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H.R.P Chapter 121: The Outbreak of The Battle

“Kushina ne san, how did Kogin learn the Lightning Chakra Mode?” Ryo asked, as he saw Kogin going in and out of the mode.

“Oh, yeah you can thank the Cloud Quasi Kage for that.”

“Troy! Why would he do that?” Ryo asked in shock.

Kushina laughed, and after Ryo heard the story himself, he was laughing as well.

Initially, after Troy was sent back to Konoha’s camp by the Rock, Minato sealed his Chakra, and left him be. The camp was full of Ninjas, and without his Chakra, Troy was at best of the caliber of a strong civilian.

Even so, Troy didn’t give up of the idea of escaping, wondering around the camp, and trying to find a chance to escape.

After Ryo left, Kogin often went to the gate to see if Ryo was in sight. That’s when she and Troy met for the first time.

Troy didn’t pay attention at first, but seeing that she went to the gate seven or eight times a day, he thought that she shared his purpose of leaving the camp. So he took the initiative and contacted her, trying to become friends with her.

In order to increase their chances of success, Troy went as far as helping her perfect the Lightning Chakra mode, by modifying it to suit her non-human body.

When he was successful with that, Troy proposed that the two of them should leave the camp. Kogin happily agreed, but Kushina’s education was very successful. Even though Kogin wanted to go out and play immediately, she still went back to ask Kushina for permission.

This question spelled Troy’s demise, as Kushina thought that someone was trying to kidnap her precious bird, and she went and hit Troy fiercely. She also told Kogin that anyone that tries to take her out besides her and Ryo is a bad guy.

With that, Kogin learned the Lighning Chakra Mode from troy. But because she had only learned it recently, she didn’t have much control over it, and she occasionally would go out of it without choosing to do so.

Indeed, when it came to understanding the mode, Ryo wasn’t as good as the Cloud Ninjas. His lightning Chakra Mode is just a combination of what he knew about the 4th Raikage, and Sakumo’s imitation of the 3rd Raikage.

For the Hidden Cloud, the Lightning Chakra Mode was in the center of Most of their Ninjutsu. It had been passed down for generations, and they were very familiar with it. It’s no wonder that Troy was able to teach Kogin what Ryo could not.

As Ryo was about to start studying Kogin’s Lightning Chakra Mode, someone arrived: “Ryo san, Minato san wants you in his tent immediately.”

Ryo could only hand Kogin to Kushina, for Minato should only summon him if it’s something important.

Ryo entered Minato’s tent, and he found all the Jonins and Clan representatives already there.

Minato motioned him to sit, and then asked for his report of what happened in the Rain Country.

Ryo told the story to the public, and of course kept the relationship between Jiraya and the Trio to himself.

Knowing that Hanzo will not make presence in their war, everyone was relieved. Without this Demi-god on the enemy’s side, the pressure on Konoha was greatly reduced.

Minato then went on to mention the recent intelligence about the Cloud. According to the Hyuga’s and the Aburame’s, the Cloud were very likely to take the initiative and start a battle.

Minato’s words made everyone’s faces very serious. They all knew that if this battle is to be, it’s going to decisive and of a major scale. They must be careful.

The Cloud’s movements were very obvious, and the Rock noticed them as well. Onoki was also negotiating with his Ninjas on how to deal with such a sudden development.

“Tsuchikage sama, I believe that our alliance with Konoha should continue. Their camp and ours in the Lightning Country should not be able to fight the Cloud individually.”  A Jonin said.

“Yeah, he’s right. Our strength here is really inferior to that of the Cloud.” Han also agreed. On their own, neither of the two camps was able to deal with the Cloud in their Country.

Although Onoki was very stubborn and proud, he did not take the lives of his Ninjas lightly. In fact, they did not even need to make such a suggestion, for he was already planning to cooperate with Konoha.

The next day, Minato and Onoki secretly met. The two agreed that whenever the Cloud would attack any of them, the other would help in dealing with the threat.

The battlefield was getting tenser by the moment, the wind was raging, and the grass on the ground could not be seen for it was all covered with soldiers. Everyone knew that the battle was about to start.

At the end of the 3rd day after Minato and Onoki’s agreement, the 3rd Raikage led troops of 20000 Cloud Ninjas and head to the Rock Camp.

Receiving the news, Onoki was ready to fight.

The 3rd Raikage, along with A, Killer B, and Yugiti Nii, all four were Kage tier Ninjas leading the Ranks of their troops. The Rock on the other hand, had only Onoki and Han.

Moreover, both Killer B and Yugiti were perfect Jinchuriki, and Han was far less masterful of his Biju’s power.

After Konoha heard of the Cloud advancement, Minato rushed to the battlefield with Kushina using Flying Thunder God, while Ryo followed them leading 8000 of Konoha’s Ninjas to the battlefield.

As soon as Minato and Kushina arrived; the saw the Hachibi and the Nibi in all their glory. The two aimed together, and sent their Biju-dama towards their enemies.

Immediately, Minato used his Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder, and transeferred the two Biju-dama to a remote place

It was no problem for Minato transfer Biju-Dama of this level at his current strength. After all, in the Manga, he was able to transfer the Juubi’s Biju dama.

Although transferring the Juubi’s Bijudama might have relied on perks given by Edo Tensei, these two Biju-damaare by no means comparable to that of the Juubi.

Onoki originally planned to make Han face the two Jinchuriki’s attacks, but seeing them being transferred by Minato, he was relieved.

“Minato!” A saw his rival suddenly appearing, and his heart trembled. After their last battle, A even started feeling that minato was invincible.

“Father, he’s Konoha’s Yellow Flash!”

“Minato Namikaze? So he is really worthy of that name!?” The 3rd saw Minato’s move and was amazed.

The 3rd Raikage wasn’t expecting such a situation, but he was still confident that he could beat both camps at once. After all, they had two perfect Jinchuriki on the battlefield.

“Yo, this time I won’t let you go, Bakayaro.. Konoyaro!” Killer B rapped his threat to Minato.

Seeing the two other Jinchuriki, Kushina was a little excited. This was the 1st time she saw any Biju besides Kurama.

Kurama, can the Seven-Tailed Coat Mode beat the Hachibi?” Kushina was eager to try her strength.

“It is enough! My strength is not something to which they could compare.” Kurama said disdainfully.

“Kurama, can I also become you like they did?”

“If we go to a full transformation, you’ll be swallowed up by my Chakra after no more than two minutes.” Kurama said crudely.

“It doesn’t matter! I trust you, you’ll definitely protect me.” Kushina said with a silly smile.

The Kyubi helplessly sighed and did not refuse.

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