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H.R.P Chapter 124: Freezing the Cloud Village

After Ryo’s Ice Arrow flew over into the Cloud Village, it became an adult fist-sized, glittering ice flower.

The Natural Energy that was compressed within it began to expand as the Ice Arrow turned into an Ice Flower.

The Ice Flower was getting bigger and bigger, and a Cloud’s Sensor Ninja could clearly perceive the horrifying energy within the flower.

He ran to report, but he hadn’t moved away a few steps before he noticed another arrow coming from behind. He looked back at the arrow, trying to confirm its source, and that allowed him to realize Ryo’s position.

Ryo controlled the arrow’s trajectory, and the Sensor Ninja’s face changed greatly, and he wanted to dodge the arrow. Unfortunately for him, it took the Level of a Jonin to escape Ryo’s arrow. His heart was pierced from behind and he died on the spot.

The reality was that the death of this Sensor Ninja was irrelevant to the success of Ryo’s plan. He only killed them with another arrow to be on the cautious side.

As the Ice Flower bloomed, Ryo moved into the Cloud Village with Ice Teleportation.

At that time, with the large size that the Ice flower had reached, many Ninjas also noticed it.

Most of them just curiously stood watching Ice growing in mid air. As the Ice Flower grew to the size of a house, Ryo controlled it again from distance.

It burst into countless Ice Shards that went all over the Cloud Village.

Ryo used this rain of Ice Shards to teleport and jump back and forth all over the town. With his Ice Scalpel in hand, he madly harvested the souls of the Cloud Ninjas.

The Cloud Ninjas watched as their companions fell one after another, and they all panicked. They wanted to find the criminal, but all they saw was a blue spark teleporting between the countless shards.

They soon found that they couldn’t catch that spark, and they panicked even more and fled.

Those who lost their fighting spirit were not followed by Ryo. His only enemies were the ones that resisted him.

“Demon! It’s a demon!” After killing nearly 300 of them, even those who resisted at the start began to collapse.

On the end, only a Quasi Kage from the Cloud stayed behind.

Facing his last enemy, Ryo gave him all due respect. He stopped teleporting and stood before him.

Finally being able to see Ryo, the Quasi Kage did not hesitate and entered the Lightning Chakra Mode. He used the 3rd Raikage’s strongest weapon, the Jigokuzuki.

The Jigokuzuki was a technique that the 3rd Raikage created basing off of the Lightning Chakra mode. It used 4, 3 or 1 finger, with its strength increasing as the number of fingers is reduced. Facing probable death, this Quasi Kage opted to go straight the one finger Jigokuzuki.

Ryo did not dodge. This man, who didn’t care about his life and death to protect his village was worthy of utmost respect.

If he didn’t stand in Ryo’s way, he would have survived. But this man did not escape, guarding his village even after remaining on his own.

Ryo’s right condensed a Rasengan, and then he infused it with Lightning Chakra, and collided with his foe’s Jigokuzuki.

The outcome was expected. If it was the 3rd Raikage facing him, Ryo’s Denjiki Rasengan would have probably lost. But this was just a Quasi Kage, and Ryo emerged as victor.

After defeating his enemy, Ryo gave a final glance at the enemy that he had respected, and then ran towards the center of the Cloud Village.

The Cloud village had close to a thousand Ninjas defending it, and about 500 of them were wiped out by Ryo. The others all escaped.

Therefore, Ryo had nothing standing in his path towards the blue Raikage’s office building.

Ryo had no interest in following these men. They were all weak, too weak to form a challenge, and he also hoped that someone would report what happened to the Raikage.

Ryo once again condensed an Ice Bow, and a crystal clear arrow appeared upon it.

Ryo loosened his finger and the arrow quickly flew towards the Raikage’s office building. It continued to expand as before, and eventually exploded, turning the whole building into ruins.

Ryo kept wandering around the village, destroying 7 or 8 of their most important institutions.

The Ninjas who went into hiding, after seeing Ryo’s actions, immediately sent people to the battlefield.

On the battlefront, Minato was fighting A, Onoki was fighting the 3rd Raikage, and the Gobi was fighting the Hachibi. The rest of the Ninjas were in an all out bloody battle.

The 3rd Raikage’s Lightning Chakra Mode was just amazing, even being able to protect him from Onoki’s [Golem Jutsu].

When Onoki used his dust release, the agile 3rd Raikage was always able to avoid his attacks. He couldn’t help but be on the back foot.

The situation was the opposite on Minato’s side. A was also the speed type Ninja, but Minato was faster.

He was only being out matched the entire time by Minato, but for some reason, the latter wasn’t going for the kill.

The Hachibi and Killer B were severely wounded by Kushina, and even with their amazing healing rate, they could only fight at half strength for a while. With that, their power level was comparable to that of Han.

As both sides were in a deadlock, one of the Cloud’s fleeing Ninjas arrived to the battlefield and told the Jonin closest to him about what happened in the village.

The Jonin’s face changed and went to the 3rd Raikage.

As the latter saw Ninjas from his village coming over, he repelled Onoki and asked the Jonin: “What is it?”

“Raikage sama, this is not good! The village had been attacked, and the attacker is Kage tier. Half our Ninjas in the village had been annihilated.”

“What!” The 3rd Raikage’s face changed.

“Retreat! Tell everyone about my order! Everyone must immediately retreat!” No matter how much he cared about the outcome of this battle, the village came first to its Kage. The 3rd Raikage immediately decided to withdraw after hearing the news.

Onoki and Minato quickly noticed that the enemies were moving closer to the rear, apparently wanting to retreat.

Seeing that, Minato breathed a sigh of relief. The situation was definitely a lose-lose, and retreating was the best outcome possible.

But Onoki did not think the same. The hatred between the Rock and the Cloud was not born yesterday, and he didn’t want to let go of such an opportunity.

The high-ranking Ninjas of the Cloud were shocked learning that the village was attacked. They wanted to go back to its rescue immediately, but the Rock’s pursuit was overwhelming.

“You go first! I’ll hold them off!” The 3rd Raikage said to everyone.

Out of trust of their Kage’s strength, they all didn’t hesitate and left, leaving behind only the 3rd Raikage to face Konoha and the Rock’s troops.

Seeing that, Minato ordered his troops to withdraw from the battle. This was a grudge between the Rock and the Cloud, and Minato didn’t want to interfere.

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