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H.R.P Chapter 127: The Cloud’s Decision

After the 3rd Raikage collapsed, the little toad from Mount Myoboku returned, and Ryo, who was fighting A, sensed that the Summoning was finished, so he realized that his purpose had been reached. So now he had to let A confirm the death of the 3rd Raikage.

(Translator Note: I don’t remember in Naruto that the one using Summoning is able to sense the return of his summoned animal. Perhaps it’s something I’ve missed, or something added by this author.)

Thinking of that, Ryo deliberately showed a flaw in his defense, slowing down for a little bit. Seeing that, A seized the opportunity to punch him; He attacked with all the power he could generate with the Lightning Chakra Mode, and then went away, fading into the forest in the blink of an eye.

After A left, Ryo stood up and patted the dirt off of his body. After about an hour and a half of fighting, Ryo accomplished his goal; he was able to slow A long enough for the 3rd Raikage to die.

Only with the 3rd Raikage’s death could there be balance between the Rock and Clouds. With that, Konoha could take the opportunity and end the war in the Lightning Country.

This is year 46, and there are only two major battles left before this 3rd world war ends. One was the Battle of Kikyō Pass, and the other was the Battle of Kannabi Bridge.

Before the Battle of Kannabi Bridge, Ryo must take care of all loose ends in order to be able of taking care Uchiha Madara.

A used the Lightning Chakra Mode to flicker his way to the 3rd Raikage, until he reached the battlefield.

The 1st thing he saw was the piled up corpses of the Rock Ninjas, and about a hundred living ones who were cleaning the scene.

He straight went for their lives, killing them all, and only leaving their Jonin leader alive.

“Where’s the 3rd Raikage? What did you do to him!?” A looked around for a long time, not finding his father anywhere.

The Jonin, knowing that he was doomed to die anyway if he answered, just ignored A’s words.

A’s Lightning Chakra Mode Coat flashed, and sparks came out of it, he became a frightening beast, but the Jonin didn’t react.

A searched again and still found no trace of the 3rd Raikage. He could only take along the Jonin to his village for interrogation.

On the other side, after Minato reunited with Ryo, the two returned to Konoha camp.

With Minato’s wisdom, he already guessed Ryo’s purpose. The only thing he didn’t understand was Ryo’s striking interest in ending this battle as soon as possible.

However, out of trust in him, Minato asked no questions.

After so many years of knowing him, Minato knew Ryo really well. He had no doubts about his feelings toward him, Kushina or Kakashi’s trio.

The two reached the camp, and after nearly three days of continuously being on guard, they were extremely tired.

After bidding farewell to Minato, Ryo returned to his tent and fell asleep.

During his sleep, the Rock Jonin was being interrogated, and he finally declared the death of the 3rd Raikage.

“After the Rock went after the Cloud Ninjas trying to chase them, the 3rd Raikage stayed behind on his own to block their way. For an unknown reason, Konoha didn’t participate in the Rock siege on him. The 3rd Raikage stood on his own, fighting 10000 of the Rock Ninjas for 3 days and nights until he finally died. His body was taken by the Rock Ninjas.”

Reading the report on the table, A was overwhelmed. The 3rd’s image was too mighty to him, he was even too powerful to be killed by such a vicious attack.

Being his son, A practically worshiped the 3rd Raikage blindly. This death wasn’t just the loss of a father, but his beliefs concerning life and strength also collapsed.

By A’s side was Killer B, they had been by each other’s sides for many years, and B felt A pain as if it was his own.

“B, you must not die!” After a long silence, A talked to his brother.

B nodded hard.

“Okay! Now we should settle the score with the Rock!” The 3rd Raikage had just died, and the Cloud had no leader. A could not be decadent, he had no time for decadence.

He summoned all the Jonins in the village, and announced the death of the 3rd Raikage publically. Needless to say, they were all in disbelief.

After all, it was the 3rd Raikage, the peak of the Shinobi world at the time.

A told everyone about what happened to his father from the beginning till the end, and they all remained silent as he spoke.

“We should take back the 3rd Raikage’s body! And the Rock must pay!” One of the Jonins spoke.

His words were like a pebble thrown into a lake, and everyone approved them. They all agreed that the 3rd Raikage’s body must not fall into the hands of the Hidden Rock, and that they should get their vengeance.

“A san, let’s take revenge for Lord Raikage!”

“Yes, Revenge, he could not die in vain!”


Everyone was too excited, and in the end, they subconsciously said it in one voice! “Revenge!”

“Aniki, let’s take back father’s body, and teach them a lesson!” Said Killer B.

A was thinking at the moment of his father’s death. What would he want? Revenge? Would that be above anything?

The death of his father put an immense responsibility upon his shoulders, and he matured a lot just by that.

Yes, he wanted to rush to the Rock camp to take revenge, but he had to be cautious. His decision wasn’t a light one, it was to determine the fates of 20000 Ninjas from his village.

Thinking it over, A finally spoke: “Everyone calm down! I also want to avenge my father. But if we fight the Rock, do you think Konoha would be on their side again? My father was really strong. Without him, we can’t win against both camps.”

“We fear not death! Revenge for the Raikage comes above all!”



“I know that my village’s Shinobi are all brave and fearless, and that they don’t fear death. I don’t fear it myself, for I’ll have to face it anyway. But not now! For now, I have to negotiate with Konoha. As your Kage, I have the responsibility to protect you!”

A’s words made everyone quiet, and then one of them screamed: “Long live, the 4th Raikage!”

That young Jonin was looking up as A was speaking, and he saw the 3rd’s figure residing in his son! The older Jonin had their eyes red and tearful, as young A was man fit enough to sit in his father’s seat, and stand on his own in such circumstances.

“Long live, the 4th Raikage!”

“Long live, 4th Raikage Sama!”

A got the approval of all the Jonins, officially succeeding his father, becoming the 4th Raikage.

The next day, Minato received the News, and it was directly from a Cloud messenger.

This Ninja came to invite Minato to negotiate with the 4th Raikage. Minato felt weird at the time about A becoming the 4th Raikage.

He went to the appointment on time and took Ryo along with him. The purpose of their trip was the same as before: Making Konoha and the Cloud sign a peace treaty.

The meeting was set to take place in the forest. Before reaching the spot, Ryo used Sage Mode’s enhanced perception to ensure the absence of any ambush.

As Ryo and Minato reached the spot, the 4th Raikage and Killer B were already waiting there.

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