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H.R.P Chapter 128: The Magic of the Flying Thunder God

Both Minato and A were accompanied by only one escort. Right off the bat, A did not beat around the bush, and asked Minato about Konoha’s terms.

On the previous night, Minato used the Flying Thunder God to return to Konoha’s camp and discuss the matter of truce with the Hidden Cloud.

As usual, Danzo strongly opposed the truce. He thought that since the 3rd Raikage had died, Konoha should join forces with the Hidden Rock to destroy the Hidden Cloud completely.

Minato, who was infuriated by Danzo’s indifference to the deaths of Konoha’s Ninjas, opposed this suggestion strongly.

At the same time, many of the heads of clans agreed with Minato, believing that continuing to fight should just bring unnecessary deaths and injuries.

With that, the top of Konoha agreed to cease fighting with the Cloud. Of course, they also all agreed that the cloud should pay a hefty price for such a truce.

The negotiations between Minato and A also started on this premise. Both sides had peace in mind, and what was the real matter of discussion was the compensation provided by the Cloud.

Since they were at a huge disadvantage, and had to fight the Hidden Rock, the Hidden Cloud were as good as defeated, and they were in a position where they had to pay.

Minato was clear about this, and deliberately went overboard with his initial terms.

With that, what seemed to be a never anding wrangling started, and in the end, the two sides reached middle ground. The Cloud would admit defeat to Konoha, compensate for their losses with 1 Billion Ryo, along with two S Class Lightning Release Jutsu.

However, the Cloud had a condition: Konoha’s Ninja needed to evacuate from the county within three days without getting the Rock alert. Otherwise, the two S Class Lightning Jutsu were not to be delivered.

Ryo, who had remained silent throughout the entirety of the meeting, frowned at this condition. It was obvious that it was an impossible condition, set by A in order to prevent the leaking of the two S Class Jutsus. He was ready to interfere, but was stopped by Minato.

Minato unexpectedly had no objections and actually agreed. A and Killer B stared at him in awe!

He did not pay attention to their expressions, and directly went on to write the peace treaty. After both he and A signed it, the two sides left the place.

As soon as A reached his village, he immediately asked the surveillance teams that were keeping an eye on Konoha’s camp to mainly focus on the Hidden Rock’s camp.

At the same time, some speed-type Ninjas were dispatched to harass the Rock camp.

On the other side, when Minato and Ryo returned, a meeting was immediately announced, and all the Jonins and Clan representatives were gathered in Minato’s tent.

Minato directly informed everyone of the Cloud’s surrender. Hearing the news everyone were full of Joy.

Then Ryo talked about the price the Cloud had to pay, and their awkward condition.

As he finished his words, Minato went on to say: “So I would like you to keep our victory a secret from our Ninjas for now. You only need to organize them so that we could evacuate according to my arrangement.”

“But Minato san, what are you going to do? There are over 7000 Ninjas in Konoha’s camp. With so many people moving, the Rock will definitely find out.” Said Uchiha Katachi.

“I’ll handle that. The evacuation will start in two days. You will know when it happens.” Minato smiled and replied.

With Minato saying that, Katachi stopped asking questions, for Konoha’s Yellow Flash had such prestige that the Uchiha’s clan head did not dare to oppose him.

No one had opinions to express, and they went back to make preparations. However, Ryo stayed with Minato.

Ryo remained, not understanding what Minato was intending to do. According to what he knew, the Flying Thunder God should not be able to transfer man people at a time. If that’s what Minato is intending on using, then he should go back and forth from and to the camp several hundred times to make the transfers happen.

“Ryo, are you thinking about my plan?” Asked Minato.

“Well, Katachi just mentioned it; there are over 7000 people in our camp. How could this be done? I didn’t expect you to agree to the condition, as it was obviously an intentional handicamp from the Cloud.”

“I certainly couldn’t do it on my own. But isn’t that why I have you here?” Hearing Ryo’s questions, Minato smiled.

“What can I do? I can’t use the Flying Thunder God!” Ryo had some doubt in his tone.

“I don’t need you to help me with the actual transfer. I just need to you to make an igloo that can hold many people at a time.”

“An igloo! So that’s your plan!”

Later, the two discussed the size and quality of the igloo. Minato could transfer Biju and Biju Dama with relative ease, so transferring an igloo was no big deal.

Then they went to the woods outside of Konoha’s camp. Ryo used Ice blocks to create igloos and Minato tried them. In the end, the two chose to have an igloo that could accomodate 700 people.

With that, transferring the whole camp should take around 12 transfers.

Two days later, Minato summoned all his Ninjas, including the wounded.

Ryo also saw Kakashi, Obito and Rin, again after quit a long time.

Rin had been working recently with Ryo’s medical team, while the other two were incorporated into their clans’ camps, so they all haven’t met for a long time.

Minato’s summoning of everyone gave the trio the chance to reunite.

Minato took a glance at the three. Kakashi was already reaching the level of an elite Jonin, while Obito was actually getting to the level of a regular Jonin. Rin, on the other hand, was much more proficient with Medical Ninjutsu that she was in the Manga.

“Ryo, why did Minato Sensei summon everyone?” Asked Rin with concern.

“Yeah! You must know all of the inside info Ryo Yaro.”

“Rin, Obito, stop messing around, Minato sensei must have his reasons.” Said Kakashi to the two. With a look of discontent, he gazed at Obito.

Ryo looked at the three, smiled, and said nothing.

Minato separated everyone into groups, and then signaled to Ryo.

Ryo condensed a large block of ice, 10 meters long, 8 meters wide, and 5 meters high. It was hollow on the inside and divided into two floors with an ice wall.

Minato made the first group enter the block. Although everyone was confuse, they still obeyed his command.

After a while, the cube was filled, and Minato waited until everyone in the 1st group was inside.

Minato then put his hands on the ice. Before anyone had a chance to react, he and the block, with everyone in it, disappeared.

After a while, he returned to Konoha’s camp. After 13 trips, everyone in Konoha’s camp was transferred to the Borders of the Fire Country.

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