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H.R.P Chapter 123: The Kyubi’s Might

What can one do in two minutes?

For some, it takes two minutes to peel an apple, or to get the mail from downstairs. In two minutes, Kushina changed the situation on the battlefield drastically.

Kushina in the Kyubi mode did not have any wasted movements. They chose the simplest and roughest way of Hand-to-Hand combat, directly taking a punch at the Hachibi in the stomach.

Considering its size, the Kyubi was practically the “Yellow Flash” of the Biju. The Hachibi was too slow to avoid the attack and it flew away from the impact of the punch.

Seeing that, the Nibi rushed towards the Kyubi. Matatabi was a Monster Cat, and of course, that came along with a cat’s agility and flexibility.

Therefore, the Kyubi took care of the cumbersome Hachibi first, to be able to turn his full attention to the Nibi afterwards.

A hint of mockery appeared upon the Kyubi’s face as it watched the Nibi’s attack. He reached and quickly grabbed Matatabi by the neck and lifted him into the air.

The Nibi struggled to break loose, but in vain. The Kyubi raised his fist and hit him directly.

With that punch, the Nibi stopped struggling, so the Kyubi threw it at the Hachibi that had just managed to stand up.

With that, the Hachibi flew away again, and the Nibi disappeared, leaving only an unconscious Yugito Nii behind.

The Nibi was taken care of, and only the Hachibi remained.

“Abominable fox, take this Biju Dama, Bakayaro, Konoyaro!” Killer B clearly did not give up. He once again stood up, and condensed a Biju Dama with all the power he had within him.

“Kushina, you can’t use a Biju Dama right now, let me out!” Kurama said that, and she did not argue, letting him take over her body.

Facing the Hachibi’s Biju Dama, the Kyubi, while not afraid, was pretty careful. He opened his mouth, and molded a Biju Dama that was much smaller than that of the Hachibi.

The two Biju Dama collided midway between their users. If size was indicative of the outcome of this cohesion, B’s Biju Dama should have immerged as victor. However, the result left everyone surprised!

The Kyubi’s Biju Dama went straight through its counterpart, leaving B’s Biju Dama exploding mid way. It flew unstoppably towards the Hachibi.

Behind him were the forces of the Hidden Cloud. This Biju Dama could not reach them without causing a disaster, and the Hachibi and Killer B knew that all too well. They used their own body to block its path.

The Kyubi was reputedly able to raise tsunamis and flatten mountains with just a single swipe of a tail, so the consequences of blocking its Biju Dama with one’s own body could be expected.

After the Biju Dama hit, the Hachibi was burned all over, and several of his tails were blown off.

However, that didn’t make him fall! He gasped and stared at the Kyubi, prepared to block his next attack.

At that time, the two minutes were over. Kushina wasn’t able to bear such immense Chakra anymore, and her consciousness began becoming blurred.

Kurama worried that she was going to be taken over, and turned to Minato saying: “I’ll hand Kushina over to you!”

Saying that, Kurama’s body started fading as his massive Chakra returned to Kushina’s body.

Without the Kyubi’s Chakra’s support, Kushina fell through the air, and Minato caught her. She looked at him with some distress.

“Minato, how did we do, Kurama and I?” Kushina asked in a weak voice.

“You’ve done fantastic. Now it’s time for you to rest. It’s my fight from now on!”

Kushina nodded with a smile and fainted.

Minato used the Flying Thunder God to get her back to Konoha’s camp, summoned Gamabunta to protect her, and then returned to the battlefield.

Whether it was the Rock or the Cloud Ninjas, none of them was used to Minato’s Flying Thunder God. When the 3rd Raikage saw Minato back, with the Kyubi’s Chakra gone, he and his troops were finally relieved.

Everyone on the battlefield was stunned by the Kyubi’s immense power, as it manhandled two other Biju effortlessly.

Just like the Nibi and the Hachibi had brought courage to their hearts before, the Kyubi brought them down and made most of them have one thought: “Run!”

Now that the Kyubi Junchuriki was absent, the pressure put upon the 3rd Raikage was decreased. Although the Hachibi was disabled by the Kyubi, a Biju’s recovery ability was extremely terrifying. In no time, B had about half of his power restored.

It was impossible to get the Nibi back into the battle, as Kushina’s attack almost killed Yugito Nii.

On the other side, Ryo was fully aware of what happened on the battlefield. In a little over a minute, the Nibi’s Chakra disappeared, and the Hachibi’s Chakra also became really weak.

“That Kyubi is the real deal! Two perfect Jinchuriki were taken down in under two minutes!” Ryo whispered.

The situation on the battlefield changed drastically. The high-end combat power without the Nibi was equal between the two camps.

The Cloud’s overall power was the closest to that of Konoha, and they were able to dispatch 20000 ninjas led by 4 Kage tiers. Ryo suspected that this was their limit, and that they could not get more forces on this battlefield.

Going with such a battle on the front, Ryo was confident of Minato’s ability to lead them to victory. However, such a victory should not come without a price.

Konoha’s and the Rock’s regular Ninjas were about 18000 people. This wasn’t as much as the troops of the Cloud, so any victory should be tragic.

While Ryo didn’t have time to worry about the Rock Ninjas, he worried about those of Konoha. Thinking about that, Ryo finally decided to take a gamble.

He ordered the troops following him to stop, and handed over their command to the strongest man after him. Uchiha Katachi was to lead the 8000 men to support Minato, while Ryo’s destination changed to become the Cloud village.

Yes, Ryo’s idea was to single-handedly attack the Cloud Village!

The Cloud had so many Ninjas deployed on the battlefield; there shouldn’t be many of them left in the village. If only one to two thousands were there, Ryo was confident in his ability to handle them, and then, the village would fall in his hands.

He entered the Ice-Lightning Chakra mode, and used both his Ice teleportation and Lightning Chakra Flicker to reach the village in no time.

The village is located in a range of tall mountains, and surrounded by clouds. The air was moist and comforting, but Ryo wasn’t there to enjoy the scenery.

Once he reached the village, Ryo entered Sage Mode and sensed the number of Ninjas in the village.

He found that his expectations were correct. There were less than a thousand Ninjas left in the village, with the strongest among them being Quasi Kages. Most of the rest were Chunins and Genins.

Ryo also confirmed the civilian gatherings around the village. While he wanted victory, he didn’t want it badly enough to sacrifice any civilians.

After confirming everything, he left Sage Mode and entered the Ice Lightning Chakra mode. He condensed an Ice Bow like the one he used in the Wave Country, and an arrow appeared on it.

Ryo kept injecting Natural Energy within the Arrow until it reached its limit.

The Sensor Ninjas who were still in the village sensed an abnormality outside. But before they managed to report anything, the arrow was already released.

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