast, and never saw a Summoning Contract, so she curiously asked.

“I know I know what it is!Ne-san, this is a summoning contract. With it, you can call Kogin from far away to be at your side!” Ryo didn’t get time to talk, as Kogin went on and answered.

“Kushina ne-san, you only need to sign with your blood and leave your finger prints, and then you can use Summoning to summon Kogin whenever you want.”

Following Ryo’s instruction, Kushina signed the contract, and then summoned Kogin from Ryo’s Shoulder to her side.

Kushina didn’t have much interest in summoned beasts. She had the Kyubi and she felt that was enough for her. However, it’s different with Kogin.

Kogin was like a child that she had raised herself. The young falcon was very affectionate for her teacher. Being able to sign a summoning contract with Kogin, Kushina was very happy with this gift.

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